Chapter 287 The truth will come out soon

“Do you mean Ayanna?” Catherine’s mind clicked something.

“I don’t know. There may be some of your opponents, but there are also some anti-fans. Have you offended these anti-fans?” Bella asked.

“My life is too different from them. I’m busy filming every day. I don’t have time for myself. How can I offend them? I don’t know why they hate me so much.” Catherine tightened her eyebrows.

“It may be that you are too popular, and they are jealousy. It may also be that you are associated with their favorite actor and they naturally hate you, or you rob their favorite actress role. Some of them are just not well educated and well raised.

Suppose we think of life as a TV play. Do you think the heroine will attack others, trample on others, slander others, insult others and use sharp bad temper at will because of little things?” Bella asked.

“Of course not. That kind of person is the villain. The second woman or a jealous woman can do such things.”

“So, you are a heroine, why do you care about such unworthy people? You don’t need to clean up such people. Life will make them suffer enough. Why you want to spend time on unnecessary people?”

Catherine suddenly realized, “so I’ll treat them as farts, right?”

“Fart will stink your environment, and you can’t change it. Just improve your self-cultivation, endurance, recognize the reality and make the rational analysis. After all, it is the fate of the fart to disappear with time.

Some people have to pour out what’s in their minds. Such kind of person in real life will eventually be hated by all the people around them. Even their closest people around cannot bear them.

They cannot live a good life. They will be punished by fate. Why do you hate them?

Let go of others, but also let go of yourself. Open-minded people will be happy and will bring happiness to the people around them.

Only when a person is liked by the people around them, he can be happy. Am I right, Catherine?” Bella asked affectionately.

Catherine’s mood calmed down, and she was seriously thinking about Bella’s words, “You must have a good life, right?”

Bella smiled and said frankly, “When people deal with other people’s affairs, they are calm, rational and clear, and know how to deal it right.

However, when people are dealing with their own affairs, they are more emotional. When the blood comes to the brain, it will stop the normal process of thinking and also let us do wrong things and we make wrong judgments.

Because many people don’t judge things on the basis that they are right or wrong, but they judge according to their own preferences, that whether it’s true or false.

For example, there is a movie where two stars were coupled because fans liked to see their couple on screen.

In such a situation, if the fans hope this thing to be true. They will look for all kinds of small details and reports to prove and imagine that they are really in love.

However, if the fans don’t want this thing to be true. They will find all kinds of reports and small details to prove that they are not in love.

When dealing with their own affairs, because the subjective consciousness is too strong, coupled with no reason, people often make incorrect judgments.

So am I. That’s why, sometimes, I also need to see a psychiatrist. To let others point out our mistakes is not a disgrace, it even better to do a wrong thing.”

“It’s really pleasant to chat with you. Besides, you have solved the problem very well. I feel brainwashed by you. My friend really introduced the right person. Thank you. I’ll give you the money according to the charge of 10,000 yuan an hour. There’s also a little tip. Thank you, doctor Bella.” Catherine said sincerely.

For ten thousand an hour, Bella was only aiming at Peter Maxwell.

“Who is your friend?” Bella asked suspiciously.

“Kellan Pattinson, he said that he has consulted you. He just talked with you for a while, and you cured him. I’m also in a good mood now. I’m going to work hard. I will hang up now. Thank you again, Dr. Bella.” Catherine said and hung up.

There was a dark shadow in front of Bella. She looked up.

Kellan Pattinson smiled and said politely, “I didn’t expect you to come so early. It’s only ten o’clock now. Can I sit down?”

Bella glanced at the opposite position.

Kellan Pattinson sat down opposite her and called the waiter. “I want to ask you, are you deliberately cold with my friend, or is there a psychological strategy in your heart?”

“First of all, if someone can solve his son’s problem, it won’t be like this now.

Second, according to his current treatment, his son’s condition will only worsen, and he will still feel annoyed.

Third, he just has a son. From him, his life is more important than any other thing. So, no matter how expensive I am, he will come to me one day. It is not a psychological strategy. I’m sure.

Fourth, the price reduction will reduce the psychologist’s aura. All those who were very formal with him want to earn more money. He will look down upon it.” Bella analyzed.

“What if you can’t treat him well in the three months?” Kellan Pattinson was worried about Bella.

“Don’t you have that confidence in me?” Bella said confidently.

Kellan Pattinson’s cell phone rang.

It was a call from the USA. He answered.

“Kellan Pattinson, your friend is so divine. After hearing her words, I suddenly became cheerful. I am in a very good mood and have a very good appetite. I didn’t get angry when I met someone who was painting in my car just now.” Catherine said and praised.

“If you have a friend with a mental problem remember to introduce her. We all are friends. It’s good to help each other.” Kellan Pattinson said.

Bella took a sip of coffee.

Her influence on Kellan Pattinson was very good. She has a strong sense of responsibility and a bright career. Before, she had some obsessive-compulsive disorder. But now, it seemed that she got better.

The speed of patient’s recovery also depends on the patient’s will power.

“When will you go back?” Bella asked.

“This time I mainly came here with Peter Maxwell. When the deal of you two will be settled, I will go back.”

The waiter came to him.

“One Mocha, thank you,” Kellan said politely.

“Do you have a project in the hands of Governor Maxwell?” Bella guessed something.

“How do you know?” Kellan Pattinson was surprised.

“Your attitude towards Peter Maxwell is a little more flattering and cautious. You always go according to Peter Maxwell’s mind. As you said last time, you have your own company. If you are not his subordinate, you must have a project that is in his hands.” Bella analyzed.

“You are too smart. Yes, there is a very good site for sale in Halem City, but the construction company is competing with me. If President Maxwell can help me, I have a great possibility to take it.”

Bella frowned and doubted, “What’s the good about that land?”

Kellan Pattinson hesitated.

Bella noticed it. “Forget it, if you don’t want to say it.”

“I’m afraid you’ll be in danger.” Kellan Pattinson apologized.

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