Chapter 189 How did grandpa know about all this

Never expecting the grandfather to say that, Ryan’s pupils contracted and his fingers curled together.

How did grandpa know about all this?

His Adam’s apple moved up and down and suddenly there was a feeling of tightness in his chest, “Jessica… told you that?”

“You don’t have to know who told me. You just have to answer!” The grandfather stared at him with a stern and cold face.

Although the grandfather did not answer directly, Ryan had almost guessed the answer.

He realized when he thought about it. Only the two of them knew about it. If she didn’t say it, who else could have said it? Well, she knew how much grandpa hated people who took drugs, but she still told him. She didn’t care what would happen to him at all.

Ryan clenched his fist, his eyes full of self-mockery. “Yes.”

Yes? He actually said yes?

Although the grandfather asked such a question, he did not expect him to admit it. He looked at him in disbelief, and his eyes became bloodshot gradually.

From the moment he took Jessica home, he told his two grandsons that he did not care what they did, but that they must not take drugs, or he would drive them out of the house.

As a result, his second grandson did!

Ryan did not take Jessica’s birth parents’ death seriously? Or just ignored his words?

“You…!” As the grandfather gasped like a battered bellows, he grabbed a cup from the desk and started to throw it at Ryan. But as the glass slipped from his hand, he deliberately changed its direction.


The cup fell to the left side of Ryan’s body and broke into pieces. A ringing sound exploded in his ears, but he didn’t even bat an eyelid.

Grandpa had said before that even if he was with Jessica, he would not object. But grandpa had never publicly admitted it, and he did not know whether his grandpa’s words were true or false.

He would rather be kicked out of the family by his grandfather for “taking drugs” than put his beloved Jessica at risk of being blamed.

Seeing him so obstinate, the grandfather had lost patience with him. “How many times have I told you how harmful those things are to body and spirit?”

“Now, tell me, what on earth were you thinking? Why did you take them? Are you crazy?”

Ryan hung his head and his voice was calm. “I felt a little bored, so I tried. Then… It’s addictive, you know.”

At the end of his words,


The grandfather slapped his face hard, whose eyes were red with anger. “How many times have I told you not to take, and if you do, I’ll drive you out… Are you going to piss me off? ?”

Ryan dropped his eyes. Thick lashes covered the look in his eyes. The side of his face that had been slapped was burning. He wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and just stood still, not contradicting.

If he defended himself, the grandfather was willing to believe.

But seeing that he kept silent, the grandfather felt anger rising inside her. He really wanted to drive this unworthy descendant out of his family!

“Kneel down, right here, and don’t get up without my command!”

He shouted angrily and then went out of the study. He was afraid that if he stayed here any longer he would be tempted to kick his grandson out.

“Grandpa, slow down and watch your step.” Ronald glanced at Ryan thoughtfully. He looked even more interested and wasn’t worried at all. His brother, who was always cold, seemed to have a special relationship with Jessica.

He tutted, pushed his glasses and followed the grandfather out of the study, closing the door behind him.

Suddenly there was only Ryan kneeling in the study. He looked down at the ground below him and smiled sarcastically.

Jessica already had a crush on someone else and was going to get engaged with the man, but he still cared about her. He must owe her too much in the preexistence.

Ronald caught up with the grandfather soon after he went out of the room. He called gently, “Grandpa.”

“What? Are you going to intercede again for your brother?” The grandfather was so angry that he even got angry with his eldest grandson.

Ronald was not annoyed, but just smiled. “He keeps a straight face to me all the year round. Why should I intercede for him?”

As a big brother, he couldn’t even intercede for his younger brother. How could he call himself a big brother? The grandfather snorted heavily and continued to go downstairs with a livid face.

Ronald shook his head and called helplessly, “Grandpa.”

Instead of answering, the grandfather, who was walking ahead, walked faster. Ronald could only walk a few steps quickly to keep up with the grandfather. “Do you really think Ryan would take drugs?”

“I don’t think it matters. Doesn’t he admit it himself?” The grandfather said so, but he slowed his pace.

Ryan was not surprised at the grandfather’s attitude. He suppressed a smile, and said in a soft voice, “Then let me plead for him as a brother. Please give him a chance. Even if he admitted it, please give him a urinalysis.”

The grandfather did not agree immediately, but looked at him angrily.

“Please, grandpa.” Ronald said again.

The grandfather coughed gently. “Now that you have interceded for him, just do it.”

“Thanks, grandpa.”


After the grandfather left angrily, Ronald kneaded between the eyebrows helplessly and looked at the corner of a piece of clothing sticking out from behind the screen at a short distance. “Little girl, stop hiding and come out.”

“Haha.” Jessica came out from behind the screen somewhat bashful, flattering fulsomely, “I hid here so many times, but only you found me. You’re so clever!”

Ronald poked her in the head. “You hide here every time. You should be surprised if I didn’t find you.”

“I don’t care. It’s all because you are clever!” She praised him sweetly for a while, and then asked casually, “Ronald, what did you say … in the study?”

“It’s nothing, but grandpa found Ryan taking drugs and let him to kneel as a punishment.”

Jeez, it was because of that!

Jessica clutched her clothes nervously. “I… I see. I’ve got stuff to do. I gotta go.”


Jessica ran upstairs in haste. She ran up four steps and then looked round. Seeing Ronald had already turned and entered the kitchen, she continued to run upstairs at ease.

Ronald and grandfather were on the same side, so she couldn’t let her eldest brother know she was going to help Ryan.

But she didn’t see it. When she turned around again and went upstairs, Ronald came out of the kitchen, watching her back with great interest and gave a chuckle.

Jessica also had her own room in the old house, so she returned to her room to take a thick cushion before sneaking into the study.

Ryan knelt with his back to her. He didn’t seem to care who was coming in. Even when he heard the noise, he didn’t turn his head to look.

“Ryan.” Jessica closed the door softly and called him in a small voice.

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