Chapter 402 On the brink of collapse

Before I played the recording, I said nothing.

All the reporters were confused.

I was not surprised by their reaction. I said calmly, “you must be curious about what this is. I didn’t kill my mother. But my adoptive father, Marlin, killed his mother. This is the evidence that he killed his mother!”

The reporters were stunned and began to whisper.

Then I showed the news that Second Hospital had unqualified medical devices and told the reporters, “these medical devices were found to be unqualified, but my adoptive father colluded with Second Hospital’s then doctor, now vice president Wesley, and used it on my grandmother! That’s what my adoptive father did!”

“Do you have any evidence?”

Then someone finally asked me.

Others asked me, “recordings are easy to fake. We are journalists. Do you think we don’t even understand this?”

“Do you think we will believe you? Your report may also be false!”

I was directly scolded.

“Quiet!” At this point, Barbara said. Then she turned and asked me, “Miss Jones, is that all you have to say?”

Actually, I wanted to say something else.

I wanted Wesley to testify for me.

But he didn’t come!

I nodded helplessly and told Barbara, “yes.”

Barbara sympathized with me, but she turned around and told reporters, “it’s time for reporters to ask questions.”

It became a carnival for reporters!

Someone immediately asked me, “Miss Becky, what’s your mood when you want to kill your adoptive parents?”

“I just said…”

“We don’t believe it. Your evidence is not enough to prove that you didn’t do it.”

Because the case hadn’t been heard and the information couldn’t be disclosed, I didn’t know what to say for a while.

But it was just the beginning.

All the reporters began to ask me questions. They totally ignored my clarification and kept mentioning the rumors.

I explained at the beginning.

But they didn’t listen to me and their questions were getting trickier.

They asked me over and over what I thought when I killed my two sisters.

I was really on the verge of collapse.

I asked myself again and again in my heart what I should do.

When I was desperate and even wanted to escape, the door suddenly opened!

There were two people standing at the door.

Arthur and Wesley.

When I saw them, my dark heart suddenly had a little fire!

It was the light of hope!

The excited reporters turned around and looked at them.

I heard them whisper, “who are they?”

Neither of them spoke. Arthur strode in, but Wesley behind him was reluctant. He looked embarrassed and didn’t want to move.

At this point, Arthur turned around and took a look at him. Wesley shivered and walked toward the podium.

Arthur didn’t go on until Wesley came next to him.

Arthur went to the front and picked up a wireless microphone and said, “Hi, I’m Arthur. I’m the attorney in charge of this case.”

After his introduction, he took a U-disk out of the bag in his hand and plugged it into my laptop and said, “next I’ll show you some public evidence about it.”

Arthur opened a file in the laptop.

At this point, Barbara turned on the rear projector.

I saw a lot of pictures of police taking evidence, DNA test results and so on.

The reporters watched in silence and were speechless.

But someone asked, “how can we believe that this is true?”

Arthur sat up straight and sneered, “these are all provided by the police. If you question this, you are questioning the police’s fraud.”

The reporters were afraid to speak.

Arthur showed all the evidence and looked at the reporters. “Do you have any questions?”

The reporters looked at each other and didn’t speak.

At this point, Arthur looked at Wesley, “Wesley, it’s your turn.”

Wesley stood there and looked embarrassed.

Wesley was wearing a grey blue jacket and sweatpants and sneakers.

It seemed that he was forced to come here during the morning run.

When Arthur mentioned Wesley, the reporters knew who this man was!

All the cameras were on him!

Wesley lowered his head and clenched his fist. It was not hot at all in this conference room, but I could see clearly that Wesley had sweat on his forehead.

“Wesley?” Arthur shouted again and handed him the microphone he had just used.

This time Wesley finally moved.

He picked up the receiver and looked down. He opened his mouth and seemed determined and said, “I’m Wesley. I confirm that all that Becky just said is true.”

With that, he dropped the microphone and left.

His words were valid!

All the equipment just recorded it.

Because of Arthur and Wesley, I was safe.

I became relaxed. I said when I first returned to Carter Family, everyone was indifferent to me, but Sherry really treated me as her granddaughter and took care of me.

My tears couldn’t help but flow down.

When it was over, the reporters left. I caught up with Arthur. “Arthur, thank you so much today.”

“I just said what I know.”

Arthur stood there and there was no extra expression on his face.

Thinking of what happened before, I couldn’t help asking, “didn’t you say that Ming didn’t allow you to testify for me? Why do you…”

“Leave it alone.” He interrupted me directly. He raised his hand and looked at the watch on his wrist. “I have an appointment. I have to go first.”

Then he turned and walked to the gate.

I paid Barbara and used my cell phone to browse social networking sites.

Sure enough, after Arthur and Wesley appeared, reviews were changing.

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