Chapter 403 I forgot to breathe

At this time, I felt relieved.

When I walked out of the press conference, I saw Linda and Chloe standing outside.

As soon as Linda saw me, she came up and gave me a little push. She stared at me and asked, “how dare you go straight to my husband without my permission?”

“No, I…”

“You have only a few friends. If you didn’t ask him for help, who would help you!”

Linda interrupted me directly.

I immediately folded my hands and lowered my head and closed my eyes and apologized, “I’m sorry! I really just talked to your husband about business.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Linda pouted.

I didn’t look up and went on, “I promise I just went to his company and came out in ten minutes.”

“And then?”

“Then I got a phone call from the head of a PR company. We did nothing and said nothing else. I promise!”

Actually, I knew Linda wouldn’t be angry with me because of this.

She was angry that I didn’t tell her and didn’t treat her as a friend.

I lowered my head.

The atmosphere was quiet.

Chloe used to be a talker, but now she didn’t talk.

After about ten seconds, I finally heard Linda’s voice again, “if you do this again, we will break up! Do you take me as your partner?”

Did she forgive me?

I looked up. Linda didn’t look happy, but Chloe laughed, “I’m so scared!”

“I’m sorry.” I hugged Linda directly. “I don’t want you to worry. Fortunately Arthur and Wesley came here, or I would be miserable. I’m afraid you’ll be affected.”

“Then you should tell us. We have to be ready to run.” Linda said that on purpose.

I nodded solemnly, “yes, if it happens again, I will tell you in advance.”

“If it happens again, I’ll hit you!” Linda raised her hand and pretended to be angry. “You have to treat us to seafood!”

“No problem!”

I promised decisively.

Linda’s car was parked in the parking lot.

We went to the parking lot together. I was a little upset and looked around.

The others were almost gone. There was no one in the huge open space.

There were no cars on the side of the road.

I followed Linda and looked around carefully.

“What’s the matter?” Linda asked me.

I shook my head.

Wasn’t Sean here?

I thought he would come.

Was he angry?

I felt nervous and had a bad feeling. I thought Sean had an accident!

I looked at Linda. “I have to go home.”

Linda looked at me. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I… I… I’m going to see Sean.”

I said to her.

Linda frowned. “I’ll drive you.”

Linda sent me to Sherry’s house.

I came in and saw the house empty. His coat was not hanging at the door. His slippers were at the door.

He was not at home. Where did he go?

I called Sean quickly but there was no answer. After about a minute, I heard a hint.

“The telephone you dialed is not be answered for the moment, please redial later.”

Usually I didn’t care. Sean must be in a meeting.

But I was very upset today.

Linda came in and watched me holding the phone. She asked me, “what’s the matter? Can’t you get in touch with him?”

“Yes.” I turned my back to her and looked at the slippers on the ground. I knew he was in a hurry when he went out.

Chloe said behind me, “isn’t President Jessop busy? He is a president after all. He must be in a meeting.”

“Didn’t you tell him about the press conference?”

Linda finally realized it.

I still nodded.

Linda sighed, “Becky, sometimes you’re stupid. Sean is very kind to you. Why do you keep it from him?”

“I…” I turned. “I just don’t want to give him any trouble. I think I can solve it. If I told him, he would certainly help me. I am independent. I can’t be protected by him all the time, can I?”

“Are you thinking about something else?”

Linda frowned and looked at me.

Was I thinking about something else?

I didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Linda took my hand. “He could be a meeting. Don’t give it a second thought. Chloe is right. He is a president. He can’t be with you every day. He may not even know about the press conference.”

I knew what Linda said wouldn’t happen.

I remembered Sean’s face when I left.

He must know I was going to do something he didn’t know.

“Let’s go to lunch. I’m hungry.” Chloe was shouting.

I didn’t say anything. I followed them and left.

On the way, Chloe chose several seafood restaurants. I wanted to compensate Linda and Chloe. Actually, I wanted to thank Linda’s husband Scott indirectly. I chose the most expensive one.

The per capita consumption here was thousands of dollars.

When I chose it, Chloe was shocked. “Are we really going to this restaurant?”

“Yes!” Linda said, “if she’s poor, she’s motivated to work and not to think.”

“OK!” Chloe agreed.

This seafood restaurant was in the old center of York. It used to be very busy here.

It remained as it was then.

So the roads were narrow and one-way.

But this was where York’s upscale restaurants gather. The per capita consumption of restaurants here was very high and there were few boxes.

Today, because it was not a weekend and it was noon, we went here.

The car was in the middle of a narrow one-way street. I sat on the copilot and looked at the view along the street.

It was cold and there weren’t many people on the side of the road.

When the car turned, I saw two people standing in front of a white house.

A man and a woman.

When I looked at them, the woman raised her arm and put her arm around the man’s neck. She tiptoed and kissed him.

People loved to peep.

I couldn’t help looking at them all the time, but when the car passed them and I saw who they were, I felt like I had been stabbed in the heart by a knife.

I forgot to breathe.

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