Chapter 187 we don’t need any formality among us

Jessica didn’t expect she would say that. She had put the blame on Ryan. Ryan had helped her so many times that it was ungrateful of her to do that.

She bit her lip and was about to explain when Vivian tugged at the corner of her clothes and motioned to her not to say.

“Trust me.” Vivian said under her breath.

Jessica clutched her clothes. She should have been more careful when she talked to her sister-in-law just now, so that things would not develop into such a situation.

The grandfather’s face went pale and red which was more colorful than a palette. He seemed to be shocked at the news. It took him a long time to recover, and he turned around and walked into the living room, looking very upset.

“Vivian…” Jessica felt uneasy.

Vivian comforted her in a soft voice, “It’s Ok. Let’s go and see.”

While Jessica was away, quite a few people came into the living room. In addition to her family members, there was Mrs. Jones, and a lot of people she didn’t know.

Chris was there too, looking a little uneasy. He glanced quickly at her as she entered, and then looked away.

But Jessica did not look at him. As soon as she came in, she looked at Ryan who was sitting in the back. As he looked up, their eyes met, and she moved guiltily away, looking down at the ground.

In the presence of so many outsiders, grandpa should not say the matter of her brother for a while. It could be stalled for a while.

“I haven’t seen you for a while, but you are getting more and more beautiful. Come here, sit down and let me have a good look at you.” Mrs. Jones waved happily at her.

It was during the Chinese New Year, what was going on here…

Jessica complained inwardly, but she still walked up to her obediently and said in a sweet voice, “Happy new year, Mrs. Jones.”

“Hi, happy New Year.” Grandma answered happily, took the bracelet off her hand, and put it on her wrist.

Ryan saw that happen. He frowned and stared at Jessica with his sullen eyes.

“Mrs. Jones, I can’t accept such a valuable thing!” Jessica felt very sorry for cheating such a kind old man. She quickly took off the priceless jade bracelet and wanted to return it.

But Mrs. Jones did not want to take it back. She just waved her hand and said indifferently, “Anyway, we will be a family in the future, and it does not matter whether it is expensive or not. Think of it as a New Year’s gift for you.”

Jessica still wanted to refuse, but her grandmother said before she could, “Since Mrs. Jones has given it to you, you can keep it. We wanted to book a date for you and Chris today, so we don’t need any formality among us.”

“Yes, yes, your grandmother’s right. This jade bracelet is for our daughter-in-law. We have to give it to you sooner or later.” Mrs. Jones continued the conversation pleasantly.

But her good attitude made Jessica feel more guilty.

She was just playing lovers with Little Bully to cheat the elders, so she couldn’t take the bracelet, “Mrs. Jones, I…”

As soon as she spoke, the grandmother interrupted her aggressively, “On such a happy day as the Spring Festival, the marriage of the two children will be decided, which is even more exciting.”

As she spoke, her eyes flicked across Jessica’s face with a hint of veiled warning.

All of a sudden, Jessica was like a fowl whose neck was grabbed. Her face turned red gradually and she couldn’t utter a word.

Mrs. Jones nodded repeatedly, who was obviously satisfied with what the grandmother had said. “By the way, Jessica, what were you going to say?”

What was she trying to say? What could she say? According to her grandmother’s attitude, if she said she didn’t want to get married for the time being, her grandmother would kick her out of the house.

Jessica’s mouth was slightly open and her throat seemed to be blocked.


The sound of the cup colliding with the table was unusually clear and loud in the silence.

Subconsciously, everyone looked in the direction of the voice, and saw Ryan stand up with indistinct emotions on his face.

Seeing that, Jessica was strangely relieved. Even without knowing what he would do next, she felt instinctively reassured.

On the contrary, the grandmother had a bad feeling when she saw Ryan standing up. She kept winking at him to keep him quiet.

But he was smoothing out the creases which didn’t exist in his clothes and didn’t look at her at all.

He couldn’t stand by and see Jessica marry another man.

“Ryan, you…” Mrs. Jones looked at him in a little surprise.

Ryan turned his head to look at her and sat down again with his long legs crossed. What he said was of no importance. “A couple of days ago, a very interesting thing happened in the negotiation.”

Why did Ryan suddenly say something about business? Jessica was curious, but she just stood still and did not interrupt rashly.

Mrs. Jones smiled politely and said, “Since it is interesting, why don’t you say it and we’ll listen to it.”

But the grandmother was not happy about that. “Why do you talk about business during the Spring Festival? Let’s go on about Jessica and Chris’s marriage, they…”

To tell the truth, as soon as the grandmother spoke, Jessica felt a little nervous, especially when she wanted to talk about the marriage again.

Fortunately, Mrs. Jones interrupted smilingly, “We can talk about the marriage later. There is no hurry.”

Since Mrs. Jones had said that, she could do say more but give up. She frowned at Ryan and signalled him to stop before going too far and not to do anything that would embarrass the two families.

Then Jessica breathed a sigh of relief and shot Ryan a sidelong glance unnoticeably.

Ryan was supposed to help her…right ?

Ryan put on a false smile. “I went to the office of a film company to negotiate with one of their top scriptwriters. After talking with me, the scriptwriter didn’t agree to give the Howard group his script because he thought that I had not read his book and that I was not sincere enough.”

The projects he negotiated were usually worth at least hundreds of millions of dollars. How could he do such a little matter himself?

As soon as Jessica heard it, she knew it was made up, not to mention Mrs. Jones who was in a old age.

But Mrs. Jones was still smiling, as if she didn’t realize it was just a lie. “That scriptwriter was funny. The Howard group is so powerful that many people ask for cooperation, but he refused. He is a real personality.”

Ryan nodded his head slightly and insinuated, “Good doesn’t necessarily mean right.”

“It is. A gifted man and a beautiful woman may seem like a match, but if they don’t like each other, it’s not necessarily good to force them into a couple.” Mrs. Jones nodded and said.

Jessica was confused at first, but now she understood.

Her brother meant that she and Chris were good, but not necessarily suitable for each other.

It was really hard to get the point when people like them spoke so tactfully.

The grandmother frowned, even the wrinkles on her face showing her displeasure. “Ryan, Mrs. Jones is here talking about the marriage. Why do you keep talking about those unimportant things?”

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