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Chapter 109 Mina

Yates could see nothing other than the red flames and a shadow overhead.

“You crazy bitch!” Yates screamed in a raspy voice. “Hasn’t her attack power almost reached a mighty level?” He murmured in shock.

Drops of lava-like liquids fell from the melting shield and his dark elements were also expelled. The stone giant under Yates, which was still holding the shield, was making pained noises. The smell of Yates’s burnt robe became stronger as the dark element protection was gradually eroded by the surrounding fire.

“How scorching this flame is!” Yates felt as if he had been enduring the blazing heat for a hundred years.

Finally, the giant groaned and broke apart into a pile of charred stones. Yates quickly stepped aside to hide from the falling, melted shield but accidentally set his foot on the scorched ground. Stung by the heat, he hurriedly flew back to the sky. Tightly holding on to the badge which could save his life, Yates turned his pale face to stare at the crazy woman desperately. He gulped.

“Should I give up? But the marks I’ve collected are far from enough earning the qualification to become a Demon-Hunting sorcerer. “

Mina was also panting in the sky. She had stopped using her power. Without the wind generated from magic waves, her red hair fell down and covered her face and part of her body. She looked at Yates through her hair, smiled cruelly and then laughed crazily. “Didn’t you escape because of my sister instead of me? You think I’m no match for you? And you think this is it? No! This is just the beginning!”

Along with her shriek, the revealing clothing on her body started giving off a glaring light.

She had stopped panting, having restored her strength. The Blushed Flame exploded for the second time. Her hair blowing upwards once more, Mina looked at Yates coldly, but deep in her eyes, there was insanity, ferocity and cruelty. Her smile widened.

Another disastrous attack could be released at any moment.

“It’s the Demon-Hunting outfit! It can only be obtained by exchanging with Sorcery Essence!” Yates cried out with his dried throat, and stared at Mina’s scanty clothing in disbelief.

The Demon-Hunting outfit was a special magical tool that was sold exclusively by the Holy Tower. Its main function was to quickly extract magical power from the magic stones embedded in the outfit. The tool was divided into three levels in accordance with the low, middle and high class Demon-Hunting sorcerers.

However, Ougi sorcerers seldom exchanged for it with Sorcery Essence from the Holy Tower. Normally, they preferred the chance to be transferred to a foreign world, for the purpose of conquering the “aliens”. These opportunities were more precious to them because they could expand sorcerers’ knowledge, which was the source of the sorcerers’ power.

Of course, they would bring back some of the resources from the foreign world if possible.

Nevertheless, Mina was laughing crazily. She was satisfied with the outfit. The outfit was a reminder of the fact that she was chased by the students in the First-years Trial, and experienced the most embarrassing moment in her life, and it was because of her lack of magic strength. Now, with the outfit (although it was a low-level kind with low grade magic stones embedded), a gift from her father, her stamina would almost never wear out during a fight against someone on the same power level.

“There’s no hope anymore,” thought Yates.

With the help of the outfit, now the woman’s power was at the second tier of the Top Ten. If this was not his second consecutive fight, he could have tried to resist her, but now he couldn’t.

He smiled bitterly.

When Yates was about to destroy his badge, three strong magical waves came out of nowhere.

“What’s that?”

Yates halted and rekindled his hope.

“As expected, it’s you, Daughter of Sun. It’s gonna be very interesting.” Bionna giggled, standing next to Sam and Kyire.

As soon as Mina saw the three, her eyes turned fierce and she uttered a sharp roar. Her face was contorted by extreme fury, and she even ignored Yates .

“Bionna! Sam! Kyrie! Go to hell!”

She appeared to have lost her mind and charged at the three like a mini-sun, producing rumbling noises.

Sam looked at the “Sun” coldly and said: “You haven’t changed a bit, Mina.” He pulled out the blue sword from his eye and released clouds of black fog from within his body. The fog then moved as if alive.

Kyrie shook his head and also said emotionlessly: “It’s the qualification-earning time, how naive you are to think that you can still beat us just using your talent?” There was no visible change of expression on his face as he spoke.

Bionna chuckled happily. “Mina, it seems that you haven’t learnt the lesson. Maybe we can make you relive that now!” Her body gradually turned pale blue as her long, golden hair stood straight along with her erupting waves of power. Little by little, a 7-8 meters long water snake came into being and twined around her, and a golden eye slowly opened on her forehead.


The flames raged more violently. However, Mina’s flames were confronted by the mighty power of the three new arrivals. Sorceries were cast, element waves fluctuated and Natural Force stirred. The sky was like a tempestuous ocean.

Yates gaped in shock. He murmured in great astonishment. “I know the guy completely covered with the black element. He is ‘Immortal Sam’ from the Black Isotta, but who are the other two?”

He swallowed his saliva and tried to sneak away. However, he came across Roga and Nina who had caught up with the three.

“Another two?” exclaimed Yates out of greater shock.

Catching sight of the greedy look in Roga’s eyes, Yates stopped short, but he paid little attention to the female student wearing the half-face mask in the distance.

Roga glanced around at the sky and shook his head, showing his contempt for the battle. But as he was about to go for Yates who looked very feeble at present, he sensed something and paused.

Further away, many students were secretly observing the situation and waiting for their opportunities.

It turned out that the big fight had attracted the students from all around, even including those who were on the Top Ten list of some schools.

None of them dared to be reckless and make the first move, fearing that they could become the cat’s paw.

Roga hesitated for a while and decided to not to engage Yates. He would consume much power and wouldn’t be able to protect himself if he became the target of those students lurking around.

Yates didn’t have the guts to flee, but he was replenishing his strength secretly.

With so many students biding their time, and this place became the safest spot for him to stay, at least before somebody took action.

He would not quit the competition for the Evil-Hunting sorcerer qualification until he was driven to the last ditch.

Every student, Dark or Bright, looked up at the ball of flame where the fight was going on. They were shocked at the fighters’ power and also excited for the marks the fighters possessed, which they might have an opportunity to take for themselves.

When the time was ripe, obtaining just one of the fighter’s marks would be equal to the amount they had gathered in the past two days!

A moment later, the “Sun” in the sky roared with grief as it plunged down and the three rushed to catch her. They appeared intent on killing Mina if she didn’t break the badge to leave the mirror anytime soon.

The three were not freshmen anymore. They didn’t need to cooperate with either of the other two in fighting against the talented Mina. At least Sam and Kyrie had the power to wrestle with her one versus one.

At the same time, dozens of people showed up from their hidden places and dashed towards Mina, trying to earn themselves some marks from Mina.

Even Yates, who had regained some power, and Roga bolted towards Mina without a second thought.

Now Mina had become a universal prey, no longer arrogant and aggressive. She was totally defeated.

When Mina grew desperate and was about to break her badge, when all of the people were about to kill her, when Bionna became so excited that she was about to scream, a loud and long tweet could be heard.

All of a sudden, the air went cold.

The students all turned their heads and saw a phoenix made of ice dashing towards them. It had a pair of 10-meter, vividly detailed long wings, and it looked around coldly with its blue eyes. Every flap of its wings brought about an overwhelmingly cold wind which could even freeze the students’ souls.

Yates looked up and saw the female student on the “phoenix”. He gasped and trembled. “Dear lord, Ice Age Mille is back.”

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