Chapter 399 Didn’t you expect it to be exposed?

He replied, “when.”

I looked at my watch. It was more than five o’clock. I couldn’t do it today. I told him, “11 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

Tomorrow was the weekend.

There would be a lot of people there.

Even if Wesley wanted to do something, he couldn’t do it.

This time, Wesley didn’t email again.

The next morning, I put on my casual clothes and went to the appointed fast food restaurant.

At 11 o’clock, there were not many people in the fast food restaurant. When I went in, I saw that Wesley had arrived.

He sat alone in the corner. I turned on the recording function of my mobile phone and walked over.

I said nothing and sat down.

Wesley was stunned when he saw me. He immediately smiled bitterly, “people can’t be greedy.”

“Wesley, you remember me.”

His expression made me immediately realize that he remembered me.

In other words, he was impressed by what he had done.

“Of course.” Wesley put his hands together and said helplessly, “I’ve been tossing and turning these days. I can’t sleep every day. I was thinking about who you are. At last I thought only of it.”

“Really?” I teased him, “it seems that you didn’t do much wrong. You can think of it at random.”

In fact, I knew that Wesley didn’t recognize me because he didn’t do much wrong. He learned my identity through the recent news on the Internet.

He guessed that I might be looking for him.

Wesley didn’t answer and just asked me, “what do you want me to do?”

“You need to expose what you did.”

I said lightly.

Wesley’s face turned pale. He immediately shook his head. “No way! My career will be ruined!”

“What do you think will happen if you are exposed cheating on the dean’s wife and making a fortune from it?” I sat there and stared at him.

I was resentful!

Wesley didn’t deserve to be a doctor! He did such a thing for money!

Wesley didn’t dare look at me at all. He was guilty.

He lowered his head and didn’t speak.

It was a difficult decision for him.

I looked at him and asked lightly, “haven’t you decided yet? I am afraid that l have to go. We can meet again when you decide.”

I was going to get up.

“Wait!” Wesley stopped me.

I looked back at him and smiled, “you decided, huh?”

Wesley said painfully, “I really can’t do it. Once I say it, my life will be ruined. I can only be a doctor. Now you let me ruin my future. What can I do?”

“When you were doing these things, didn’t you expect it to be exposed?”

I asked him in a low voice.

Even so, people around us were looking at us.

I sat down.

Wesley looked at me and said painfully, “I know I did it wrong. My child was ill and I needed money. I had no choice…”

“Don’t try to shake me. My grandma is very poor, too.” I looked at Wesley coldly, “if you want to complain to me today, I have no time to listen.”

I was afraid Wesley would refuse. To be honest, this was really my best chance now.

I thought about it and said to him, “Marlin is going to be sentenced because he was going to kill me for the house my grandma gave me. I did almost die. So you can blame him directly.”


Wesley was still hesitating.

I thought about it and asked him, “do you have any evidence?”


“Were you not afraid that Marlin would kill you? Don’t you have any evidence?”

In fact, I just asked casually.

But Wesley looked at me and was surprised. Soon he nodded seriously.

I was shocked.

I suppressed my excitement, “what is it?”

In fact, if Wesley had no evidence, his testimony would be useless.

I needed someone to testify for me, or some evidence he had.

Wesley looked embarrassed. “Actually, I recorded.”

Ha ha, recording was very useful.

I felt relieved. I put my hands on the table and asked him seriously, “you are found cheating with the dean’s wife and become the Vice Dean through it or you have done a wrong thing for your children, which is more terrible?”

Actually, I thought they were similar.

But the latter seemed better.

Wesley looked at me and didn’t answer. He asked reluctantly, “how many videos and recordings do you have? Where did you get them?”

“I have four.” I thought about it and said, “someone owes me so he compensates me with them.”

“What?” Wesley didn’t expect it. “Who is it? Is there something wrong with my phone?”

“I don’t know.”

I said lightly.

But I believed that someone around Ming had this technology.

It was not a big deal for him to locate other people’s mobile phones and get information from them.

Wesley took his cell phone out and looked at it carefully and suddenly thought of something. His eyes enlarged and he asked me, “did you record today?”


I nodded and didn’t cheat him.

Wesley said painfully, “I see.”

“It’s OK. I’ll give you three days to think about it. During this period, I will put these four videos on the Internet. If you don’t reply to me or I’m missing in three days, these videos will be sent to all social platforms.”

I used this lie last time and it worked.

So I used it this time.

Obviously, Wesley believed it.

I just wanted to prevent myself from being killed by him.

I couldn’t die. I had to be with Lester.

Wesley lowered his head and didn’t speak. I didn’t force him. I got up and left.

When I went out, I got a call from Linda. She told me there were too few scandals before. I could find someone to look for it in the future.

I thanked her and told her I had it.

I didn’t want her involved.

After all, Wesley didn’t want to give up his future. I was afraid he would do terrible things, so I couldn’t let anyone be involved.

Wesley didn’t let me wait three days.

The day after we met, he contacted me. This time, it was an email from his personal mailbox.

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