Chapter 408 He lived in my house

He refused me, but I was more relieved.

The next morning, Philip still came very early.

But I found that he didn’t change.

He used to change a T-shirt every time he came, but this time he was wearing the same one as yesterday.

And he had black circles.

I realized and asked, “did you go back to school yesterday?”

“Yes, I caught the last bus.” Philip said immediately.

I looked at his clothes and said, “you haven’t changed your clothes. You’re lying to me.”

Philip was exposed and her ears were slightly red. “I missed the last bus, so I stayed in a small hotel all night.”

I could see that he didn’t sleep well.

It was all my fault. I came back too late.

I was a little sorry. I said, “go upstairs.”


“Go upstairs.”

My voice was tough.

Philip went upstairs at once. I opened the door of a bedroom and said to him, “in the future, if you don’t have time to go back to school, you can live in this room. You can put your clothes in the closet and use the washing machine. You can hang your clothes on the balcony. The bathroom is at the end of the corridor.”

“I can’t do this…”

Philip raised his hand and scratched his head.

“It’s okay. You can play more with Lester in the evening. I can have more rest.”

Then Lester woke up.

He saw Philip and I standing at the door of a room. He blinked and said, “will Philip live here in the future?”

“Yes, if your mother comes back late, I will…”

“Great!” Before Philip finished, Lester rushed over and took Philip’s hand. “Can we play racing games?”

“No, you have to have breakfast and study first.”

Philip said firmly.

Philip not only played with Lester, but also taught him mathematics.

They were together for two weeks, but Lester learned a lot.

Usually I was busy at work and ignored it.

Lester listened to Philip and nodded, “OK, let’s have breakfast.”

He went downstairs happily.

Seeing Lester so happy, I really appreciated Chloe’s sending me such a nice male nanny as Philip.

Philip and I thought he could stay at my house when I came back late.

But at night, when Philip was leaving, Lester held Philip’s thigh and wouldn’t let him go. He said to me, “Mom, dad said we shouldn’t waste time.”


“You’re wasting Philip’s and my time. If Philip is here, he can have a better rest,” Lester said. “He can teach me. I have a lot of things I don’t understand and I want to ask him!”

Actually, I knew Lester didn’t have questions to ask Philip. He just wanted to play with Philip!

I didn’t want to expose him. After all, Philip was very responsible. He wouldn’ let Lester play all the time.

I looked at Philip and said, “go back today. Tomorrow you bring your clothes and live here.”


“OK! Come on, Philip! Or I’ll fire you!”

Lester said immediately.

Philip couldn’t refuse Lester and could only agree.

The next day Philip brought a suitcase and put it in the room.

Lester was happy. It was Friday and Philip had to leave at night, but Lester disagreed.

At last Philip had to stay.

That day seemed to be a turning point. Philip had lived in my house since that day. He went back to school occasionally, but he lived here most of the time.

I was at ease with him. I usually left a few hundred dollars at home and asked him to go shopping for me.

It was good that Philip was here at the weekend. I could go to driving school on weekends. I could get my license as soon as possible.

Soon I passed the exam.

To celebrate it and thank Philip for taking care of Lester, I decided to take them out to lunch.

On Saturday morning, Philip taught Lester. I asked him, “Philip, I want to take you and Lester out for lunch. What would you like to eat?”

“You don’t have to bother.”

I knew Philip would refuse.

I advised him, “we can’t eat at home all the time. You can eat anything you want. I want to celebrate that I passed the exam.”

“Great!” Lester said excitedly, “I want pizza, pizza, pizza!”

I took a look at Lester. “You should ask Philip what he wants.”

Philip squinted and smiled. “I want to eat pizza.”

“Look, Philip likes what I like!”

Lester said happily.

We went out.

We went to Lester’s favorite pizza restaurant.

Lester ordered pizza, chicken wings and spaghetti.

At last Lester and I were full. Philip ate them all.

I was a little surprised. “You can eat so much. Do you usually not have enough to eat at home?”

“No.” Philip immediately said, “I just don’t want to waste food.”


I looked at Philip and thought that he usually ate the same food as me. I realized that I had neglected.

He was only twenty and growing up. I was in my thirties and I wanted to keep fit. He couldn’t eat the same food as me.

I felt guilty and said, “let’s go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients for next week.”


Philip nodded.

We arrived at the supermarket. Philip pushed the shopping cart. I chose a lot of vegetables and bread.

Philip was a little surprised. “Why do you buy so much?”

I smiled. “You eat in my house, but I make you hungry every day. I’m too stingy.”

Philip understood what I meant. He immediately took the things in my hand and said, “thank you, Becky. You are not stingy.”

His ears were a little red as he spoke.

Then Lester suddenly shouted, “Dad! Dad!”

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