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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 107 Sam (II)

Sam spotted a spinning fireball that was coming at him from the sky and stared at it. He became slightly surprised. The enemy was a student from the School of the Ivory Castle.

Sam’s face was cold with extreme indifference. He casually swung his blue sword at the fireball. After a burst of energy waves, the fireball was instantly reduced to its original form—-the primitive form of a fireball.

By “primitive”, it meant the basic, five-fold lever-up of Natural Force when producing the fire ball.

A five-times enhancement was of no real concern for Sam.

“That’s impossible!” The student shouted in panic. The next second, the red gem on the top of his hat flashed and a burst of fire broke out, and soon the man had re-appeared more than 30 meters away from Sam.

While keeping away from Sam, the student cast some spell and flicked his middle finger to turn the sparks as the fire ball broke into flaming butterflies that speedily flapped their wings towards Sam.

Sam frowned and said to himself. “It’s a good trick. I suppose he’s on the Promising Students of the Ivory Castle based on his power.”

However, Sam revealed no panic on his face and kept flapping his wings. He brandished his blue sword at the butterflies again, and easily reduced the fire butterflies into sparks.

The student’s pupils constricted and he then stared at Sam’s sword.

“Am I restrained by his Natural Force? No, it’s impossible! Is it the ability to dissolve the earth element? It’s shouldn’t be that either. Is it the restraining energy that water-element releases? Or dissolving energy with resonance? Or some Occultism power?” The student couldn’t figure out what the sword was and his face turned ghastly pale. He glanced at the marks on Sam’s forehead and decided on an immediate escape. Using the force made by the fire elements explosion, he tried to fly away as fast as possible.

A moment later, Sam calculated how much time it would take to catch the student and made up his mind to not chase.

“It’s tricky to hunt. Besides, it’s about the time for the third batch of students to come in. They are not as weak as the previous groups. I’d better go and meet Bionna.” Sam looked at the fleeing student coldly and turned his face in another direction.

He kept flying for a while and suddenly he saw a female student, wearing a mask which covered half of her face, who was being chased by two others. It turned out that the fleeing student was Chris Nina from the Death Sail League.

“She might be of some help in the future.” Thought Sam.

He had heard of Nina’s amazing sorceries from Alastair before. At that time, he was quite surprised to learn that Nina’s sorceries were mostly auxiliary.

Suddenly, he came up with an idea. Maybe he could make use of a partner to compensate for his weaknesses.

He threw another look at Nina and shook his head. She was not the partner type for him! Moreover, it was better to find a sorcerer partner after he had become one, otherwise if a spouse couldn’t become a sorcerer, it would be a great pity for the couple.

“But her ‘cooperation’ with Roga in this Holy Tower Tryout might be helpful.”

Sam replaced the indifference on his face with a smile and yelled down. “Nina, come up here.” He spread out his wings and rushed to her.

Nina paused for a second before taking a look at her left side. She recognized Sam and became surprised.


At the moment, she was holding her badge tightly and was about to give up. After all, this kind of tryout was not suitable for her. Yet Sam’s appearance caused her to waver. If she left the Tryout with Sam around, who was also a member of the League, then he could get her mark.

The kind-hearted Nina thought as she drove her squirrels and flew to his direction.

“You wait there.”

Unexpectedly, Sam flew past Nina and bolted toward two students from the Umbra School passing by. After a short-lasting fight, the students were eliminated from the Tryout.

Sam then flew to Nina leisurely.

The thick cloud of dark aura around Sam and the cruel fighting from before frightened Nina a lot, but Chris’ death had taught her how to be strong and how to keep her delicate feelings deep in her heart. Thus instead of freaking out, she just whispered. “Thank you. Let me offer you my mark.”

Sam shook his hand hurriedly and stopped Nina from destroying her badge. He thought for a while and took a scroll of pact out of his clothes and said, “I’d like to hire you. If you accept that offer and promise to help me with all you have, we can sign this pact and I promise to cure your scar and restore your beauty after the Tryout.”

“He offered to restore my beauty!”

Nina’s eyes shined. She asked doubtfully. “Really?” Her voice was trembling.

She and her brother had tried all kinds of measures to have her scar healed during the past years and had only learned one way to remedy it—-to ask the female president of Black Isotta to cast her sorcery.

But it was hardly possible for the president to grant such a favor unless she became a sorcerer.

As soon as Sam nodded, Nina nodded back and cried. “Yes, I’d like that! I’d like to sign the pact with you if you promise me that. ” She became sad the next second at the thought of her brother.

“Dear brother. My wish has been realized. If I could become a sorcerer for you, then your wish would also come true.”

After half an hour, Sam, Bionna and Kyrie were seen sitting on the top of a column and chatting while Nina stood behind Sam with awkwardness.

“All of them are the top students of my grade!” Nina thought nervously.

Bionna eyed Nina up and down and complained like a spoiled child. “Dear Sam, why did you bring her here? She’s so weak and you knew that I had an unpleasant history with the tart woman in her team. I hate that woman nearly as much as I hate Mina. If it were not for that woman, how could I have been kicked out of the mirror site?”

Nevertheless, thanks to Nina’s weakness, Bionna didn’t vent her spleen towards Laffite on her.

Sam shook his head. “You don’t understand. With Nina’s help, Roga could be a match for the top four of Black Isotta. That’s why I asked her for help at a cost,” said Sam.

“Three actually.” Kyrie, who had been playing with his mouse, suddenly interrupted.

Bionna looked at Nina in shock. She then doubted. “My classmate Roga could utilize both water and earth elements and is ranked top in the school. Besides, he could produce auxiliary sorcery himself. Are you still sure that she could offer help?”

Sam looked at Bionna and replied seriously. “She has a high degree of study on auxiliary sorceries.”

Upon hearing his words, even Kyrie threw a curious look at Nina.

Following a violent movement of magical waves, a student riding on a giant water element bird arrived and landed on the same column the four were perching on.

“Roga.” Bionna shook Roga’s arm like a happy child. Her eyes were translucent like ambers.

Roga was thin and tall like a bamboo pole. His loose robe was rustled by the wind.

“One more shake and my arm will be broken, you naughty girl.” Bionna said in a pampering way as he smiled to Bionna.

Bionna pouted as she continued to shake his arm. Roga gave up persuading her and turned to Sam and the other two.

“Who is this?” Asked Roga upon seeing Nina, who hid herself behind Sam as she was still quite nervous .

Sam stood up and patted the dust off his robe. He motioned to Nina to show herself and then introduced her to Roga. “This is Nina from the Death Sail League. She studies auxiliary sorceries and can increase your power in battles.”

Roga became surprised. “That good?”

Sam nodded.

On the other side, Kyrie also stood up and carefully put the mouse on his shoulder. He said coldly, “Since we are all here, let’s make a plan and begin collecting chain marks. The seventh group of students is going to be transferred here. They will be much more powerful than the ones previously transferred.”

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