Chapter 412 Since I promised, I will wait for you

The project was located in the suburb of York. It was at least an hour’s drive from downtown.

But one of the advantages here was that there were two rivers.

This community was built on the river and the water was led to the community and ran through the whole community.

In other words, the river in the whole community was living water.

According to the preferences of those rich people, this was their favorite.

Linda and I both predicted that a lot of people would buy houses in this community.

After accepting the project, Linda and I went on a field trip.

I often lived there and let Lester take care of Philip.

Linda and I spent about four months designing this community. It was October when we finished.

It was much longer than the time we usually needed to complete the design of a community.

Tyloo Home complained, but when we handed them the design, everyone thought the same. All the waiting was worth it.

Then the construction company started building houses.

This community was divided into two parts, Shangshan and Ruoshui.

They were sold at the same time, but their completion time was different.

It turned out to be more than Linda and I expected. In just three days, 88 villas in the community were sold out!

It could be said to be a miracle.

At the celebration, the president of Tyloo Home told us that he had left us two houses. To thank us, he could sell them to us at a 20% discount.

Linda and I agreed immediately.

As a result, our studio was famous.

The studio had a lot of orders and we had more employees.

But we were the only two designers.

Linda and I had an appointment to do our best.

After that, Linda and I bought a vacant lot and decided to let the York Architecture Design Institute build a four story building for our studio.

At the same time, we stopped all work and focused on the design of the studio.

After all, it was important.

During this period, my alma mater, York Academy of Fine Arts, would hold a creative design competition and invited me to be a judge.

My head teacher called me in person. I couldn’t refuse and agreed.

On the day of the final of the design competition, the school specially sent a car to pick me up.

When I got there, the other judges were waiting for me.

They were teachers of the school.

We went straight to the classroom.

There were no empty seats.

I walked forward and a man waved to me. I took a close look. It was Philip.

I asked him to take care of Lester. I forgot that he was also a student here.

I waved at him.

I went to the front platform.

The headmaster introduced us and we sat down. Then the finalists began to explain their ideas one by one.

Then we had a final score.

Although I was a designer, I didn’t know much about creative design. I couldn’t make any comments, so I gave a very moderate score.

When the design competition was over, the headmaster invited me to attend a small banquet held in the hotel at the school gate in the evening.

The headmaster said, “we mainly invited outstanding graduates and social people who have helped the school. Please be sure to attend.”

The headmaster was in his sixties. I couldn’t refuse him and could only agree.

That banquet would start at night. It was more than an hour before the party begins. I got a call from Philip when I was bored.

“Becky, where are you now? Have you left?”

As soon as the phone was connected, Philip spoke first.

“No, I’m going to a banquet tonight. I may not leave until very late.” I told the truth.

Philip faltered. “Do you have time now?”

“What’s the matter?”

Philip said, “send me your location. I’ll visit you.”

I agreed.

I hung up and sent my location to Philip.

In less than two minutes, I saw Philip running to me from afar!

He ran up to me.

He was out of breath. The evening sun shone on his hair and forehead. I could see the glistening sweat.

I couldn’t help smiling. I took out a tissue and wiped his sweat and said, “I’ll wait for you. You don’t have to rush.”

“I’m afraid you’re impatient.” Philip lowered his head and did not move.

He just stood here and waited for me to wipe his sweat.

I threw the tissue at him and complained, “wipe your own sweat.”

With that, I found Philip’s white face slightly red.

His ears were red, too.

He wiped his own sweat and said, “I want to take you to my roommates.”

“Your roommates?”

I was stunned.

He smiled. “Yes, my classmates went there today. They know I know you and envy me. They want me to introduce you to them!”

“… All right.”

Although I was not interested in meeting children, they were Philip’s classmates, so I agreed.

Philip walked beside me. He was very tall. Maybe because he just ran for a long time, I could smell the light sweat.

On the way, some girls saw us and ran over.

They looked at me first and were hostile.

One girl said, “Philip, who is this aunt?”

“I am…”

“She’s my sister!”

Philip corrected it immediately.

“Sister?” The enmity of a girl vanished at once. She immediately smiled and said, “hello, we are Philip’s classmates.”


I didn’t really mind.

But another girl said, “aren’t you from other places? I haven’t heard that you have a sister in York…”

“My sister is the judge of the design competition today!”

Philip was a little upset.

He wanted to take me away.

At this time, a girl seemed to think of it and immediately said, “today’s school forum said that a judge of the design competition is a famous female designer. Her name is…”


I answered lightly.

At this point, Philip was proud, “yes.”

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