Chapter 194 I thought you don’t love me anymore


She was going home to pack her luggage. He glanced at the suitcase and said, “It’s all here.”

Janice sometimes felt that he was a man with great magical powers. He had prepared everything before she asked.

Just when Janice thought that as long as she followed him, and she could complete the seven-day romantic honeymoon without worry, he disappeared.

When she opened her eyes and realized that he was gone, she called him, but he turned off the phone.

She asked at the front desk of the hotel they stayed in, and they told her that they had never met the person she was looking for.

Janice was panicked. Although she kept telling herself that he just went out, she was still in a state of panic, and sometimes women??s intuition was true.

She hurriedly opened the suitcase and looked at the contents. Inside was the laundry he prepared for her, as well as her passport and a wallet.

They only came with this suitcase. That was to say, he didn’t bring his own things. This suitcase was just for her alone?

Janice dialed his mobile number over and over again until her cell phone was out of power, and the response she got was the same.

She didn’t know where to look for him. Did he leave her here alone? No, even if he had something important, he should talk to her.

She took a taxi to the airport, but did not get useful information. On the way back to the hotel, she took out her cell phone and tried to call him again. Then she remembered that her cell phone had no power and had turned off.

She walked alone in the streets of Melbourne, all around her were strangers. She expected that he would see him in front of her when she returned to the hotel, so her steps were faster.

Dan Trump stood in front of the window in the room. Only he knew her feeling when she quickly went back to the hotel.

She walked too fast, and bumped into a burly middle-aged man. She was hit directly on the ground. He couldn’t see the painful expression on her face. But his heart was suddenly stunned.

The foreign man looked down at the fragile woman who was hit by him, stretched his hands and wanted to pull her up, and apologized to her.

The moment when Janice was knocked down, she felt faint, and she even thought, why didn’t he knock her out, maybe she can see him when she woke up.

She looked up at the man who knocked herself to the ground, and shook her head with a smile, “No, thank you.”

When the man was about to squat down to help her up, another pair of powerful arms hugged her from the ground, and seemed to be walking towards the hotel with anger.

When Janice saw him, her cried instantly. For a few hours, she really thought he had left her here alone.

He couldn’t say a word, and let him hug her back to the room. He put her on the sofa, and she bowed her head and wiped her tears.

He asked coldly, “Where have you been?” He seemed to be questioning a disobedient child.

Janice looked up at him with tears in her eyes. She thought she was so funny. He was really in front of her now. What was she panic about just now?

Even if he did leave alone, she was not a child, and it was a very simple matter to return home alone, but she just panicked and thought that she had been abandoned.

She reached out and hugged him, telling him in a crying voice, “I just thought just now that I can’t find you anymore. I thought, you don’t want me.”

Dan Trump was rigid and motionless. Her words kept his eyes tight.

He knew that she had fallen in love with him, but the long-awaited happiness in his heart did not appear.

After a while, he said, “Didn??t I leave a note for you? Didn’t you see it?”

Janice looked at him, and shook her head, “I haven’t seen the note you left. I keep calling you and your phone is off.”

Dan Trump took out of his cell phone that had shut down because of no power, “It is out of power.”

Later, the note was found under the bed. As for how it got under the bed, Janice didn’t know. Since he had already returned, she wouldn’t mention it.

Anyway, she was really panicked just now.

What she felt in her heart was very clear to her, but she did not expect that she would have feeling for him so quickly. She thought, maybe he was really good.

She asked him, “Where did you go?”

“Go to Penguin Island and book a room. It’s difficult to book a house over there. I found a friend I knew before and got the best one. We will go there tomorrow.”

It turned out to be this. This man was so good, what were you still thinking about. She started to blame herself.

In the next few days, he took her to shopping, to taste food, and to St. Paul’s Cathedral, where they stood in front of God with fingers crossed, and he asked, “Did you regret marrying me?”

Janice shook her head and replied jokingly, “Not yet.”

Dan Trump turned her head and looked at her, “Although I’m not the man you’ve always wanted to walk in the streets of Melbourne together, I hope that one day when you walk here again, you will remember that I accompanied you once.”

Janice looked at him unhappily. Why did he say that? “When I come here, I will always have you by my side, otherwise I will really forget you.”

Dan Trump pouted and smiled slightly, without saying anything else.

After returning to home, Dan Trump became very busy. Maybe a lot of work was piled up during the honeymoon week. Because of Grandpa’s order, Janice still lived in the villa. When she was in Melbourne, Dan Trump told her that his grandma was not Dear biological grandma.

No wonder Tina treated her so bad, because grandma was originally a nanny of this family, and she had been taking care of her grandparents for many years. Later, her grandmother died of illness, and her grandfather had to be with this grandma.

Because this incident was initially opposed by the whole family, it was also from that time on that the relationship between the family members became rigid.

Tina definitely was capricious. She ridiculed Janice when she got up late in the morning.

Janice saw that her grandparents went out for a walk, her father went to the company, and her mother was not at home, thinking that she would finally find a chance to educate her.

“Janice, don’t think that you can pretend to be weak every time you don’t speak. You can treat my brother, but we all knew what kind of women you are.”

Janice was not angry but smiled. Seeing Tina’s angry and crazy look, she felt very funny, “I just like to look at you like this, seeing that I am not pleasing to your eye, but you can do nothing to me.”

“You… Janice, do you think my brother really loves you before marrying you? I tell you, the one my brother loves the most will always be the dead Shelly. Sometimes I really feel sad for you.”

Janice smiled indifferently, “He can’t forget Shelly, which proves that your brother is a soulful man. He loves me or not. I know it, not like some people, seducing a man she likes, and the man doesn??t even look at her.”

“Janice, you… shit!”

Tina should speak ditty words. It seemed that Janice really hit the point.

She was also coddled at home. She knew how to anger a capricious girl.

Janice turned around and left, and Tina was so furious and said, “Janice, I must let my brother see who you are. Let??s see who can laugh to the end.”

Janice and Alice met at the cafe. Janice ordered a cup of black coffee, but Alice replaced her with juice, “I don’t want to drink fruit juice. I am not your son Pippi.” Janice complained.

In fact, Alice was more thoughtful, “You have been married for almost a month. Maybe you are pregnant. You should pay attention to eating and drinking from now on.”

Janice smiled expressionlessly. Although she was getting married for a month, she just bled last week.

Janice re-ordered the black coffee for herself on the ordering device, and said to Alice decisively, “Impossible.”

Alice looked more disappointed than her, “You were not ready for pregnancy? You were not too young. It is time to have a child.??

Janice pouted and smiled at Alice, “Well, I know. I will work hard this month…??

Alice was speechless, “What’s the use of your own efforts, you have to let him work hard.”

“He’s been very busy at work recently. I have to wait for him to finish the work. Why are you more anxious than me?”

“I’m afraid you’re uneasy and thinking about what you shouldn’t.”

Janice smirked, “Are you in menopause?”

“Screw you.”

The two talked for a long time. Before they left,, Alice reminded her of the child thing.

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