Chapter 290 Crossroads in life

Bella “…”

Bella was speechless for a moment.

“I’m not very familiar with him. Let’s come to the point. His ex-girlfriend’s father is an ancient geologist who makes the acquaintance of Peter Maxwell. Now the administrative construction company and his company are both trying to get land. I suspect that this land is related to the map that we found in Athens Village.” Bella explained.

“His ex-girlfriend? He won’t have a girlfriend now?” James Grayson asked.

Bella sighed, “He should have a girlfriend. I don’t know because I am not very familiar with him. Besides, I am a married woman. My husband is an army officer. I am in a military marriage, don’t you think you are just overthinking?”

“It’s good that you know your identity. I’ll pay attention to the land you said. Don’t worry. I will expropriate it directly. No one will be able to get it.” James Grayson said confidently.

Bella found it quite impressive and gave up a smile. “Another thing, I am on my way back to the military area. I will leave tomorrow. I will go to Halem. Peter Maxwell’s hometown in Halem. I am going there as a tutor for his child. I have to teach him from Monday to Friday, so we can meet on Saturday and Sunday.”

“Um. It’s good, I don’t feel at ease with letting you stay there for three months.”

She didn’t understand James Grayson’s words – he doesn’t feel at ease with letting her stay there for three months. And he also said it’s good!!?

“What?” she asked.

James Grayson was as serious as ever and said in a deep voice, “I’ll come with you.”

Bella’s heart jumped and her heartbeat became very fast.

She decided to go to Halem for three months, but she was also worried.

After all, James Grayson was in the military region, and Scarlett Evan was also in the city. She knew that there would be chances and Scarlett Evan will try to coax him because she has the right to come to the military region, that’s why Bella was worried.

No matter what, it was because she also was a woman.

How can she let her husband and his first girlfriend stay together?

When James Grayson said this, her heart was filled with joy!

“What about your work here? Can you leave?” Bella showed her concern.

“Didn’t you tell me that it was a treasure land? I’ll be stationed in the army. In the next three months, I will do my normal work. It’s just a business trip.” James Grayson explained to lighten her psychological burden.

Bella’s heart was touched by his concern. She thought whether she should discuss Scarlett Evan’s matter with him or not.

After thinking about it carefully again, she decided to discuss it later.

“Well, I’ll hang up first. See you in the military region.” Bella hung up and just after a moment her cell phone rang again.

It was David Wilson’s call. She hesitated for a while and answered.

“Where are you? Let’s have a meal today.” David Wilson asked enthusiastically.

“David Wilson, there’s something I want to tell you. James Grayson and my marriage registration have not been canceled. I’m his wife. It’s a military marriage and we can’t divorce. So, if you really like me, let me go. I don’t want to increase my worries. Life is already not easy.” Bella directly said and blocked all his fantasies.

David Wilson was silent for a while, and then he smiled, “What if I say that I want you to tell you about your child? I’ve found yours and James Grayson’s child.”

“Really?” Bella didn’t believe it.

“The current technology is so scientific that I can’t deceive you even if I want. By the way, between your son and James Grayson, you can only choose one. I am waiting for you in our house. Meet me in an hour. If you won’t come, you will not see the child in the future, and I will also disappear from your life completely.” David Wilson said and hung up.

Bella looked at the front, still holding the phone in her motionless hand, and there was lots of confusion in her mind.

She stopped the car on the side of the road, and many thoughts flashed through her mind.

She wanted to meet David Wilson but she was worried. David Wilson can do something wrong to her. But if she won’t go, she will really miss the chance to meet her child.

Another possibility was to tell James Grayson to check the whereabouts of the child. If David dared to do something to the child, James Grayson will not let David Wilson go.

However, she didn’t dare to take a risk.

He asked him to choose one James Grayson or her son. She and James Grayson were married. They can’t be separated.

Bella was stuck, her mind was in a chaotic state. She called David Wilson.

David Wilson picked up her call and a sweet voice sounded in Bella’s ear, “Hello, uncle said you are my mother. Is it true?”

Bella’s heart sank and she became more flurried. “Baby, how old are you?”

“Five and a half years old. Mom, don’t you know how old I am? Are you my mother?” The boy questioned.

Bella felt guilty and couldn’t answer, she said, “Baby, please give the mobile phone to uncle.”

David Wilson answered the phone there.

“David Wilson, can you show me how the baby looks? How can I be sure that he is my baby?” Bella asked.

“I have done paternity and maternity test, of course, you can check to make sure.” David Wilson said firmly.

“I think you are lying to me. Where did you find the baby?” Bella panicked.

“If you want to know the details, find out the answers by yourself. Bella, I won’t give you any extra time. I know James Grayson’s ability. If within an hour you won’t reach here, I’ll send your son to a place from where you can’t find him. Think clearly. If I find out that you tell James Grayson about this, you’ll never see your son in your whole life.”

“Don’t be so absolute. It can’t be like choose A or B. There must be other options, right?” Bella said anxiously.

“There’s no other choice, just one. Your son or James Grayson. Think about it carefully.” David Wilson said and hung up the phone.

Bella took out a book and wrote on the paper for a long time. She has written down the advantages and disadvantages.

She has lost her way, and she was walking into a dead end.

She looked at the time passing by, she became more anxious and her hand hit the steering wheel heavily. Her mood was out of control. She took the medicine out of her bag and poured it on her hand.

At the same time, she made a decision.

She may not have a beautiful baby in the future. He was her son. She wanted him. James Grayson had the ability to find her. He could find her.

Bella put the medicine into her mouth, lay down her head on the steering wheel, and gradually calmed herself down.

There was a sharp light flowing in her eyes.

She called Amelia William.

“Amelia, one is your own son, and the other is your beloved husband. If you have to choose one. Whom you will choose?” Bella asked.

Bella’s purpose was to leave the message to James Grayson, without directly telling it to James Grayson.

“There is only one son. But there are many husbands. Of course, my son. Besides, my son is my own flesh and blood. For sure, he must be closer to me than any men.” Amelia William said casually, “what’s the matter?”

“Thank you for telling me how to choose.” Bella frowned and hung up the phone!

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