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Chapter 190 Wedding

“Happy marriage.” At the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Janice looked down at the marriage certificate she just got.

The groom, Dan Trump.

The bride, Janice.

Just a month ago, she never thought that she was getting married, and she only met the groom a few times.

Janice looked up at the talking Dan Trump. She pouted and smiled, “Happy marriage.”

Except for this sentence, she didn’t know what else to say.

Dan Trump took out a ring from the pocket of the suit. The diamond on it was not big, but it was very delicate.

He didn’t say much. He took her hand and put the ring on her ring finger. Unfortunately, the ring was a bit large.

He said, “I have to deal with the business in the company. You can take a taxi and go home.”

Janice nodded.

She didn’t know whether because the got married that she felt that his back gave her a sense of familiarity that made her felt at ease.

In the future, no matter what happened, he will be her husband, and she was his wife. Maybe as he said before, she will fall in love with him.

Janice, who came home, put the marriage certificate on the table, and said briefly to Molly, who was sitting on the sofa and stacking clothes for Cindy, “The wedding will be held on Friday.”

Molly looked at her in confusion, “This Friday?”

Janice nodded, “Yes.”

Chuck heard the news and came out from the study, “What’s on Friday?”

Molly went to Chuck with a marriage certificate and whispered, “No matter what you see and hear next, don’t make a fuss. Love is not justified. Flash marriage is also very popular now.”

Chuck seemed to understand, and got what Molly deliberately concealed from behind.

He also had this thing, and he knew what it meant at a glance. What he wanted to know now was, whose marriage certificate is this?

The two names above surprised him, and he twisted his eyebrows, “The photos are beautiful.”

Molly was dumbfounded, thinking he would be angry, after all, Janice’s wedding was really hasty.

“Have you told your parents?” Chuck asked Janice.

Janice shook her head. In fact, she was still in confusion. She didn’t know what happened, and now she became Dan Trump’s wife.

Three days before the wedding, Benjamin and Jim also received wedding invitations one after another. They were not given to them by Janice, they were sent by Dan Trump, and they had business partnerships.

Jim appeared in Janice’s office, “Do you know him?”

Janice froze. She wanted to know how he felt now.

“He knew me very well.” Indeed, Dan Trump knew her well, as if he knew everything she wanted. She always dreamed of having a wedding in a church. He chose a church wedding without asking her.

Even if the wedding was held in a hurry, he still arranged everything in an orderly way. She just had to be a beautiful bride.

“Do you love him?” Jim asked her again.

The smile on the corner of Janice’s mouth was bitter. She actually wanted to say, “I love you”, but then? The one who will marry me will never be you.

Her answer was the same as before, “He loves me.”

Jim frowned, and did not believe Janice’s words at all, “Janice, you only know him a few days, he said to you that he loves you, and you believe him?”

Janice smiled and nodded, “I believe him.”

Jim looked at her. He finally lost her. Even up to now, he didn’t have the courage to say to her loudly, “I also know you, I also love you, can’t you wait for me, believe me?”

“Janice, be with me, okay?” He stretched out his hand to her, how much he wished she could give her hand to him.

She had waited too long for him to say this out, but she had changed her mind already.

“It’s too late.” Janice answered crisply.

She felt that the ring on the ring finger was not suitable for her, but she thought, as time goes by, she would get used to it.

“Janice…” Jim knew that it was too late to say anything. It was when he received the wedding invitation that he knew how much he loved her and how much he couldn’t let her go.

Janice smiled at him slightly, “We have already registered and married.”

Jim’s gaze was fixed on her, and couldn’t believe it for a while. It turned out that it was really too late.

After Jim left, Janice stared at the ring on her ring finger for a long time. She was confused. In fact, she didn’t know what to do in the future.

She had always been in a lost state, just like living in a maze, and her mind was very clear that Jim lived in her heart, so she kept looking for him. For the whole seven years, she loved him.

Later, she was tired.

When she was at a loss, Dan Trump appeared in front of her, stretched out his hand and gave her a warm smile, and said to her, “Follow me, I will take you out, leave here. It would be a great start.”

She was too tired to stand such a temptation, and she decided to follow him.

Tomorrow is the day of the wedding. From the day when she get the certificate, Dan Trump seemed to disappear from her life suddenly, without any movement.

She hadn’t received his phone call, and she didn’t know what reason to call him.

In the evening, Molly and Alice talked to her a lot, but she didn’t hear anything of it. She was inexplicably flustered, and she even wondered if there really was Dan Trump.

Molly and Alice nodded perfunctorily. When she just wondered if she should call him.

And her cell phone rang, and when she saw the three words Dan Trump, she finally felt relief.


Dan Trump said over there, “Sorry, I’m still in the United States now, because there is a very important thing to deal with.”

Janice was shock, and she didn’t understand what he meant, “Then tomorrow’s wedding…”

“I’m already at the airport now, but due to weather conditions, the plane may be delayed. I will try to be on time for tomorrow’s wedding.”

Janice felt confused, but she had to say, “Oh, I see.”

Before ending the call, Dan Trump said, “My beautiful bride, see you tomorrow.”

“Well, see you tomorrow.”

Janice looked at them and told them what he said on the phone just now.

Molly got angry, “What did this mean? It’s going to get married tomorrow. Is the company’s business more important, or his bride? He even went to the United States and hadn’t returned yet!”

Alice also felt that this Dan Trump was a stupid. In case of a real plane delay, if he could not get back tomorrow, wouldn’t it make Janice very embarrassed.

The media had already known Janice will be married to Dan Trump. And some people used misunderstandings about Janice and those rumors to make a fuss. If there was another accident at the wedding tomorrow, Janice will definitely be the limelight again.

The next morning, when Chuck heard about it, Janice was not allowed to go to the wedding scene, saying that if Dan Trump was not at the scene, Janice would not be allowed to step out of the house.

However, Dan Trump’s mobile phone had been temporarily unavailable, which meant that he was still on the plane.

In the end, Janice ignored the opposition of her relatives and friends, and insisted on going to the church. Even though this wedding may become another joke in the eyes of others, she still wanted to stick to it. After all, it was her choice to marry Dan Trump. She had to be responsible for it.

In the church, Dan Trump’s friends and family have been waiting for a long time, she bowed to them and apologized.

At a wedding ceremony, the pastor asked her, “Miss. Janice, are you willing to marry Dan Trump as your husband, love him, and be loyal to him, whether you are poor, sick or disabled, until you die, would you?”

Wearing a white wedding dress, her face covered with a dreamy lace veil, she still somewhat embarrassing at this moment. She answered without hesitation. Before coming to the church, she had thought about this.

“I do.”

The guests sitting below were Janice friends and families, Dan’s friends and families and the reporters.

The priest looked at the still empty side of Janice. According to Janice’s request, he still asked, “Mr. Dan Trump, are you willing to marry Janice as your wife, love her, and be loyal to her, whether you are poor, sick or disabled, until death, would you?”

Janice smiled and answered for him, “I think he would.”

Dan Trump, will you? In the future, she must ask him in person. In order to punish him, she had to listen to him say this countless times.

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