Chapter 289 Do all kinds of weird things to get attention

From Kellan Pattinson’s words, Bella felt that he must know a lot of things.

“I will only do my work,” Bella said meaningfully.

“That’s good. I am suddenly regretting why I introduced you to him.” Kellan Pattinson’s words became complex.

Bella did not ask why. She just vaguely felt that her previous judgment was correct.

Peter Maxwell came after eleven o’clock. He smiled politely, “I’m sorry, I went to see a friend. There was a traffic jam so I am late.”

“Come to the point.” Bella’s words were concise and comprehensive.

“I agree with your proposal. When Miss Bella can come to Halem city?” Peter Maxwell asked politely.

“Do you live in Halem?” Bella was surprised, Halem is not the provincial capital.

“Halem is my hometown. My wife and child live there. I usually go back there on weekends. However, when I go to Halem city for investigation, I stay longer.” Peter Maxwell explained.

“I see. I will go tomorrow. I’ll go to the research institute to make a contract. Please wait for me. I hope you will deposit the first money before I start.” Bella said clearly.

“Yes. Then let’s go to the Institute now.” Peter Maxwell said with a smile.

Bella looked at Peter Maxwell suspiciously and felt strange.

His attitude today has changed a lot from last time. He didn’t even talk about it in detail.

Is there any other reason?

Bella took Peter Maxwell to the Research Institute.

She told Peter Maxwell that she was a regular researcher, so as to reduce his defense and resistance. Peter Maxwell didn’t get off the car and waited for Bella in the car. Bella entered the office, printed out the agreement and brought it to Peter Maxwell for signature.

He signed neatly.

“How about having lunch together?” Peter Maxwell asked.

“No, I am going to Halem tomorrow. There will be opportunities to eat together in the future. Now I have to go back and tidy up some things. I won’t be able to come with you.” Bella said.

“That’s also right. I’ll send someone to remit money.” Peter Maxwell said and left.

When he was gone, Bella was also ready to drive the car left by James Grayson to the military region.

The phone rang.

She saw a strange caller ID and answered, “Hello, who is there?”

“Hello, Bella. This is Scarlett Evan. Can you come to the hospital at noon? I want to meet you.” Scarlett Evan said softly.

Bella pulled the corners of her mouth. “Okay, I’ll see you soon.”

She wanted to see what Scarlett Evan wanted to do with her. Maybe, she can find something!

She drove to the hospital.

Sierra Walker was gone. There were just two nurses.

“Please brought my meal.” Scarlett Evan deliberately send the nurses away.

The nurses also seemed wise, they tactfully left the room.

“Sit down.” Scarlett Evan said softly.

Bella sat down quietly in the chair.

Scarlett Evan looked at Bella. “When I was imprisoned by the enemy, I was wondering if Jimmy would forget me and fall in love with other women. It seems that my intuition was very accurate. You are younger than me, more beautiful than me, better than me in the figure, and more educated than me. I’m convinced that I lost.”

“Don’t think about it. It’s important for you to get well now. Everything will be OK.”

“I have one more thing. I don’t think anyone else can help me except you.” Scarlett Evan lowered her eyes.

Bella looked at her. She didn’t think she had any ability, except for her psychological ability to help Scarlett Evan. She was very defensive against Scarlett Evan.

Scarlett Evan saw that Bella didn’t say anything. She looked worriedly at Bella. “Can you promise me that you will not tell it to anyone?”

Bella nodded. “Say it.”

“When I was imprisoned by the enemy, I was often raped by them and I got pregnant.” Scarlett Evan paused, “they let me give birth to the child, and then identified who is the father of the child.”

“Where is the child?” Bella asked.

“When I was rescued, the child was also rescued. I don’t know where it is. I also couldn’t dare to let people know that I have a child. Because I am unable to raise my child. I feel particularly ashamed. I cannot let Jimmy know that I have had a child or that I have a child after being raped several times.”

“So what do you need from me?” Bella looked at Scarlett Evan suspiciously.

“Help me find that child, and then adopt him. I come into contact with you just now, but I think you are a very reasonable person. If you raise a child, he will be very outstanding. Don’t tell him that I am his mother.” Scarlett Evan lowered her head.

Bella looked at her, but she can’t see through Scarlett Evan at all.

What is the purpose of Scarlett Evan behind telling her about it?

“I see. I’ll try to find out.” Bella said.

“Thank you. Can you not tell anyone about it?” Scarlett Evan begged again.

Bella nodded, “don’t worry.”

Scarlett Evan got up from the bed and kowtowed to Bella. “Thank you for helping me regardless of the past. I’ll be relieved if you will take care of the child. I won’t damage your and Jimmy’s relation. I swear.”

“Get up and take good care of yourself.” Bella helped Scarlett Evan up and let her lay down on the bed. “I’m going to Halem city on a business trip for about three months. I’ll meet you when I come back.”

Scarlett Evan answered, “thank you.”

Bella turned around and walked towards the door. Suddenly she looked back at Scarlett Evan.

“What’s the matter?” Scarlett Evan was shocked.

Bella shook her head and walked out of the ward.

If she was not mistaken Scarlett Evan’s gaze at her back was very sharp. She suddenly turned around. Scarlett Evan couldn’t change her mind so quickly, so she was stunned and panicked.

Since the child’s matter was a different situation she will deal with it after pondering carefully.

Scarlett Evan tightened her eyebrows and saw that Bella has gone far away. She got off the bed and made sure that there was no one outside. She called and said angrily, “Bella is an expert in psychology. She has a delicate mind and a strong ability of behavior analysis. I can’t cheat her at all. Moreover, James Grayson listens to her. I can’t deal with her.”

“You want to quit? I can arrange for you to leave immediately. I don’t need incompetent people here.”

“Of course not. I was just away for long. Give me some more time.” Scarlett Evan asked.

“Bella will go to Halem city tomorrow for three months. How do you want to do? In addition, except for my order, don’t contact me if you have anything. Hang up now.”

Scarlett Evan deleted the dialing information impatiently.

Bella sat in the car and called James Grayson.

James Grayson answered.

She didn’t say anything about Scarlett Evan.

If the enemy won’t do anything first, she will also stay quite.

“James Grayson, I chatted with Kellan Pattinson today and found an important news.”

“Who is Kellan Pattinson? Male?” James Grayson’s tone was bad and full of jealousy.

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