Chapter 193 Have Great Grandson Next Year

So, on the wedding day, the bride finished the wedding alone, and they couple spent the night back to back as they had a quarrel.

He only approached her before he got up, holding Janice behind her back, and his morning voice was hoarse, “Sorry, I was too fierce last night. I should listen to you.”

“No. I really think that you and your sister should be kind to your parents…”

“Well, I know what you want to say.”

Janice looked back at him, and said very worriedly, ??Then you have to do it.”

“Yes, my wife.”

Janice couldn’t help laughing, thinking last night before going to bed that he would not talk to her for several days. It seemed that she thought too much, he was easy to get along with.

“Well, I have to get up.” Janice got up in a hurry.

Dan Trump looked at her busy with changing clothes, finding shoe…

He thought she would need a long time to get used to getting married. Now it seemed that she was adapting faster than he expected. She seemed to have slowly begun to adapt to the role of wife and daughter-in-law.

As soon as Janice went downstairs to prepared to go to the kitchen to help, Jordan in the living room threw the newspaper in his hand on the table and left.

It seemed that everyone in this family really didn’t like her very much. She didn’t even have time to ask what happened before he went out, and he was annoyed by her presence.

Janice couldn’t help sighing, thinking life in rich family was hard.

When she was a child, her grandma always told her that no matter where she went, people like hard-working people. You have to show them with actual actions to let them know you better, recognize you, and like you.

So Janice secretly vowed that she would be a diligent and good wife.

In the kitchen, Rose and a younger maid, as well as a top chef, were making breakfast. It seemed that she can’t help with anything.

Rose saw Janice coming over and greeted her with a smile, “Ma’am, are you hungry?”

Other maids also greeted her, “Good morning, Ma’am.”

Such a title made Janice laugh unnaturally, and her hands were wavering in front of her chest, “You don’t need to call me like this, just call me Janice.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” They said in chorus.

Janice originally wanted to ask if there was anything she could help, then a few of them said respectful in chorus, “Master.”

Master, that’s Dan Trump.

All she heard was Dan Trump’s voice spreading from her head, “Don’t make a mess here, go out with me.”

Janice smiled slightly at Rose, and still obediently followed Dan Trump and left the kitchen. She looked around, and she really didn’t find she could help here.

In the living room, Janice wanted to clean up the table.

Picking up the newspaper that Jordan had just put down on the table, she learned that she had inadvertently occupied the headlines of gossip news again.

“Fake pregnancy and marriage by cheating, Dan Trump learns the truth and refuses to get marry”

“Lonely wedding. She said, I would, so he would.”

Janice was speechless when seeing the title.

Anyway, Dan Trump was rich and handsome, and whatever Janice did, it was her fault.

Janice put the phone back in her pocket and muttered to herself, “It seemed that I need to be fully armed myself if I want to go out.”

Of course, Dan Trump also saw those messy reports, “I will explain the real reason why I failed to attend the wedding yesterday. You don’t need to pay too much attention to these.”

Janice shook her head indifferently. She had immunity to these long ago, “Don??t bother yourself. It will be forgotten in few days. Do you think I have the potential of being a star? Everyone cares so much about me.”

Seeing her proud appearance, Dan Trump also followed her and said, “Well, I also think that you make many people jealous.”

Janice laughed at Dan Trump’s words, and her stomach hurt, “Don??t talk nonsense.”

However, he said something very seriously to her, “As long as you are happy.”

Janice was touched suddenly, looking up at him. He blinked at her handsomely, and smiled.

Sometimes, his goodness made her feel that she had to be good to him, and she will try to make herself fall in love with him.

At breakfast, because of a small farce before going to bed last night, the family sitting at the large and luxurious dining table were silent and not said a word..

Grandpa talked first, “How do you feel now?”

Grandpa was concerned about his son.

Jordan glanced at his father and said, “Much better.”

Grandpa said, “You are still young, but your health is not as good as mine.”

Grandpa’s words made Janice laugh. She thought everyone would laugh. It was embarrassing that only she laughed and the others were eating breakfast with cold face.

Grandpa also said, “Since you were married, you can live a good life, and should forget whose past. Marriage is sacred and serious. I hope to have a little great grandson at this time next year.??

Janice was shocked by her words, and couldn??t swallow the food that stuck in her throat. Dan Trump also was shocked.

Tina didn’t know why she was not pleasing to see Janice, and stared coldly at her, “As a woman like her, it is hard to know whether her child is Dan??s or others??…”

“Shut up!” Jordan scolded Tina coldly.

Janice just didn’t want to make trouble with Tina at the dining table. When she had time, she would educate her alone and warn her carefully.

Dan Trump’s warm big hand was placed on Janice’s frustrated and clenched fist, “We were full. We have to catch the plane.”

Catch a plane?

Janice looked at him in puzzled eyes. He just came back, where was he going?

She still wanted to go back to her house with him tomorrow. He didn’t show up because of the wedding, and today’s gossip was nonsense again, and she worried that her parents would miss her.

If she went home tomorrow… how can she explain to her family? Even if it was really because he was busy, but how could he be that busy?

Janice was still worried, and she heard Tina said unhappily, “Mom, why is my brother wasting time with that kind of woman for honeymoon?”


Janice turned her head and looked at the man walking next to her. Since they were walking side by side on the same step, he was much taller than her. Her perspective could only see his perfect and delicate chin. When she reached the second floor, she whispered to him, “Are going to honeymoon?”

Dan Trump nodded, “Of course.”



As soon as his words fell, Janice was moved. Two small hands grabbed the cloth around his waist. She couldn??t be more excited, “How do you know I like Melbourne? I have been looking forward to seeing Melbourne since I was very young.”

Indeed, many times she thought she would never marry again and wanted to go alone, but she felt that she would always wait for the person who accompanied her to walk along the streets of Melbourne.

Dan Trump stared at her who was happy now, like a child. He pouted and smiled, and raised his hand to help her arrange the scattered hair on her forehead.

What he wondered was why she liked being there? And was he the one she’d always dreamed of and wanted to go with?

The two stood face to face, her hand was still on his waist, he looked down at her, and she looked up at him.

Janice said, “You can??t tell why you love a place, just like when you love someone. If you really love it, you just like it, and there is no reason.”

For her answer, Dan Trump just smiled. There was no reason to love one.

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