Chapter 291 Things changed

In order to be safe, she bought a wolf spray, some electric shock sticks and put them in her bag when she passed a shop, and then went to David Wilson’s villa.

It took her an hour to reach there. She input the password. It was still Emma Johnson’s birthday.

It’s ironic, isn’t it?

The door opened and Bella went in.

David Wilson and a little guy were sitting on the sofa watching cartoons.

When Bella saw the child, she was shocked. She was a miniature version of her. It looked as she was seeing her childhood.

David Wilson smirked an evil smile and looked at Bella. “What are you staring at? The dishes are all in the kitchen. We are waiting for you to cook. Harry and I haven’t eaten yet.”

Harry looked at Bella. His eyes were black, and he stared at Bella vividly. Then he asked in his soft voice, “Are you my mother?”

Bella stared blankly for few seconds, walked towards the little guy, and squatted down in front of him. She was too shocked, but her brain was blank and she was just looking at the little guy’s face.

Harry looked back at Bella. His eyes turned red and tears came out. He asked with too much sadness in his voice, “Mom, why you didn’t come to find me?”

When Bella saw the little guy’s tears, she felt as if she had been hit by something heavy. Her tears burst out.

Her child was less than a week when those people kidnapped him.

She wanted to protect her child from the beginning, but she couldn’t.

Bella rubbed the little guy’s head. “I’m sorry, mom can’t find you earlier.”

Harry pounced into Bella’s arms and hugged her tightly. “Mom, you have found Harry. Now don’t let Harry go away again.”

“Of course not. Mom will take good care of you.” Bella said definitely.

The little guy cried even more, “Mom, mom. I haven’t had a good time. ”

Bella heard him and her heart ached badly. She was in pain.

It was her decision to give birth to her child. But she didn’t protect him well and made him live such a miserable life.

“Well, you people talk. I’ll go to the kitchen.” David Wilson walked toward the kitchen, and his eyes were full of evil.

Things have been far away from his control… but now, everything was in his hand!

He looked back at Bella and saw her gentle smile.

Originally, this woman was his. He could have several lively and lovely children with her.

They can have a very happy family. But….

David Wilson tightened his eyebrows. His face scowled at once, and he wanted to go back to the past when she was still in love with him.

But if she gives her a chance again, they can have a good life, right?

David Wilson entered the kitchen.

“Tell mom, how uncle finds you?” Bella asked.

Harry pursed his lips and cried again.

Bella wiped Harry’s tears. “In the past, you have suffered a lot. Now you have a mother. She won’t let you suffer again.”

“An uncle and aunt adopted me, but after that, they had another child. They were not good to me. They sold me to human traffickers. Those people wanted to break my stomach and put poison in my stomach. I ran out and walked on the street all the time. I often couldn’t eat or sleep. I was afraid of being caught again.” Harry said sadly.

Bella found that Harry was very thin, and week. Moreover, his face didn’t have the shine of a 6-year-old. He was wearing good clothes but maybe David Wilson gave him these clothes.

Bella can’t dare to imagine how her little child managed to live in such winters without money.

“Where do you sleep?” Bella asked painfully.

“I’m very smart. I sleep in KFC. It’s always open, 24 hours a day. There’s central heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. But they dislike me, so I have to walk to another place every day. During the day, I walk to beg for food and sleep in KFC at night.

Bella listened to him and had more heartache.

Her tears rolled down heavily.

She used to think that her childhood was unfortunate, and she spent a long time in the orphanage, but after her mother came out of the sanatorium, she took her away. Before her mother’s illness, she has enjoyed her mother’s love. When she was in the orphanage, she didn’t have to worry about clothes, food or sleep.

“I’m sorry, it’s mom’s fault. I didn’t protect you well, but I will take good care of you in the future.” Bella cried and said.

“Come here, have a meal.” David Wilson called them.

Bella looked back in surprise. “Didn’t you say that you didn’t cook?”

David Wilson raised a charming smile. His voice was very gentle and magnetic. “Come and have a meal. I’m joking with you. I had already ordered the food. We were just waiting for you so that we can eat together.”

“How can you let my child stay hungry?” Bella complained.

David Wilson’s smile widened. “How can I dare starve your baby? When we were waiting. He has eaten a cake.”

Bella was relieved. She held Harry’s hand and went to the table.

Harry saw a lot of dishes. His eyes were bright. “Thank you, Dad, for preparing so many delicious foods. Do I get so many delicious dishes every day?”

The child’s wish was simple and innocent.

Bella’s eyes were wet.

It was normal food that other children have every day but don’t cherish. But it was something that her child really desired to have.

David Wilson smiled a little and gave Harry a chicken leg. “Then, would you like to stay every day with your dad and mom?”

“Yes.” Harry was happy and nodded.

Bella looked at the child and the tears in her eyes could not stop flowing.

David Wilson handed the napkin to Bella.

Bella took the napkin and wiped Harry’s tears, as well as her own.

David Wilson held her hand. “Bella, I know, this is your dream life, children, husband, family. I can give you a home. I have changed, you can see it. I have been waiting for you, and I will never make any mistakes again. We will live a happy life. If you are willing to give me a baby, we will have another baby. But it won’t affect our love for Harry. If you don’t want a baby, we will not have. I will take Harry as mine.”

Bella lowered her eyes and calmed down. She was a little emotional and didn’t want to let her child see it. She got up and went to the bathroom.

David Wilson followed her and hugged her back.

“I love you. I can give up anything for you. I want nothing, as long as you are with me.” David Wilson confessed.

Bella looked at him. “This is James’s child. Can’t you let me have a proper family?”

David Wilson’s eyes turned red and the mist moistened his eyes. “Bella, I gave up my career for you. I let my enemy go. How you can be this much cruel to me? If I let you and this child go to James Grayson. What will I do? I will be alone. I can’t live without you.”

“And if the child and I leave James Grayson, he will be alone. What about him?”

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