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Chapter 189 I Have To Marry You

For a long time, the lips divided.

Janice didn’t hit him, neither did she want hit him, nor did she know what to scold him. She simply sat with her head down.

Regarding the kiss just now, Dan Trump himself could not explain why she had to do that suddenly. Maybe Janice was not obedient, and would make his plan fail.

He said in a deep voice, “I remember what you said. If I marry and you will marry me.”

Janice did not deny that she said that, but she never thought that he would marry her. There should be no love between them.

There was no love, no blessings from friends and relatives, and no exchange of interests. Why should they get married? Was there any reason why they should get married?

Janice sighed, “Dan, we are not young anymore. You really should get married. Me too, but I… I really don’t have time and energy to get married. Since your family did not agree, then we really didn’t need to get married.”

Dan Trump smiled suddenly, sad and desolate. He said, “I thought that even if I didn’t say it, you could know my feeling for you. It seemed that I overestimated myself in your heart.”

“Dan…” She always felt that she couldn’t fall in love with someone so quickly.

“It doesn’t matter if you love me or not, but I must marry you.” He started the car and didn’t talk.

Janice looked at him. He was rarely as serious as he was now, holding his lips tightly. When he said nothing, the smile that had been on the corner of his lips disappeared.

Dan Trump took Janice to his house when she was unwilling. His family’s attitude towards Janice was conceivable. Dan Trump always held her hands.

Dan Trump’s mother was the most against the idea. After all, it was her own son who wanted to get married, a woman whom the whole family did not agree with.

“If you have to marry this woman, you are not my son anymore.”

Dan Trump was very calm. He said, “Seven years ago, you threatened me like this. I listened to you and didn’t get married. Seven years later, you threatened me with the same words. Mom, sorry. I have to marry her.”

Dan Trump felt that such a conversation did not need to continue. He directly told everyone, “On the twelfth of this month, we will have a wedding in the church. I hope you all will come. We will move out after we get married.”

After speaking, he ignored the reaction of his family and took Janice to leave.

The housekeeper who was busy cooking in the kitchen came over, “Dan, have dinner together after you leave.”

Instead, the butler who was not his family made Dan Trump smile, “No.”

It wasn’t until he left his house and helped her open the door, and she sat in the car, did he let go of her hand.

In the car, weird and quiet, his home was not as harmonious and warm as Janice had imagined before.

“It’s been like this since seven years ago,” Dan Trump explained to Janice, knowing she must be surprised.

Janice didn’t ask much, just answered, “That’s fine.”

“Isn’t you curious for what happened then?” Dan Trump asked.

Janice turned to look at him, “What I am even more curious is since your relationship with your family is not good. There is no need to bring me here. You marry me just to anger them.”

Dan Trump did not deny that he brought her back, partly to let his parents know that he had to marry the one they didn’t agree with.

Dan Trump continued to answer his question just now, “Seven years ago, I came to see them with Shelly, and I told them that I was getting married. They did not give me a blessing, but forced me to break up with Shelly. It was also at that time I realized that I was not only their son, but also a pawn for their business, and my resistance was unfilial.”

Janice looked at him, his eyebrows were very tight, and now to mention the woman he loved, Shelly, he still had the same look, so he must love Shelly very much.

Janice was puzzled, so she asked him, “I remember you said that you and your girlfriend knew each other since childhood. The she should be excellent, right?”

“She is the daughter of my driver.”

It turned out that the two families didn’t match together.

Janice remembered that he said that her girlfriend had died in a car accident, so… “When did she leave?”

Dan Trump turned her head and looked straight at Janice. The sharpness in his eyes made Janice’s heart stun, but soon, he recovered as usual.

He looked away and said in a deep voice, “Seven years ago, we were going to leave together. That day before dawn, we met at the appointed place. We were only a few meters away from happiness. I was across the road and she beckoned. When she saw me, she just ran towards me happily, but did not notice that the red light at the intersection was already on.”

Janice trembled suddenly. She felt that her whole body was creepy. It was also before dawn seven years ago. She woke up, finding that Jim was lying beside her. What happened between them was very clear.

When she was getting dressed and was about to leave, Yuna broke in…

She put on her clothes and drove away…

It’s also this season. In the early morning of that day, the air seemed to be frozen…

Time seemed to be back to seven years ago. Janice was shaking .

Dan Trump’s big warm and thick hand rested on the back of her hand, “What’s wrong with you?”

Janice turned her head suddenly and looked at him. When she saw Dan Trump in front of her, she woke up to the reality.

She turned her head stiffly, “Nothing, I am fine.”

Dan Trump smiled a complicated and inexplicable smile, “We have few days left. Let’s take a wedding photo tomorrow.”

Janice looked at him, still not sure, “Did I have to get married?”

Dan Trump smiled, “I believe that one day you will fall in love with me.”

Janice laughed bitterly, “Then, do you love me?”

Dan Trump didn’t hesitate to answer, “Of course. Otherwise, why do I marry you?”

As for whether he really loved her, Janice did not continue to ask, and there were still five days left. She still hesitated whether to marry him.

However, Dan Trump did not give Janice another chance to hesitate. The next day, he announced that he would hold a wedding in the church on the 12th of this month.

Janice felt that since she knew Dan Trump, she was in a passive state of everything, as if everything was a plan he had already formulated. He had a perfect plan. He knew what to do next, even if she didn’t cooperation with him, he didn’t mind, because he still wouldn’t give her the chance to get out of his plan.

In the bridal shop, even the wedding dress was chosen by him long ago. The clerk of the bridal shop said that her husband was romantic and gave the bride such a big surprise.

Indeed, the wedding dress was beautiful, and was made by a well-known foreign designer.

The busy day left no time for Janice to think too much. When taking photos by the sea, he secretly kissed her cheek. When she turned to look at him, she was caught in his eyes. At that moment, she couldn’t find the direction, and couldn’t tell what it was like in her heart.

In the evening, he drove her home and said, “Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow. I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning, and you bring the relevant identifications.”

“Can I…” she wanted to say could they delay it later?

He interrupted her, “You must be tired today. Go upstairs and take a bath. I also want to go back early to have a rest.”

“Well then, drive carefully on the road.”


No goodbye, no goodbye, no reason to get married.

The next day Janice got his call as soon as she got up. He said that he had already come to her home, and she said that she would go downstairs immediately.

After she simply putting on a light makeup and choosing satisfactory clothes, it was almost half an hour later. After she got in the car, she smiled and apologized to him, “Sorry to make you wait for me for a long time.”

He pouted and smiled, “It’s fine, but the breakfast may be cold now.”

Janice looked at the breakfast he had brought from the back seat. He was too careful. Did he know that she would have no time for breakfast so he bought for her?

Janice took the breakfast, opened it and saw it was sushi, and a glass of soy milk that was not too cold, “This is my favorite.”

Janice took a piece of sushi and put it in her mouth, Dan Trump said with a smile, “I thought you would say, from now on, I am your favorite.”

When he said this, Janice felt embarrassed, bowed her head, her cheeks blushed, and she only ate food but did not speak.

Dan Trump asked her, “Are you bringing everything you need?”

Janice nodded, “Well, I checked online yesterday, I just need the ID card.”

After speaking eagerly, Janice regretted it. Now how can it appear that she was caring about the marriage?

Dan Trump laughed softly, started the car, and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

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