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Chapter 108 Sam (III)

Two days later.

“Give up, Whirlwind Vega! Look at your mates. They were wise to have surrendered,” said Roga from the ground to a student in the sky.

As he was speaking, seven or eight giant hands made of mud came out from a puddle of mud and swirled up to counter Vega’s attack. At the same time, several waterspouts were fired towards her one after another.

Whirlwind Vega was ranked the 10th on the Top Ten list of the Bone Bell Tower School. She excelled in wind element sorceries and was a student with high potential to become a pre-Demon-Hunter.

In her green robe, Vega was protected by the whirlwind that surrounded her. Her robe, earrings, necklace and long black hair were blown up by the wind force. She stared at the students around her coldly, her teeth clenched.

The waterspouts hit the whirlwind and were forced to change directions.

Vega looked invincible in the sky, but actually she had been receiving impact and had tried so hard to maintain the whirlwind by consuming a great amount of magic power. She could be defeated at any moment.

“There’s no way I will surrender. Don’t be so arrogant, you Black Isotta idiots!” Vega yelled in the whirlwind.

Suddenly, she closed her eyes, opened her arms and used her power to activate the dark blue necklace around her neck. The next moment the necklace started giving off a dazzling light. As that sorcery kept working, special magical waves filled the air.

Upon seeing this, Bionna realized something and shouted out: “It’s the sorcery of ‘Elementization’. She’d learned it before she even became a sorcerer. Stop her from transforming!”

Elementization referred to a sorcery by which the practitioner could disintegrate his or her body into elements and then revived somewhere else. It was a life-saving sorcery was usually cultivated by a level-two sorcerers.

As expected, students who had practiced the sorcery would never be a match for a level-two sorcerer in this regard. Besides, learning the sorcery would occupy the time for rudimentary knowledge learning which would largely decide in a way what he or she would cultivate once becoming a sorcerer. Thus, some would think that “cross-level sorcery cultivation” such as the fact that Robin had learned how to summon creatures from foreign worlds was short-sighted.

“It’s too late for the transformation!” Threatened Kyrie.

The next second, Vega opened her eyes and had found that her body had exploded into wind elements.

The mouse on Kyrie’s shoulder let out a low-pitched squeak. Kyrie shook his head as if he had debunked Vega’s trickery. He then said emotionlessly: “What a boring trick… “

In the next moment, Vega had been pulled out from a space slit and her clothing had been stripped off.

“How come you knew where I hid myself?” Vega shouted in astonishment.

Even Bionna had been fooled and believed that she was gone.

How on earth could Kyrie locate her and force her out from her hidden place then?

“Because you’re not good enough at this sorcery.” Kyrie murmured.

A mud pillar shot at Vega and speared through her left shoulder the next moment. It was way more powerful than the previous waterspouts and caused a bowl-sized hole in her shoulder and the hole grew by the second. Vega was in great pain. She hesitated no more and destroyed her badge unwillingly.

“She would have left earlier if she were wiser,” said Roga at the mud puddle grimly.

Sam flew down slowly and said with satisfaction: “Finally it’s my turn to get her mark…Wow, she has over 100 marks.”

The marks on Sam’s forehead had appeared as dark as ink, which was the case for any students whose marks had exceeded over 100. Thus, nobody could tell exactly how many marks they had collected. The marks of Roga, Kyrie and Bionna were also ink-dark, which was clear evidence of their fruitful travel these days.

Nina came here only because of the pact, so she wouldn’t get her portion and she just had one mark so far.

Although Roga envied Sam’s luck, he was excited that Nina was here and his power could be leveled up because of her. Now he had the confidence to fight with the top three.

“It’s my turn to get the marks next time. Let’s hurry up and find another target. I can’t wait already.” Bionna said excitedly, her golden hair flowing in the wind.

Kyrie became disappointed. “I can only collect marks after you and another. That’s boring.”

The five then flew away while Nina was protected by being positioned in the center, which implied her importance in this temporary team.

