Chapter 400 He was back

It was a recording.

I downloaded it and listened to it. Marlin was talking to him about it.

Marlin was pretending to be miserable, “my mother’s life is almost over. She told me that if she can’t move in bed one day, she doesn’t want to live. She doesn’t want to live like this. I just respect her will.”

I clenched my fist!

He just wanted the money!

Now I had evidence. I wanted to make the most of it now!

What should I do?

Of course I had to have a press conference!

Once I had a press conference, Linda would know about it, and I had to ask Scott to help me.

I wanted to avoid Linda and not let her know in advance. I took a taxi to Scott’s media company.

Fortunately, the company didn’t need to register like the Giant group.

I went upstairs.

Scott was in a meeting. I waited for him outside. About half an hour later, Scott came back.

When he saw me, he froze and asked me, “Miss Jones, what can I do for you?”

I nodded.

Scott invited me to his office. I told him my intention and told him that I would hold a press conference early tomorrow morning.

Scott frowned. “I can help you, but have you discussed it with President Jessop?”

“I don’t want him to know.”

I said firmly.

I chose tomorrow to do it before Sean came back. If there were no accidents, Sean might be back the day after tomorrow.

Scott didn’t dare to promise me.

To get him to agree, I said, “Scott, I want to avoid Linda. I don’t want to cause trouble to anyone. You just need to tell me what to do. I’ll do it myself.”

Scott looked at me and hesitated for a long time. He opened a drawer and took out a card holder from it. He rummaged for a while and gave me a business card. “Go to her and mention my name. She will help you.”

I took the card and saw a name on it, Barbara. She was a manager.

It said Aohui PR below.

When I left, I reminded Scott again not to tell anyone about it, including Linda.

Scott was reluctant but he agreed.

I left Scott’s company and immediately took a taxi to Aohui PR.

When I stood downstairs, I saw this magnificent PR company and immediately felt that it was professional.

After entering the PR company, I explained my intention, and soon I met Barbara.

She seemed to be about my age. She had short hair and looked clean.

I explained my intention to her and told her what I had.

Barbara immediately gave me advice and told me what to do and what I needed. She made a list and asked me to prepare.

After that, she helped me to publish the news in their special media group.

When everything was done, I said goodbye to her and went back to Sherry’s house.

Barbara said the most important thing about the press conference was that Wesley had to testify in person.

I emailed Wesley and told him the time and place of tomorrow’s press conference. I said, “please make your choice.”

I knew he would understand.

“Happy broken pupa, gorgeous new impulse…”

No sooner had I finished sending Wesley a message than my cell phone rang. I looked down and saw Sean call me.

Sean and I seemed to have been out of touch for a long time.

I had been thinking about Wesley for a while and even forgotten about him.

I picked up the phone and heard Sean’s concern, “have you had dinner?”

I took a look at my watch. It was over seven.

I should have had dinner. To keep him from worrying, I replied, “yes.”

“Where did you have dinner?”

“I cook at home.”

I replied as I usually said.

“You’re lying to me.”

He said decisively.

I was stunned. I didn’t think I have any flaws. I asked him, “how do you know?”

The next second, I heard him answer, “because I’m at the door. Open the door for me.”

When I heard Sean, I panicked!

Why did he come back early?

But then he hung up. My heart was pounding. I was afraid he would know I was going to hold a press conference privately tomorrow.

I was afraid he would blame me for not telling him about Wesley.

My mood was very complicated.

But he was at the door.

I went downstairs and opened the door. Sean stood at the door and was wearing only a thin suit. His hair was messy and his eyes were bloodshot and he had dark circles.

He had packed food in his hand.

He got off the plane and hurried over.

I looked at him and felt guilty. I felt like I shouldn’t keep it from him.

At least I should tell him.

But now I didn’t even have the courage to say it.

Sean entered the house and placed his food on the table. He held me in his arms and put his chin on my shoulder. He said to me in a low, soft voice, “honey, I miss you so much. It took me five days to finish seven days’ work and I want to come back to see you.”

I hugged him. “You don’t have to work so hard.”

“But I miss you.” His thin lips kissed my neck but he soon stopped. He said, “although I wish I could have you right away, I’d better have dinner first.”

He straightened up and turned around and set the food on the table.

When the box was opened, I saw that the food was still hot.

The smell of food soon spread in the room.

“Come on.”

I looked at Sean at the table and felt sad.

It was strange. He was by my side but I felt that way.

I smiled bitterly in my heart. I felt like I became sentimental lately.

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