Chapter 288 The perfect woman

Bella chuckled. “If I get to know I will be in danger. How can it be? Are you a spy?”

Kellan Pattinson didn’t speak. He smiled. He seemed self-restraint, alienated and vigilant.

Bella knew that he won’t say it, so she didn’t ask again. She lowered her head and sipped her coffee.

The atmosphere suddenly cooled down and became very strange.

Kellan Pattinson cleared his throat. “Do you study history?”

“When I was studying psychology abroad, there was a lesson about history. It was mainly about judging the characters’ personalities and fate from historical practice. What’s the matter? Do you like to study history?” Bella asked casually.

“My ex-girlfriend’s father likes it. He is an expert in this field. His main contribution is to study the ancient geographical features. Take the example of Song Dynasty, he can restore the map of the Song Dynasty, and he can also tell the important places.” Kellan Pattinson gave a simple introduction.

Bella’s mind flashed a map they got in Athens Village. Maybe his ex-girlfriend’s father is an expert in this field.

Wait a minute….

Kellan Pattinson and Peter Maxwell know each other. Peter Maxwell should have the map in his hands. Peter Maxwell may know the father of Kellan Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend. It means, according to the map’s address the land Kellan Pattinson wants to buy can be the place where the treasure is stored.

This thought made Bella a little excited and she wanted to tell it to James Grayson immediately.

Her hands holding the coffee cup were a little shaky. She tried to calm herself down, and said with compliments, “The art industry has the expertise, in every industry, there are very excellent people, it’s very normal.

I remember that there is a platform that specializes in antique identification. Many people will take their own antiques to identify whether they are real or fake, and how much the market value, etc., I think those experts are really excellent. They can see through at a glance.”

“Silly girl, this is just to check the effect of the item. When those things were presented, experts had studied them for several days.” Kellan Pattinson said with a smile.

“That’s amazing. They know the characteristics of things in different dynasties, and I think if these experts make imitations, one cannot be able to differentiate the fake and real things.” Bella talked casually, and let the other party feel comfortable.

“Many real things have been sealed up. The things placed in the museum and in some exhibitions are the imitation produced by these experts, but many such artists are no more, and those imitations can’t be copied exactly.”

Bella took a sip of coffee and asked, “Do you have any research on these? Do you like antiques?”

“I like and think it’s very interesting. When I have these antiques, I feel that I have moved back to that era, and I also fantasize about whether in my previous life I am the owner of any antiques. Where and what they used for? And why they were buried with the dead? What’s the meaning of this?” Kellan Pattinson talked.

“What type do you like? After your description, it doesn’t seem porcelain?” Bella wanted to know more.

“I prefer some special things.” Kellan Pattinson took out a jade pendant he was wearing and put it on the table. “Do you know who wore it?”

Bella looked at the jade. It was very delicate. The things carved on it were very special. She felt dazzled. “Who?”

“Pan.” Kellan said confidently.

Bella smiled. “Pan was accused of plotting in a related rebellion against the throne. Pan and his entire family were subsequently arrested and executed. There cannot be such a valuable jade in his funerary objects. You got cheated.”

“You don’t know the complete story. Pan was a person with an excellent demeanor and good taste in clothes. He has a wide range of friends, brilliant talents and likes to travel.

He went out and bought this jade pendant. He always wore it on his body. However, because he has the fear to be executed with his whole family he asked people to take the jade pendant to and give it to his good friend Gongsun Hong. Gongsun Hong kept his pendant.” Kellan explained.

Bella shrugged her shoulders. How the buried antiques can be of someone else?

Bella didn’t know. Since Kellan Pattinson thought so, if she will deny it he will be disappointed. “Have you imagined that you were Pan?”

Kellan Pattinson was a little embarrassed, he said, “I think he is the person who faced injustice. In history, he has been remembered as the person who is extremely handsome, but hot-tempered and who use social relations to climb up. This is not right.”

Bella nodded, “I agree with you. From a few examples, we can see that his whole family all three generations were killed. He endured everything, which showed that this person’s character was not impetuous.

His mother was seriously ill. When he resigned from his official post, he said that he can’t take care of her mother. What is the use of high position and great wealth? His name was written in the Twenty-four Filial Exemplars but later it was deleted.

He had a wife. He was only thirty-two when his wife died of illness. He was in his best age, his career was flourishing, he became an official, lived a rich life, but he did not marry again, nor take a concubine. He didn’t even have a love affair. He stayed single for eighteen years, which showed that he was a rare man. He was righteous.”

Kellan Pattinson patted on the table, as he found the same mind as his. “Your point of view is exactly the same as mine. Because he was guilty of murder, the emperor haven’t said that he was good when he entered the annals of history, that’s why his name was deleted from the Twenty-four Filial Exemplars.

However, public opinion for Pan was so good that he seemed perfect. The emperor couldn’t help but let people write like this. He let them wrote just a few words. They didn’t dare to say too many because they were afraid to say too many wrong words.”

“This is how it works, if you succeed, you will be praised. If you fail, you will be devalued.

There are just very few famous classical stories about Zhu Yuanzhang. Heroes are afraid to see the old traitors. After he became an emperor, people he knew before came to join him and he said that in the past, all the people who had been cheated had been beheaded and those who a strong sense of justice had been promoted.” Bella said, and drank up the coffee.

Kellan Pattinson looked at Bella in a different way… with joy and excitement.

He looked for a long time, and finally found a woman similar to him. He was sure that only by seeing in her eyes, he will never feel bored.

“How is everything with your husband?” Kellan Pattinson asked with concern.

“Very good.” Bella said simply.

She talked to him because they were strangers. But if this stranger tried to enter her life, she won’t allow.

Bella looked at her mobile phone and changed the subject. “It seems that it has been a long time since I am here.”

“Bella, as a friend, I’d like to remind you that when you go to Governor Maxwell’s house, you should be careful with your words and actions. Don’t care about the things that aren’t your concern.” Kellan Pattinson advised her.

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