Chapter 406 The boy’s voice was as good as his appearance

After that day, a female star was exposed to have a chaotic private life, so I was no longer concerned.

My life was finally at peace.

Our studio had gradually returned to normal. It was repaired so we moved back there.

I transformed one of Sherry’s rooms into Lester’s children’s room, and then I took Lester back.

I didn’t want Lester to get into trouble, so I wanted him to go to another kindergarten.

Linda found a semi boarding kindergarten for Summer. She lived there from Monday to Thursday. Parents could pick her up on weekends.

She said she had studied for a long time. This kindergarten was reliable. So I sent Lester over.

Lester usually didn’t go home, so I suddenly became free.

I learned to drive and worked.

I seemed to have really forgotten Sean after getting busy.

But the fact that Lester didn’t go home soon ended.

Summer vacation was coming.

All the children had to be taken home. Linda had a nanny at home, so I couldn’t send Lester there every day.

When I was upset, Chloe gave me an idea. She had a nephew who studied animation at the York Academy of Fine Arts. He didn’t want to burden his family, so he worked during the summer vacation.

Her nephew liked children very much and he was hardworking. He could take care of Lester for me.

I didn’t want a boy to take care of Lester, but he was introduced by Chloe and I thought it was reliable, so I wanted to see him.

That night, I went to the milk tea shop at the entrance of the Academy with Chloe after work to meet the boy.

When Chloe and I went in, a boy in a white T-shirt stood up.

The boy was very white and had short hair. His T-shirt was old, but it was clean. He was wearing slacks and his painted canvas shoes.

Seeing his shoes, I couldn’t help but remember that at that time my classmates also liked to paint canvas shoes with acrylic paint.

I had a good impression of him.

“Hello, Sis Chloe. Hello, Sis Becky.” The boy stood up and said hello to Chloe and me.

I looked at Chloe. “Isn’t he your nephew?”

“Yes, he is.” Chloe nodded and asked me to sit down. “I’m his aunt, but I’m young, so I asked him to call me Sis.”


It was Chloe’s style.

“Hello, my name is Philip. I’m in the third year of college.”

He introduced himself.

His voice was as good as his appearance.

I thought he was at most twenty. I was at least ten years older than him. So I said to him, “Hello, my name is Becky. You can call me Aunt Becky.”

“It’s not very good.”

Philip was embarrassed.

Chloe nodded. “Yes, Becky, you can’t be older than me.” She turned to Philip and said, “you can call her Becky.”


Philip immediately agreed.

I couldn’t force him, so I asked, “did Chloe tell you what you need to do?”

Some boys didn’t like to take care of children.

“Yes.” Philip nodded. “Chloe said you are a single mother. Your son has a summer vacation and no one takes care of him. You need someone to take care of him.”

“Yes, I will make the meal. You just need to heat it in the microwave. Can you use a microwave?”

To be honest, I hadn’t contacted young people for many years.

I didn’t quite believe in people of this age.

I felt like they couldn’t do anything.

It would be nice if they didn’t get into trouble.

Philip nodded. “Yes, and you don’t have to cook in advance. It’s better for children to eat the food that was just cooked. I can cook, and I can make your meal in advance.”

I was a little surprised.

Chloe was smug. “Becky, my nephew doesn’t let you down, does he?”

“You can cook?” I nodded and asked, “how much do you make in a month during the summer vacation?”

Philip thought, “when I was a freshman, I worked as a waiter and made 3000 dollars a month. When I was a sophomore, I taught people how to draw and I made four thousand dollars…”

“I’ll give you six thousand dollars. You work from Monday to Friday. I’ll let you know in advance if there’s something special on the weekend.” I said decisively.

It was going to cost at least $6000 to hire a nanny now.

And college students were more energetic than middle-aged women.

Philip could cook and draw. Lester would like him.

Philip immediately said excitedly, “thank you, Becky.”

It was settled.

A week later, on Monday, Philip came to my house for the first time.

I got up at seven in the morning. When I put on my clothes and went downstairs to make breakfast for Lester, my cell phone rang.

Philip sent me a message, “Becky, I’m at the door. If you get up, remember to open the door for me.”

I opened the door immediately.

I saw Philip standing at the door. He was wearing a light blue T-shirt and his sleeves were rolled over his shoulder. His arms were thin but he was strong.

He was wearing sweatpants, sneakers and white socks.

The morning sun shone on his face. His eyes were clean.

“Why do you come so early?” I was a little surprised.

“Chloe said you are busy. She asked me to make breakfast earlier. I was afraid you hadn’t woken up, so I waited for a while. I heard something so I texted you.” Philip said seriously.


I thought Philip was very thoughtful. Was he really a boy?

I looked down and gave him a pair of slippers.

“Thank you.”

Philip took off his sneakers. I noticed his socks.

It was white and clean. I had a lot of good feelings for him.

At least he was not a slovenly boy.

“It’s OK. Lester hasn’t woken up. Take a rest first.” I turned and went into the kitchen and started making breakfast.

But as soon as I took the rice out, Philip ran over and said, “Becky, tell me what’s in your kitchen. I’ll make breakfast. I cook at home. Both my sisters are lazier than me.”

“You have sisters?”

“Yes, twin sisters.” Philip smiled and picked up the rice. “You can tell me. I’m smart. I can remember.”

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