Chapter 413 He suddenly took my hand

The girls’ attitudes towards me immediately changed. They were polite.

But Philip was unhappy.

He suddenly took my hand and said, “Becky, let’s go!”

I was stunned.

We took a few steps and I immediately took my hand back. I smiled at him and said, “you’d better hold hands with your girlfriend.”

“But you’re Becky…”

“It’s not very good.”

I solemnly said.

Maybe women’s sixth sense was accurate.

Recently I found that Philip’s attitude towards me changed a little.

Although I kept a long distance from him, our ages were quite different and I always treated him as a child and sometimes I may neglect it.

Philip didn’t say anything and walked beside me, but he didn’t look as energetic as he had just been.

Soon we arrived at the school recreation area.

There were some small supermarkets, banks and shops here.

Philip took me to a milk tea shop.

When we got in, the three boys stood up. One of them shouted, “Philip, you’re here at last. We have been waiting for you for a long time.”

“We just met a female classmate…”

“She likes you.”

“Come on. Philip is so popular.”

“There are many girls at school who like Philip.”

When Philip finished, they teased him and laughed.

Only Philip didn’t laugh. “Don’t you want to see Becky? If you make fun of me, we’re leaving!”


One of them grabbed Philip.

The other two immediately stopped and became serious. One of them introduced himself. “Hello, Becky. I’m Matthew.”

“I’m West.”

“I’m Conley!”

All three boys introduced themselves.


I didn’t know why Philip brought me here today. Would he introduce me to his three friends?

It didn’t seem necessary.

But now that I was here, I couldn’t say no.

Philip pulled a chair and said, “Becky, sit here.”

I sat down.

Philip was sitting next to me, and the other three boys were sitting opposite us.

Although they just introduced themselves, I still couldn’t tell them.

One of them said, “Becky, I’m sorry. We have Philip bring you here. He mentions you and praises you in the dormitory every day, so we want to see you.”

“Yes, we thought Philip was bragging before, but today we find out he is right!”

“You are a perfect woman! You are beautiful, independent, gentle and capable! Our girlfriend has to be like you!”

“Yes! Our future girlfriends have to have your potential.”

They kept talking.

I was a little upset.

But I had to say that I thought Philip was outgoing, but they seemed to be more outgoing than him!

“It’s not like that.” When they finished, I said, “boys feel comfortable when girls rely on boys. Girls who are too independent may hurt boys’ self-esteem.”

I said it from their point of view.

At the same time, I said it from my point of view.

Now I was really completely independent. I didn’t need Sean at all. Carter Family, which had been bullying me and making me hate, was gone.

Without him, I could still live well.

I was so busy that I could hide this feeling well.

Now I seemed to have completely forgotten him.

“Yes, you are right. I’m more motivated by being relied on by my girlfriend!”

A boy in glasses nodded.

“Becky, I know you have a studio. Is your studio recruiting?”

“I can change the light bulb and fix the toilet. I can repair the computer and reinstall the computer system! I can fight!”

“I can speak Chinese and Japanese. Do you need a translator?”

“Can you speak Japanese? I think you learned it from porn!”

They were really talkative.

As long as one person talked about one topic, the other two could answer perfectly.

I just listened and couldn’t stop laughing.

I sat in the milk tea shop and felt happy.

Time flied. I got a call from the headmaster. He asked me where I was and whether he needed to pick me up.

I refused.

Then I stood up and said, “I have something to do at night. I’m glad to talk to you today. I have to go first.”

Philip’s three roommates stood up and said, “we’ll see you off!”


They all went out.

At this time, Philip suddenly got up and separated me from the three of them. “No, I’ll see her off. Don’t you want to play online games at night?”

One of them said, “ha ha, yes.”

The other two also said, “yes, it’s important to play online games.”


The three of them finished and left.

I walked out of the milk tea shop and realized that Philip didn’t seem to talk much.

I said to Philip, “you can go back. I’ll go there myself.”

“No, I have to see you off.”

Philip’s voice was small but firm.

I took a look at him. He looked unhappy and pouted.

I didn’t refuse him and went to the school gate.

We walked side by side and were silent for about ten minutes. Philip says, “Becky, is your studio hiring? Do you need an intern?”

I looked at Philip. He was a senior this year.

It was time for him to find an internship.

In fact, my studio was recruiting, but…

I said, “don’t you learn animation? There is no suitable position for you in our studio.”

Designers had to be able to do interior design, landscape design or graphic design.

He could design animation, but he didn’t have to come to our company.

“It’s OK. I can do anything.” Philip said at once.

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