Chapter 190 What are you doing here

It was Jessica?

Ryan stiffened and then turned his head to look round. He saw her charming face and her eyes were so bright that they made one’s mood lighten.

But his mood just lightened for a moment, and then sank again.

“What are you doing here?” He turned his head again, with his back to her, whose voice was cold.

She moved up to him at a slow pace, put the cushion beside him, patted it, and said with great ingratiation, “Take this cushion, Ryan.”

She should have thought of the consequence when she told grandpa. Why she came here now to please him deliberately?

Ryan curled his lip and said, “I don’t need it.”

“It’s hard to explain such an obvious cushion when grandpa sees it.” Jessica sat down on the cushion with a sad face and continued to suggest, “Ryan, how about I keep watch for you? When I see grandpa, I will cough, and then you can go on your knees again, so…”

“Get out!” Ryan interrupted her directly with indifference.


Jessica looked at the cushion under her buttocks and then looked at Ryan, who was kneeling upright. She had a guiltier look on her face.

Ryan was influential outside, but he was made to kneel as a punishment by grandpa because of her. It was normal for him to hate her.

Jessica bit her lip, held the cushion, and walked out dejectedly. When she reached the door, she stopped and explained sadly, “I’m sorry, brother. I didn’t realize that grandpa would come out suddenly when I told my sister-in-law that you take drugs…”

She didn’t mean to tell grandpa.

The anger in Ryan’s eyes dissipated. At the sound of the doorknob turning, he said in a cool voice, “Since you didn’t mean to, why do you take the cushion here?”

She offered to keep watch for him. Did she care about him? Was she not afraid that grandpa would be angry with her if he found?

“Whether it’s intentional or not, I’m the one who got you punished. I’d feel guilty if I didn’t help at all.” And Ryan had helped her a lot.

Because of guilt, not concern. Ryan dropped his eyes, blue veins standing out on the back of his hands.

Jessica did not notice the change in him at all, but continued, “Ryan, have you changed your mind and agreed to let me keep watch for you?”

“No! Get out!” Ryan lowered his head. His face was reflected in the floor, which looked vague but obviously unhappy.

Jessica’s bright eyes darkened. She just said “Well”, and without daring to say anything more, she opened the door and went out.

It seemed that Ryan was very angry that he had been punished because of her. But he was not to blame. She would also have been angry if the same thing happened to her.

Well, what should she do?

Jessica lowered her head to think about things and accidentally bumped into someone. She apologized quickly. “I’m sorry, I…”

When she looked up, she found that it was her grandfather, and Ronald was standing behind him. She became mute all of a sudden.

The grandfather had watched Jessica come out of the study. He frowned and said, “Jessica, what were you doing in the study?”

Ronald stood beside him, also deliberately making a look of surprise, but with unnoticeable smiles in his amber eyes.

“I… I went to the study to see my brother.” Jessica hung her head, who did not find her eldest brother’s bad interest at all.

Hearing that, the grandfather frowned even more tightly. He wanted to ask her something, but he was too embarrassed to say it, and felt that, as her grandfather, he was not the right person to ask.

But Ronald, who was beside him, took his place very kindly. “You come to the study to see Ryan? Jessica, do you really…have an affair with Ryan?”

The grandfather also looked at Jessica, waiting for her to answer.

Being stared at by two people at the same time, Jessica had a feeling of being questioned and was bewildered. Her face turned red and she was eager to explain, “I…”

Ronald said gently, “Don’t worry, just speak slowly. Grandpa and I are not pedantic people. You are not related to Ryan by blood, so it doesn’t matter if you do fall in love.”

As for Mrs. Jones, I can also apologize to them for you and Ryan. It’s no big deal.”

Jessica could not believe what they said, because her grandmother’s attitude really had frightened her. And indeed there was no affair between her and Ryan.

Fearing that Ronald and the grandfather might misunderstand her, she hurriedly replied, “I really don’t have any affair with Ryan! I feel guilty because I’ve got Ryan into trouble. And that’s why I went to the study and wanted to help Ryan!”

The grandfather did not answer immediately, but looked at Ronald.

Ronald said unhurriedly, “Jessica, don’t panic. Grandpa and I don’t mean to blame you. In fact, we just want to ask, does Ryan like you?”

Her eldest brother asked her, if her elder brother… liked her?

What the hell was that?

Jessica was stunned for a moment, and then said with mixed emotions, “Are you kidding me, Ronald? Ryan always keeps a straight face at me and gets angry with me easily. Just now he threw a fit at me when I gave him a cushion. Is there anyone who does that to his sweetheart?”

Of course, his brother, Ryan was. Ronald smiled and was about to speak, but Jessica said ahead of him.

“When primary school students chase girls, they know they have to be kind and considerate to their beloved female classmates, let alone Ryan who is an experienced businessman. Ryan is not stupid. If he liked me, how could he always be so mean to me? Isn’t he insane, then?”

Jessica sighed and concluded, “If Ryan didn’t hate me, I would be so grateful. Ronald, you must not have those crazy ideas any more. If grandma hears you, she’ll be angry with me about that again.”

As for what Jeffrey talked to Ryan in the office, she didn’t take it to heart at all.

She was sure that it was because her brother was hallucinating after taking drugs. It was not worth mentioning.

Ronald thought that there were very few things that could affect his mood, but when he saw Jessica contradict so seriously, he could not suppress a twitch at the corner of his mouth.

It was so pathetic that Ryan fell in love with such a insensitive woman.

And the grandfather didn’t think much about it. After Jessica denied that, he didn’t continue the topic and said, waving his hand, “Ok, there is nothing else. You can go and find your sister-in-law.”

“Then Ryan…”

“He’s my grandson. Will I harm him?” The grandfather glared at her.

Jessica was still worried. Seeing that, Ronald leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Don’t worry, I will intercede for Ryan.”

“Ronald, you must keep your word!”

“When did I break my word? Huh?”

Well, he didn’t. Jessica was reluctantly relieved, and then she said goodbye to the two and went down to find Vivian. She hadn’t seen her sister-in-law for almost a year, and she had a lot to say.

During the chat, she also sent Ronald several messages asking him what was going on over there. But Ronald only replied, “The little girl worries about nothing.” and stopped replying.

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