In the mirror where there were no daylight, all of the transferred students fought for more marks and didn’t delay a minute to take a rest.


Two hours later, Daughter of Sun Mina and Ice Age Mille were chasing two students who were riding a stone giant.

The male, vicious-looking student on the giant was a stooped man with an old wand in his hand. The other student was a woman who studied mechanics, which could be proved by the fact that her arm was made of metal. Under Mina’s attack, the sleeve that covered her arm had caught on fire and was burnt down.

At the same time, the five-meter tall stone giant’s arm which was holding a dark element sword had been frozen by Mille. It looked like the stone armor on its back had only been repaired simply after having received a heavy attack.

As Mina was flying, flames danced around her body. Wearing very few clothes, she looked quite hot and dangerously attractive.

She yelled out at the giant: “I remember you, Yates from the Ivory Castle. You’re the one who was with Glenn. I’ll catch you! “

She sped up with a thunderous sound and left Millie behind who had been flying right next to her.

“Damn it. She’s only going after you. I’d better get out of this.” The female student said and then fled away in another direction.

Yates made a face and cried out: “You idiot! You think they will simply let you go?”

He was right. As Mina kept pursuing Yates, Millie turned and started chasing the female student.

After a while, Yates could sense that Mina was catching up on him. So he halted the giant abruptly. He then said to Mina grimly: “How dare you? You really think we were trying to flee away from you fire-playing bitch?”

Mina became greatly enraged upon hearing his words.

She forced out the following sentence after having suffered such humiliation. “You mean you were escaping just from my sister?” All of a sudden, the dancing flames became ominously still.

The area fell into complete silence and remained so for a while.

Suddenly, a frightening fire wave blasted out and kept burning in all directions in the sky. It was as if a mini version of a glowing sun was rising, radiating an enormous amount of heat.

Mina’s red hair rustled in the waves of force. She then folded her hands gradually and aimed at the ground, incanting:



A fire pillar-like a giant flaming sword swung down from the sky. At the moment, all Yates on the back of the giant could see was a sky of flame pressing down.

Yates then screamed: “Damn it! You crazy bitch!” He gathered a cloud of dark elements and began to utilize the dust elements collected from the ground.


Bionna kept flying and felt a little bored. She turned and asked Kyrie: “You sure there is a Concealment Slit there?”

Kyrie answered casually. “It’s as obvious as flames in darkness for me.”

Upon hearing his words, the mouse on his shoulder squeaked twice.

Sitting on his water element bird, Roga smiled coldly. “A student who can use advanced magical tools like Concealment Slit for rest must be powerful. He must have collected a lot of marks. Luckily, it’s my turn.”

Sam was about to say something but was interrupted by a blast of fire elements. It was thousands meters away from them and yet everyone could clearly feel how powerful the explosion was.

“It’s the bitch Mina, Daughter of Sun.” Bionna screamed crazily.

To the students in general, Mina was just a powerful student from the Light and Shade School, but to Bionna, Kyrie and Sam, she was their biggest enemy.

All of the three could never forget how arrogant she was in the First-year Trial. Despite the fact that they cooperated and kept pursuing her for days, and made her lose face in front of everyone. But there was a cost—- Glenn took the beard, the precious prize of the Trial.

Mina hated the three of them, but she didn’t bear a grudge against Glenn, because she had learned about Glenn’s pitiful past when he was being interrogated and thus she turned her resentment into pity for him, and even admiration and love. There was a time when she longed to be with him, but when she found out that Glenn had copied her gift–the Body of Flame, her hatred towards him rushed back.

“Daughter of Sun? I heard that she was a new top 10 student of her school.” Roga said and turned to Nina. “Let’s go there and have a look.” He then followed the other three and flew away.

Nina’s face turned pale when she saw the big fire in the distance. She hesitated for a while and eventually made up her mind to follow up. For her, Mina was a legend back in the Trial. Partly because of the rumors at the time, her fear about Mina was far more deeply rooted than her fear towards any other top 10 students.

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