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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 195 His indifference

Janice smiled and said, “I will have a daughter as Pippi?? wife.”

Alice was very polite, “No, my son said he would marry Cindy when he grows up.”

Janice drove home alone, glanced at the time, and it was dinner time when she arrived home. Every time she sat down with them for dinner, it was the biggest torture for her.

Dan Trump didn??t eat at home every day, leaving her tortured at home every day.

Her car stopped at the door of Dan Trump??s Company. They were husband and wife, but they had never met since returning from the honeymoon.

When the night was quiet, Janice would think that from the moment he met her, it seemed like a carefully planned script. He was perfect in the script, and the whole story was perfect, but after the honeymoon, the script was over. He disappeared. All that remained was the memories with no ending.

Alice said that they should have a child. She was embarrassed to say that they had never slept together at all. How could she pregnant?

Yes, Dan Trump was perfect. He was so perfect that you can’t find his shortcomings. He treated her so well that she didn’t know what else she can ask from him.

She called Dan. Maybe he was busy now and hadn??t had dinner, and they can have dinner together. She really didn’t want to go back to that home.

“What?” His first words were not ??Do you miss me??? or ??What happened??? but an indifferent word ??What???

Janice said to herself that he should be still busy and she was interrupting his work.

“It’s okay, just to remind you that don’t forget to eat dinner on time, and don’t be too late for work.”

Dan Trump over there was silent for a moment, “I see.”

“Then good bye.” If she knew she would disturb him, she wouldn’t make the call.

“Bye.” He answered flatly.

After ending the call, Janice could not help but smiled bitterly and shook her head. What happened to her? Wasn??t she carefree before?

She restarted the car and prepared to go home. But she turned her head casually, and saw Dan Trump came out of the building. To Janice?? surprise, he was with a beautiful and charming woman beside him.

If they were walking together, it wouldn’t matter, but the point was that the woman was holding his arm intimately, and he put his hand in his suit pocket without any rejection.

Her heart felt a sudden pain. She had an urge to get out of the car to question him, but she restraint herself.

Later, she didn’t know how she got home. It was very late. Tina watched her come back and teased her.

“If you don’t come back for dinner, you should tell us.”

Janice did feel she was not proper in this matter, so she apologized, “I’m sorry. I have something else to do for a while.”

Grandpa said, “Did you eat?”

Janice looked up at the grandfather and the kind grandmother, and her heart felt warm immediately, “Yes.”

Actually she didn’t eat. She didn’t want to add any more trouble.

Grandpa also said, “Dan is usually busy. You have worked in your company before. From tomorrow on, you go to the company to help Dan. Since you both decided to go out to live, then you can do that now if you want.”

Janice looked at Grandpa gratefully. When she went to work, she could see him every day. Most importantly, she can avoid seeing Tina..

“Thank you Grandpa, I will definitely visit you.”

“Okay, as long as you are happy.”

Jordan objected, “Dad, you should discuss with Dan.”

Dan’s mother quickly nodded, “Yes, she??s been married for a month. I think if she is pregnant, she can just rest at home.”

Grandpa had his own thoughts, “I have the final say on the matter. No more rejection.”

Before going to bed, Tina came over and knocked on the door. Janice really didn’t want talk to her, but thinking that they wouldn’t live under the same roof tomorrow anyway, she opened the door.

Tina teased, “After you marry my brother, you have been alone every night. What do you want?”

Janice retorted her angrily, “It??s none of your business. Say what you want to say, or get out!”

Tina raised her hands and was ready to slap at Janice. It was the first time that she had asked to get out.

Seeing the phone in her mobile phone, she almost forgot why she came to find Janice. When Janice saw the picture, she must be faint.

The biggest failure of a woman was she can??t stay her man.

Tina turned on her cell phone and found the picture that her friend had just sent her, and held it in front of Janice, “I just told you how pitiful I was for you. I want you to see what kind of woman my brother likes. Why does my brother not come home every day?”

At a glance, Janice recognized the woman in the photo. It was the woman she saw at the gate of the building in the afternoon. She only felt the heartache.

She admitted that she had nothing to say, but Tina still had to stimulate her, “Why not say a word, face it. I already said how my brother could like a woman like you. Marrying you is to anger my parents. Didn??t my brother tell you your eyes were similar to the dead Shelly??s.”

“Tina, stop, get out.” What Janice needs now was calmness. She didn’t want to listen to anything.

Tina saw Janice feel uncomfortable, and even happier, “Angry? Knowing that you had always been a substitute for the dead, so…”

“Get out!” Janice pushed out Tina vigorously.

Tina saw that the more uncomfortable she was, the more she would not leave. The two pushed and fought each other. The maids at home couldn’t get involved in this situation. Mom and Dad can??t stop it. In the end, it was grandpa??s order that stopped them.

Who knew that Tina took the opportunity to push Janice hard again. After Janice stood still, she was furious pushed Tina.

Tina was smaller than Janice and had less strength than her. She did not expect that Janice dared to push her back in front of her family.

She suddenly lost weight and fell down from the guardrail of the double staircase. When the people present reacted, everything was too late.

Tina fell from the second floor, everyone was shocked, and Janice was scare.

Just as everyone thought Tina fell like that, Dan Trump, who did not know when he came back, rushed to catch his sister.

The two fell to the ground together. Tina did not break, but was frightened.

Janice didn’t dare to look down, sitting on the ground waiting for the judgment of fate. For a while, her family was in a mess. Her head was buzzing and her ears could not hear any sound.

Dan Trump went upstairs in a rage, and he was like grabbing a kitten or a puppy on the ground, and before Janice had time to react, he dragged her to the room.

“Bang!”, The whole villa was deafening with the sound of his slamming the door.

He threw her on the double sofa in anger, yelling at her fiercely, “Were you planning to kill everyone around me?”

Janice couldn’t understand what he was saying, but knew he was angry. She knew that her explanation was pale and weak. It was indeed she almost killed Tina.

But she also felt wronged. Why did she start to fight with Tina? He didn’t go home every day. He didn’t know at all.

She lowered her head, feeling angry and aggrieved, and was also sorry.

That night, the whole villa was brightly lit. First, the family took Tina to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. Later, she heard them return, but nothing happened then.

And Janice and Dan Trump sat in the room, without saying a word until dawn.

When Dan Trump got up and left, Janice spoke, “Don’t you ask me, why did I fight with your sister?”

Dan Trump stopped. They didn’t sleep all night, and the two looked bad. He looked at her, “Does it matter? The result is you pushed Tina from the second floor.”

“I didn’t expect her not to hide, and I didn’t even want to push her down the second floor. It was only when I…”

Janice’s words immediately annoyed Dan Trump, who finally recovered, and he yelled at her, “Can you be forgiven if you didn??t do it on purpose?”

She didn’t expect his emotions to be so irritable. She didn’t mean that. In fact, as long as both of them were calm and he understood her a little, this matter could be solved.

In the end, Janice still pulled Dan Trump with anger and who was about to leave the room. She also was furious. She didn’t want everything to be left without solving.

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