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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 192 Coaxing His Wife

“Then I just catch a cold.”

He just lay on the bed like that, “Oh, I’m so tired. It’s still the most comfortable lying on my own bed.”

“Hey, your hair is still wet, and you have a headache.”

Dan Trump, lying in bed, gazed at Janice, who was standing in front of the bed, “You don’t help me dry my hair, what??s the matter to get cold.”

For the first time, she felt that her husband was a little bit rogue.

The sound of the hair dryer sounded, and each of them was harboring their own minds.

Janice knew that he had been watching her, but she did not dared to look at him. Her eyes were deliberately dodging.

“Can’t you look at me?” Janice said helplessly, she really felt embarrassed.

Dan Trump grinned, “If you don’t look at me, how you know I was looking at you?”

Janice was speechless.

He was much taller than her, and before his hair was completely dry, Janice felt her arm sour.

He knew what she was thinking at a glance, took the hair dryer from her, turned it off, and put it back in place.

“Okay, that’s it. My new wife had done a great job.”

Janice used to think that Jim was the most garrulous man she had ever met. After meeting Dan Trump, how did she feel that he was more garrulous than Jim.

Janice’s stomach protested at this time, and she was really hungry if she didn’t eat any more.

The purring sound was especially loud in the silent space. Dan Trump twisted his eyebrows, looked at her belly, and then looked at her.

Janice explained with embarrassment, “I was anxious to go out in the morning, and didn’t eat breakfast. Rose asked me go down for lunch. I didn’t want to eat it by myself. I just wanted to wait for you to come back.”

Dan Trump asked, “If I don’t come back for three days, will you be hungry for three days?”

Janice pouted, “Well, f you don??t come back for three days, maybe I will go and find you??

Dan Trump looked at her, and twitched his lips, “If one day I really disappear, don’t look for me.”

He seemed to be joking, but it seemed to be serious. Janice was inexplicably panic and didn’t know what to say?

Will there really be such a day? If he really disappeared one day, will she go and find him?

In the kitchen, Dan Trump was going to cook for. Rose said she could do it. Dan Trump said with a smile, “Today the plane was delayed and I didn??t show up at the wedding. Of course, I have to make up for this.”

Dan Trump asked Janice what she wanted to eat, and Janice said politely, “I am not picky about food, just give me some food.”

Dan Trump smiled and said, “The wife is easy to coax.”

The new kitchen was very new to Janice, so she wanted to help but couldn??t. Dan Trump simply pushed her to sit in a chair in the restaurant, “It??s time to admire your husband’s handsome appearance when cooking.”

For the next half hour, he was really handsome and orderly in the kitchen, chopping vegetables, serving the pot. It seemed that he was good at doing this.

The table was full of a delicate Chinese food and Western dishes. He intentionally filled the plate with a heart shape carved with carrots. Under the pasta in the middle, he wrote sorry with tomato sauce/

Janice looked up at him, and he was staring affectionately at her sitting opposite.

“It seemed that I don’t have to worry I would be starved in the future. My husband was a cook?”

She didn’t express her feelings for such a good atmosphere. She pretended not to understand, or was she trying to avoid it?

Dan Trump said, “Sorry, on such a day, I shouldn’t be absent and left you in the church alone. I’m really sorry.”

Janice shook her head with a smile. It didn’t matter. He sincerely apologized for her, and she didn??t mind what others were thinking about. As long as she knew he was kind to her.

When the two were about to finish eating, there was a movement at the door. Everyone came in one after another. When they saw the two of them sitting at the restaurant for a leisurely meal, Dan Trump’s mother became angry.

“Dan, do you know how embarrassing you made us feel today? Since you were back, why not go directly to the hotel? Did she not let you go?”

A series of questions made Dan Trump not want to answer one of them.

“It??s you who insist on having a banquet. It had nothing to do with me.”

“You’re way too much!” Dan Trump’s father’s blood pressure was high at his words. What he said the most all day was to explain to the guests why the groom didn’t show up all day.

Dan Trump??s sister fueled the anger, “Dad, mom, I think this woman deliberately did not let my brother show up. She was a bad woman.”

“Well, you??ve been busy all day. Go and rest yourself.” The grandfather, who had always been silent, raised his crutch and ordered.

Grandma helped Grandpa to leave, and turned around to have a meaningful look at Janice, saying nothing.

Once grandpa was angry, the family was afraid to speak.

Dan Trump held Janice’s hand and went upstairs. Before going upstairs, he said to everyone, “We will move out tomorrow.”

The grandfather, who had not yet returned to the room, angrily shouted, “Don??t you dared to move out!”

Janice took a breath and was frightened. The grandpa didn’t look fierce, but every time he spoke, no one was allowed to answer back.

“Grandpa…” Dan Trump called him gently, this time his tone was like a junior.

The less talkative grandma said, “Dan, listen to your grandfather once and stay at home.”

Dan Trump hadn’t spoken yet, Dan Trump’s sister Tina interrupted impolitely, “Who asks you to speak in the house?”

Yes, Tina referred to her grandmother. She was such am impolite girl! Janice thought.

Dan’s mother dragged Tina a bit, who was ignorant, and Dan’s dad also glared at her. Grandpa was trembling with anger.

Janice felt Dan Trump leaning forward next to him. He was going to help Grandpa, but Grandpa refused, and Grandma helped him into the room.

After Grandpa entered the house, Dan’s father turned back and yelled at Tina, “You were not allowed to say these words again.”

Tina was a spoiled child from an early age. She was not afraid of her father’s anger, “Well, she’s not my grandma, she’s so old…”

“Enough!” Dan’s father was really furious, and after a roar, his chest was sulking, and he sat on the sofa with his hand on his chest.

Dan’s mother hurried forward to take care of her husband, but Tina turned her head around and walked away.

Janice really can’t get used to seeing how arrogant this child was, thinking about to find an opportunity to educate her.

Dan Trump took Janice’s hand back to the room. Janice was speechless. Why were the children of this family so indifferent? Was it really natural? Their father leaned on the sofa and looked very uncomfortable, and they were ready to ignore their father?

“Your dad…”

Dan Trump asked her expressionlessly, “were you a doctor?”

Janice shook her head, she was not.

Dan Trump took her hand and went upstairs. Janice couldn’t help but look back at Jordan who was uncomfortably leaning on the sofa.

Dan Trump probably knew she was uneasy, so he said, “The family doctor is coming soon. His old illness relapsed.”

When she arrived in the room, Janice shook off Dan Trump’s hand angrily. She really felt that the the siblings were not filial.

“The one who is very uncomfortable lying on the sofa is your dad. Your dad is uncomfortable. How can you be so indifferent and calm, you were not a doctor, you cannot heal, but you were his son.”

After speaking, Janice felt less anger in her heart, but he stared at her so straightly that it still made her guilty.

He kept looking her without saying a word, and Janice had to calmly say to him, “Do you know? I remember someone told me that the one who love us most in this world must be our parents. But you treat them as enemies because of a woman, do you think…”

“You don??t understand.” Dan Trump interrupted her.

“I just…” Janice also wanted to talk to him.

“Shut up.” He was angry.

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