Chapter 404 Let’s not meet for the moment

That was Sean and Cindy.

The car passed quickly. I turned but I didn’t see Sean’s face.


My brain was blank at that time. All the things that I used to do with Ming reappeared.

Was Sean lying to me, too?

Most tragically, I saw them but I still believed in Sean.

Maybe I was wrong. He just looked like Sean.

Or they were just talking.

That was ridiculous. I thought about breaking up with Sean before, but now I was very sad.

I didn’t know when Linda’s car got to the door of the restaurant. She opened the door for me. I looked up and found that we had arrived.

“Please get out of the car.” Chloe said to me.

I reacted and reluctantly smiled and covered up all my emotions and got out of the car.

Then Linda looked at me and frowned, “what’s the matter? Are you not feeling well?”

“No.” I shook my head.

Chloe was careless. She listened to Linda and immediately asked me, “is this too expensive? Becky, do you regret it?”

“No, Becky has the Giant group. Even if she buys it, she won’t regret.” Linda said with a smile.

It sounded ironic at this point.

I reluctantly smiled and said nothing.

The meal didn’t last long.

During that time, I didn’t talk much. Chloe was talking at the beginning, but I didn’t talk, so she could only eat.

Linda sent me home after lunch.

I went straight upstairs and turned on my laptop and started browsing social networking sites.

Then all the comments changed. In just a few hours, many people searched for “please apologize to Becky”.

I saw the comments of my college classmates.

“The other day June, Becky, was scolded by many people. I spoke for her, but I was also scolded. Now I can tell the truth!”

Then she listed what happened when I was in college.

She mentioned the bad things Molly had done in college.

In fact, I knew she may not be kind. After all, she was a network celebrity.

It was a good thing anyway. If they could improve their popularity by praising me, I hoped they could praise me more.

Many Internet celebrities began to praise me in order to improve their popularity.

Someone mentioned my relationship with Sherry.

I felt helpless.

I didn’t expect that Sherry had been dead for many years but she helped me.

I went out of the study and into the master bedroom. I stood in front of Sherry’s picture and looked at her loving smile. My eyes were covered with tears. I stood there and said, “thank you, grandma.”

Maybe Sherry was the only one who loved me the most in the world.

I took a bath in the bathroom. I got a text from Linda when I came out. She said the studio received $50000. It was anonymous, but there was a message saying it was compensation for studio damage.

It was good. Everything was getting better.

I dried my hair and watched the messages in bed for a while and was a little sleepy. I fell asleep unconsciously.

It was dark when I woke up.

I got up and went downstairs. The light downstairs was dim. I stood at the stairway and looked around. Suddenly I rolled down the stairs!

“It hurts…”

I lay down and rubbed my back.

It hurt so much.

I even had trouble getting up.

I lay on the ground for a long time before I sat up.

I looked at the dark living room. The faint light came in through the living room window, and I looked carefully to make sure Sean wasn’t back.

If he came back, he would show up when I fell.

I thought about the kiss at noon.

I couldn’t stand it at last.

I stood there and kept telling myself, “aren’t you going to stop relying on him? Aren’t you going to stop thinking about him?”

After all, if we were together, everything would only get worse. We’d better break up.

That way the people I loved wouldn’t be hurt.

That was good.

I kept telling myself.

Now that I had decided to break up with him, we had to make it clear face to face, right?

I was lying to myself.

Then I knead my waist and took my cell phone out of my pocket. I had no missed calls or messages. I was disappointed.

I called Sean.

I took my cell phone and waited quietly. After about 30 seconds, the phone finally connected.


I said it first.

Sean was silent for a while and then said, “Miss Jones, I have something to tell you.”

Miss Jones?

Sean didn’t seem to call me that for a long time.

When I heard the name, I was flustered. I stood for a long time. I tried to say something several times, but I didn’t.

Finally I just said, “I’m listening.”

My heart was slowing.

I was waiting for his answer.

But suddenly I was scared. I said, “we can talk face to face.”

I heard Sean say, “I am busy lately. Let’s not see each other for the time being.”

His words were like ice water that put out the fire in my heart.

“I see.”

I didn’t know what I thought then. I stood there and hung up.

I stood in the empty and quiet living room.

I was not even sad.

It seemed to be just a small thing. I didn’t feel anything.

But I forgot to blink. My eyes hurt.

I didn’t know what I was going to do next second.

My brain was blank. Everything stopped. I even forgot to think.

It may be a self-protection mechanism of the brain.

I stood for a long time and my brain finally returned to work.

I thought clearly of what happened and murmured, “good. I can concentrate on design later. I’ll never have trouble again.”

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