Chapter 286 Live your life as you like

At nine o’clock, James Grayson returned to the military region under the persuasion of Bella. Bella also went to the appointed place to meet Kellan Pattinson and Peter Maxwell very early. She took out her pen and designed the psychological test paper in essence.

Her phone rang.

It was an unknown number. From the area code, she guessed that it was from America.

“Hello, who is it?” She asked.

“Are you the psychologist Bella? I’m Catherine’s assistant. She has some problems. She wants to consult you. We will charge you according to the time of the conversation.” Catherine’s assistant said.

Bella knew an actress named Catherine. She was very beautiful and has a good family background, but her acting skills were not very good.

“Yes. Give her the phone.” Bella said softly.

“Hello, doctor. I’m Catherine. I think I’m going to collapse now. I want your help.” Catherine said.

“I’m glad to be able to help you. What kind of problems are bothering you.” Bella asked politely.

“My recent movie has been playing for a week, and the ratings are fine, but there are many people scolding me under the video.

They scolded me badly. Some say that I would give up the play, some say that I am poor in acting, others say that my style is poor, some say I am a mistress I robbed Ayanna’s husband.

Ayanna’s husband and I have contact just because of this film, there is no practical relationship. All they were saying is nonsense.

Now this movie has become the number one hit. My acting skills have been affirmed by many professionals, but all those negative people came to all social sites to scold me. They scolded me on my microblog account, on my WeChat account, saying that my plays are redundant and asked me to get out of the entertainment circle.

Some people even came to my door to throw eggs. I am in agony now. I don’t know what to do.” Catherine said in pain and despair.

“I remember a time when you signed up an account to attack these anti-fans, and they were exposed, which pushed you over the top,” Bella spoke in a very gentle tone.

“That’s because at that time I played the role of a drug addict. They attacked me, saying that I am useless, they scolded me badly and said that I have made sexual relations with the director and the producer.

I was very angry and to attack directly, I signed up for an account to vent my emotions.

I think I’m going to collapse. I don’t know how long I can support it. I’ve been losing sleep, losing my hair as well. I’m not in a good mental state. I’m afraid to go out and cannot focus on my career.

I even think of suicide.

My friend introduced me to you and said you could help me.” Catherine Cried.

“Before help, let’s talk about the history of the entertainment industry. A long time ago, there was no TV. Many scripts were known by people through stage performances, such as Broadway.

Actors earn money through tickets. Few people can afford tickets. Only the rich can afford them.

Many actors in order to live a good life, made every effort to get the favor of the rich nobles. If I speak straightforwardly, they do everything for favors.

Those rich people may be married or playboy. What they need is someone to bear their own emotional twists and turns, as well as their physical needs. But at that time there was very little public opinion pressure because there were not many people who know these dirty things.

Gradually, with TV and newspapers, actors are known by most people, and now every action was being watched. If something was wrong, such as destroying the family, taking drugs, etc., it will be attacked or even condemned by the public.

Later, with the mobile phone, the Internet and microblog, the exposure rate of stars also increased, and the money they earn is also increased.

Now, their every move, even smoking a cigarette on the road, will be highlighted and limitlessly expanded. The people who are concerned about celebrities, they just made an account and judge people. According to their judgment, dating is no less than a crime.

Do you agree with what I said?” Bella asked softly.

“Exactly. There’s nothing wrong with what you said. Last time I scolded an anti-fan. That anti-fan attacked me and said that I am shameless. I have a mental case. Then he edited the message, cropped it and spread it on major networks.

In the end, I became the target of the attack.

Everyone said that It’s me who was wrong, not that anti-fan. I was so upset that I didn’t fall asleep all night.” Catherine complained.

“Who are the people that attacked you? How old are they? Are they successful people? Or are they mentally ill? You don’t know anything.

Do you think it’s worth being angry with someone whom you doesn’t even know?”

“I was angry because they don’t know anything but they talked nonsense, attack casually and distort the facts. I’m afraid that it will affect my fans. What if no one likes me? If they abandon the movie because of me and the investors also left me, what will I do? I was also afraid of destroying a good movie because of my personal conflicts.” Catherine said sadly.

“First of all, your worries are superfluous. There is a distinct difference between these things. For example, as I said above, if actors have less exposure there will less pressure of public opinion. If an actor has more exposure there will more pressure of the public opinion.

There are two employees working in the same company, A and B. The boss become a little biased and gives some favors, he will think the boss is good. If employee B doesn’t get it, he will feel that the boss is very bad.

Your situation is the same. You have tens of millions of fans. Everyone had been raised in a different environment.

Some people’s life is too oppressive, grumpy, dark, and paranoid, they were unable to vent in life. On these networks they don’t have their real name, if they see you have a little bad in you, they will expand it thousands of times and abuse you. From their behaviors, others can see what kind of person they are.

Why do you feel sorry for those people who have no quality, they just let out their anger and have a bad life.

I am sure that you have tens of millions of fans and just some anti-fans. Do you think you need to worry about such a small number of people?

Most people can see the talent from appearance, and they reflect it with good ratings.” Bella comforted her.

“I’m more worried that my fans will think what anti-fan said is true.” Catherine was worried.

“I will say the same. Your worries are superfluous.

The way I am seeing it, it is just an attack to slander others. People who plot against others think it’s very useful. Those who are well-cultivated will think it’s good but maybe it won’t be useful in the future. In the end, there are some people who just use their sharp tongue to scold others.

You can’t change other people’s scolding. It’s because of other cultivation what they have learned since childhood. You can’t change anyone’s nature.

What you can do is try to do well what you can do, your study, your efforts, and your career. Most rational fans will see the talent and if some fans cannot see maybe they were the Internet Water Army sent by your opponent to deliberately destroy you?” Bella said with a smile.

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