Chapter 188 Let’s talk about marriage later

“It doesn’t matter. I always stay at home, so I’m glad to hear what’s going on outside. Go on, Ryan. What happened later?” Said Mrs. Jones kindly.

Ryan took a sip of tea and ignored his grandmother’s sullen face, saying, “The CEO of the company asked me to meet with the scriptwriter. He said he was very fond of the Howard group and that the company was having trouble making ends meet and might have to lay some people off.”

“Then he asked the scriptwriter in front of the personnel manager if he wanted to sell me the script.”

He put down his teacup, glanced at Jessica, and added drily, “The CEO also said that he would abide by the scriptwrter’s decision and would never interfere with his choice.”

The grandmother also said that she would not interfere with Jessica’s choice, but she kept saying that she was very pleased with Chris and even invited Mrs. Jones’s family to come and talk about the marriage on Lunar New Year’s Eve without informing Jessica.

Jessica’s situation was similar to what he described as a top scriptwriter, both of whom were forced to do what they didn’t want to.

There was a silence in the living room.

Even Jessica who didn’t have a nimble mind knew that he was talking in a roundabout way about her marriage to Little Bully, let alone anyone else.

“Ryan, you… you are really…” The grandmother’s face changed, with disappointment and anger on her wrinkled face.

Ryan turned a blind eye to this and just looked at Mrs. Jones. Whether she disliked him or hated him, he would not let her get engaged to Chris.

Before Mrs. Jones could answer, Chris stood up irritably, and said, “Grandma, I am still a child, and it would be too early to get married and have children. It will ruin my career! Let’s talk about the marriage later!”

He took glance at Jessica.

Jessica didn’t seem to want to get married, and he was not going to force her! He didn’t need Ryan, a nuisance, to be a persuader for her!

Chris gave a snort, and went out in a tearing hurry with his hands in his pockets.

When passing by Jessica, he leaned close to Jessica’s ear and said sourly, “Remember, you owe me another favor!”

He left when he finished speaking.

Little Bully did a great job today! Jessica’s eyes were bright and she was inwardly excited.

Thanks to her brother and Little Bully, she wouldn’t be forced to set a wedding date today! Happy!

Ryan’s eyes darkened as he saw Jessica looked eagerly in the direction Chris had left. Then he withdrew his eyes with a wry smile on his lips.

She was disappointed as expected.

The others did not notice the atmosphere between the two people.

Mrs. Jones stood up and said slowly and guiltily, “Even though Chris is an adult, he always changes his mind easily like a kid. I apologize for him. But the boy’s right. We’re too eager.”

The grandmother frowned and was about to speak, but Mrs. Jones said ahead of her, “We are so busy during the Spring Festival. Getting married is not a snap decision either. Think of it as an early New Year visit from our family today. All the other trifles will wait until after the year.”

The boy, Ryan spoke in a roundabout way, but she understood him very well and she thought it made sense.

They were pushing Chris and Jessica a little too hard right now.

“Yes, we’re too busy during the Spring Festival. It’s better to discuss their marriage after the Spring Festival.” The grandmother managed to force a smile and walked them out with her family members.

While the grandmother was away, Jessica hurriedly went to thank Ryan. Had it not been for him, she would surely have been forced to fix the wedding date today.

“Ryan, this time…”

When she spoke, Ryan cut in with a cold face. “Are you going to blame me for ruining your marriage?”

When Chris was leaving, her eyes were almost glued to him. The date of their marriage had not been fixed this time, so she must have hated him!

Jessica was confused.

But Ryan thought she tacitly admitted it. His wry smile widened. “It’s no use crying over spilt milk. If you’re really in a hurry to get married, why don’t you go and find Mrs. Jones now? Maybe you can catch up with her.”

Well, what was he talking about? She was extremely grateful to Ryan. How could she blame him?

Jessica said eagerly, “I…”

“Ryan, come with me to the study.” The grandfather, who had returned after he had walked those people out, interrupted her, staring at Ryan with a sullen face.

Oh my God, was grandpa going to talk to Ryan about taking drugs? After all he had helped her for so many times. It was wicked of her to get him into trouble!

Jessica was guilty and flustered. She hastened to say, “I’ll go, too!”

If she went with them, at least she could plead with grandpa. Grandpa was always so kind to her.

But as soon as she finished saying, she heard them answer in the negative.

“You don’t need to.”

“You must not come!”

Ryan and the grandfather spoke one after another, all resolutely. Jessica still wanted to say something but Vivian stopped her. “We haven’t seen each other for so long. Just stay here and talk to me.”

“Well, listen to your sister-in-law.” Ronald rubbed her head and said gently, “I’ll go up and have a look.”

“…OK.” Jessica was ordered not to go and had no choice but to agree.

Ronald said, “Good girl”. And then followed Ryan and the grandfather slowly up the stairs. He looked at the backs of the two men in front of him and pushed his rimless glasses, his lips curving.

It was interesting.

After Ryan entered the study, he ignored Ronald who was smiling and was about to close the door with a cold face. However, the grandfather scolded him, “Did you see your elder brother still standing at the door?”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m the eldest brother. I’ll have to excuse him. Hey, Ryan, move.” Ronald walked past Ryan and slapped him on the back. “Close the door, what are you doing?”

Ryan closed the door with a sullen face and looked at Ronald with cold eyes.

A few months ago, he found that there was something wrong with the overseas branch office. Under the guise of dealing with things for Jessica, he called two of the most trusted old lawyers and asked them to be responsible for the investigation.

But until now, they hadn’t found anything out about it yet.

Ronald didn’t seem to notice that and sat down on the sofa with a smile.

Ryan’s eyes darkened and his lips tightened.

The grandfather was not aware of the atmosphere between his two grandchildren. All he thought about was the conversation between Jessica and Vivian. When Ryan came in, he shouted straight to the point, “Ryan, have you taken the drugs?”

Ryan was confused when he was asked such a question suddenly and didn’t answer.

He did not know why the grandfather had suddenly asked this question.

But he didn’t have to guess, and the grandfather continued, “When you were…”

He couldn’t really say anything like force a kiss or kiss. He flushed and said after a long silence, “When you were doing those intimate things to Jessica, were you hallucinating from drugs?

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