Chapter 409 You’re right. I don’t need you!

I was shocked. I turned around and saw Sean standing not far away. He didn’t push the shopping cart. He had only one energy drink in his hand.

He just seemed to want to buy a drink.

Sean was looking at us. He looked very unhappy.

I couldn’t help feeling nervous.

Actually, it was more than three months since we last met.

But he didn’t contact me. I saw him here when I wanted to give up. It was a bit ironic.


Lester ran over first.

Philip asked me, “Becky, is he your ex husband?”

Ex husband.

Was he my ex husband?

Strictly speaking, he was.

I nodded. “Yes.”

Sean looked down and smiled at Lester. The smile was obviously perfunctory. Then he came to us.

He stood in front of Philip. He was a little taller than Philip. He stared at him and looked at me coldly and asked, “who is he?”


I wanted to explain, but soon I didn’t think I needed to. I had nothing to do with Sean anyway. Why should I explain?

I said, “does it have anything to do with President Jessop?”

Sean’s face got worse.

At this time, Lester shouted, “he’s Philip! Mom asked Philip to play with me during my holiday! Philip taught me and played games with me. Philip is good!”

Lester was a child and naive. His eyes were as bright as stars when he was talking.

He couldn’t see Sean unhappy.

But I could.

And the more Lester said it, the worse Sean looked.

When Lester finished, Sean’s expression did not change, but he must be furious.

I thought he would do something or say something.

But Sean said nothing. He put his energy drink on the shelf and turned away.

I wanted to stop him. I opened my mouth and held back.

I was fine on my own, wasn’t I?

I didn’t need him. Without him, my life was very peaceful.

So I didn’t need him.

I told myself in silence.

But I felt frustrated.

He walked out of the supermarket and I said, “let’s keep shopping.”

“Mom, is Dad angry?” Lester looked up and asked me. He was confused.

I shook my head and didn’t know how to explain it to Lester. Finally I just picked him up and put him in the shopping cart and said, “no, he’s just too busy.”

“Really? I thought he abandoned me.”

Lester was aggrieved.

I looked at him and was sad but I didn’t know how to comfort him.

At this time, Philip raised his hand and rubbed Lester’s hair and said, “no, every father loves his own children best, and he will not leave his own children.”



Philip nodded affirmatively.

He pushed the shopping cart. I saw the drink Sean put down and picked it up and put it in the shopping cart.

When I was cooking that night, Philip and Lester played LEGO together.

Everything was as usual.

The doorbell rang.

Philip went to open the door. I was a little confused. After all, no one came to my house.

When he opened the door, I could see Philip’s face was a little surprised.

The next second I saw Sean push him straight away. He came in and looked around. He saw me and came to me. He took my arm and said, “let’s go upstairs and talk.”

“What do you want to do?”

I didn’t know what Sean was going to do.

But he looked terrible. It seemd that he would eat me next second.

He pinched my wrist and pulled me up the stairs.

Philip immediately stopped Sean. “What do you want to do!”

“Let go.” Sean stared at Philip. His eyes were terrible. He seemed to want to kill him!

Philip was obviously scared, but he didn’t let go. “Becky, he…”

“Becky?” Sean sneered and said, “you call her that.”

I knew Sean must misunderstand!

After all, Philip was twenty years old.

At this moment, I regretted letting him live in my house.


“We’re just talking. You can play with Lester.” I quickly interrupted Philip.

I didn’t want him to explain.

Lester tilted his head and said, “Philip, my dad loves my mom. Come downstairs.”

I said, and so did Lester.

Sean’s eyes were horrible. Philip hesitated and let go. He was reluctant and said, “if he hits you, you can shout. I’ll call the police for you!”

“Ha ha.” Sean looked at him coldly.

Then he took me upstairs.

He pulled me straight into the bedroom. He closed the door and put me on it and kissed me!

His kiss had a strong smell of wine.

I tried to push him away, but Sean pressed me and put one of his hands on the back of my head and the other on my hands.

He didn’t give me any chance to fight!

I felt like he had deprived me of the air in my mouth.

Until I was about to suffocate, he let me go.

He looked down at me and mocked me. “You seduced a little boy!”

“What are you talking about?”

“He lives in your house. Don’t tell me you didn’t do anything. Are you too lonely? Or…”

Before he finished speaking, I tried my best to take my hand out of his control and slapped him!

Then I clenched my teeth and said, “get out!”

“It seems that he has satisfied you. Don’t you need me?”

I raised my hand and slapped him again!

His face turned a little red this time.

Then I shoved him, “get out of here! Sean! Never show up in my life again! You’re right. I don’t need you!”

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