Chapter 401 I lied to him

After dinner, Sean took me upstairs.

Although he wanted to have sex, I couldn’t concentrate. I was thinking about tomorrow’s press conference.

Sean also seemed to be aware of my absent mindedness. He didn’t force me. He just hugged me and asked me, “what’s the matter? Have you been upset lately?” He gave me a kiss, “don’t be afraid. Everything will be settled soon.”

At that time, I didn’t understand what he was talking about.

I just shrunk in his arms and nodded, “well, it will be solved soon.”

Later I learned that what he said was not the same as what I said.

I thought Sean would go to work the next morning as usual, but when I got up and dressed and put on light makeup and had breakfast in the dining room, I saw him still wearing a housecoat.

I looked at him and froze. “Don’t you go to work today?”

He nodded and said, “I want to be with you.”

I was sure I would be happy when he said that, but I wasn’t today.

I was going to a press conference today. I wanted to clarify for myself. Although this press conference had not been released on the Internet for the time being, once it started, it would be broadcast live and advertised, and naturally people would pay attention to it.

I had planned for several days. I couldn’t just give up!

He saw that I was dressed up, so he asked me, “are you going to the studio?”

I opened my mouth and hesitated and nodded, “yes, I have an appointment with Linda today. I’m going out in the morning.”

Just one morning!

If Sean blamed me when I got back, the press conference was over. He couldn’t do anything.

He stood at the corner of the stairs and looked at me. There was a little hesitation in his eyes. He didn’t speak for a long time. After a while, he said, “OK, you can go.”

On the surface, he didn’t break my lies.

But I sat at the table and looked up at him. The more he was like this, the more flustered I was.

I knew he doubted me.

But even so, I had to do it. I had to rely on my own ability to solve my own crisis. I couldn’t hide under his wings all the time.

After breakfast, I put on my shoes and took my laptop to go out. Sean took me to the door.

He said nothing today. He just gave me a big hug, and then he turned away.

I stood at the door and felt depressed.

Maybe I shouldn’t have kept it from him.

But I didn’t have time to think. I took a taxi to the scene of the press conference.

By the time I arrived, it had been set up.

Barbara and several other people from Aohui PR were there, but the reporters were outside.

When I arrived, Barbara came up and asked me seriously, “are you ready? You will be on your own later. No one can help you.”

“I know.”

I nodded.

To tell the truth, I was terrified.

Soon I was going to face the cameras and questions of the reporters. Was I ready?

The truth was I was not ready.

But I had no way out. I could only help myself.

I put my laptop down and got everything ready, and then I looked at the time in the lower right corner of the computer.

The press conference starts at 10 o’clock.

Reporters would be here from 9:30.

Now it was five minutes before the reporters came in.

I sat there and watched the time. I was getting nervous and my palms were even sweating.

At this time, my heart even began to regret. I should have told Sean. Maybe he could help me. He must be more experienced in such a situation.

But soon I got rid of it.

Time flied.

Finally, it was 9:30.

A lot of reporters came in. Because the seats were all pasted with the names of the media, they didn’t grab the seats and took their seats.

Then the photographers were putting the equipment.

I thought that although Barbara invited them, they might not come, but I didn’t expect that they all came.

But it was normal. I was a network celebrity now. If they interviewed me, their popularity would increase. Who would have missed such a good chance?

The reporters were all seated 30 minutes before the press conference.

There was a live broadcast on the Internet. Barbara gave me a web address. I saw that the number of people watching online is gradually increasing.

Thousands of people were watching the live broadcast.

Wesley didn’t show up.

I didn’t know if he would come, but I could only bet.

When I looked away from the computer screen, I saw the reporters looking at me. Everyone had different eyes.

Some people seemed to be waiting for me to make a fool of myself. Some people seemed to be trying to make fun of me.

It made me understand better. I wouldn’t be too relaxed later.

In order not to let them see my cowardice, I straightened up and calmed down.

It was finally 10 o’olock.

But Wesley hadn’t appeared yet.

Barbara went to the front and sat down and said, “welcome to this press conference.”

After that, she briefly introduced me and the purpose of today’s press conference.

I said, “Hello, I’m Becky and June.”

I didn’t want to hide my identity anymore.

At this time, the reporters’ faces were mocking.

They seemed to want to embarrass me when they asked questions later.

Even if Wesley didn’t come, I would keep this press conference going.

I clenched my fist and began to say to the microphone in front of me, “there have been a lot of rumors about me on the Internet recently. Most of them are fake. It’s true that Inez and Marlin are my adoptive parents.

I was not going to respond, but it’s hurting my family and affecting my normal life. I can only hold this press conference.”

The reporters’ faces remained the same.

I didn’t care and went on, “first I want to make it clear that I didn’t hit Marlin and Inez and set them up for jail.”

With that, I took out my injury examination report.

Then I said something about Molly.

Then I started talking about Cindy. I went to the police station nearby to explain the situation and begged them and got the surveillance video.

I did it while I was waiting for Wesley’s reply.

I clarified every rumor and listed the evidence to prove my innocence.

Wesley didn’t show up after I finished, but I didn’t care.

I chose to play the recording he gave me.

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