Chapter 188 No One Agreed Me to Marry You

Jim and Chuck went to the office together. Chuck thought that Jim had more or less moved on. He did not expect that Jim would come so fast, and it just proved that he couldn’t let go of Janice.

“I don’t want to involve in your matter. In the end, no matter who Janice chooses, I just want her to be happy.” Chuck expressed his attitude.

Jim pouted and smiled bitterly, “I didn’t come to stop anything, but not until she had belonged to someone else, did I really realize how much I didn’t want to lose her.”

“What do you want to do?” Chuck asked him.

Jim shook his head, “I don’t know.” It’s true. Just now he heard Janice talking to the other party on the phone, saying that she will marry him. Jim felt that, in fact, he was out and Janice already had the choice in her heart.

Chuck reminded him, “I can only say that you can’t hurt her anymore.”

It’s not whom Chuck was more favorable about. He had been on the side of Jim for the past few years, but after so many years, he had not given Janice the happiness he wanted, and made Janice even unhappier.

He also determined that Dan was Janice’s best choice, at least compared to the current situation, Dan was more suitable for Janice than Jim.

In the afternoon, Janice asked two mothers to go swimming. Molly and Alice didn’t ask about the engagement news, they knew that only when Janice was unhappy did she ask them go out.

No matter who she chose in the end, they hoped she can be happy.

The three went ashore together, and Janice lay on the shore and asked them two, “You two are dumb today? Can’t you give me some advice?”

Molly expressed her attitude, “As your sister-in-law, I chose Dan Trump. As your mutual friend with Jim, I am sorry for you not having been with Jim.”

Alice smirked and said, “Or you can keep both of them, marry a wealthy man and then have a deep affection with Jim.

“To hell with you. Does Ben know how evil you are??” Janice drew a splash of water on Alice. The three women played with water and were happy like children.

Alice said to Janice, “We believe that you already had a choice in your heart, and you are still hesitating. Your choice is correct. But you know what, no matter how good Dan Trump is, we really hope that you choose Jim, because Jim is our friend, and Dan Trump, we think he is the prince of others.”

Alice’s words did hit her heart, but on the surface she made fun of Alice, “You are convincing me according to the plot of your novels.”

Alice did not deny that, “The stories often come from reality, and we always write a happy ending for the story, but in reality it does not.”

A soft bath towel wrapped around Janice’s body, which instantly made her felt warm. She couldn’t help turning back and saw the guy behind her. Well, they just met in the morning.

He wrapped her in a bath towel carefully, and the smile on the corner of his mouth was so refreshing.

Molly and Alice, the two married women, couldn’t stand it. Molly wrapped Alice with a bath towel and dubbed, “Dear, wrap yourself, or you will catch a cold.”

Alice as even more exaggerated, “If I had a cold, will you felt bad?”

Molly nodded firmly, “Of course.”

Janice shouted at them, “Don’t be ashamed here.”

Molly said queerly, “Well. Let’s go home to see out children.”

Alice made a face at Janice, “If you really get married, don’t forget to invite us.”

After Alice and Molly left side by side. Janice felt more embarrassed.

She glanced at Dan Trump, squeezed a grudging smile, “Are you free?”

Dan Trump nodded.

Janice said, “I go get changed.”

The two of them should indeed sit down and talk.

Alice, who was hiding in the corner. said to Molly next to her, “Why do I have a bad feeling? I seem to have met Dan.”

Molly said, “It’s normal you had seen him, at work and various parties.”

Alice frowned, was that so? It was true that they have met in those occasions. But she didn’t meet him at those places.

Maybe she was too suspicious, and thought too much.

Seeing how well the two of them got along, they didn’t feel awkward at all. The two of them really matched each other. They just didn’t know whether Jim will stop them?

“Let’s go.” Molly said.

Alice nodded, “Well.”

Every time two children were given to two fathers, Chuck and Benjamin, to look after, it was definitely a disaster. The family was in a mess, let alone the two of them.

Pippi rode on Benjamin’s shoulders, and it’s a little scared to see the mothers come back. He squeezed his father’s ears and reminded him softly, “Mom is back.”

After all, Cindy was still small, but she was very smart. Hearing the word mom, she went down from his father’s arms, and dangled towards her mother like a little duck.

Alice walked over and hugged Pippi from Benjamin’s shoulder, “It looks like you are having a good time.”

To express his happiness, Pippi nodded strongly, “Happy and happy.”

Dan Trump leaned next to the car and waited for Janice to come out. Today, he came to her deliberately. As soon as the news of the engagement came out in the morning, his mobile phone was almost blasted by his family, and his mother went to the company.

He had been urged to marry by his family before, but now they hoped that he would rather be alone than to marry Janice.

He had explained to his family explained the untruthful rumors of Janice before, and their answer was, “No matter what they said, true or false, she is a woman with bad reputation now. And you are not allowed to marry her.”

After the relationship between them was announced, they did not take a step forward. It was a battle, but he didn’t whether she would fight this battle with him.

Janice came out. He smiled at her slightly, but she couldn’t smile, for some reasons.

“My family wanted to see you.” said Dan.

Janice turned her head to look at him with staring eyes. She felt a panic in her heart, but soon returned to normal. She felt that her mind was sober, “It’s unnecessary. As long as you clarify our relationship with the media, you can say anything. I don’t care. My reputation is bad anyway. You can say I cheat you. You don’t know anything, and it is me who forced you marry me, and so on.”

Dan’s eyes were fixed on her instantly, and every word she said was not good for her.

He said, “None of my family agreed me to marry you.”

Janice lowered her head and laughed. That’s right. It was abnormal if they agreed. She had thought about it long ago, “You just tell them the truth.”

Dan Trump’s big hand clasped Janice’s chin so that she was not allowed to dodge his gaze. He said clearly to her, “I told them, I want to marry you, even if I will lose everything I have now, I will marry you.”

He said very seriously and sincerely. As a woman hearing such words, it was impossible to remain indifferent.

Janice sneered sarcastically, “It seemed that your mother was right before. You are insane. There are so many good women in the world, and there are countless good women who are willing to marry you. You can choose anyone of them.”

“But I just want to marry you.” Dan Trump’s affection remained firm.


He didn’t allow her to refuse again, leaning over, kissing her lips, and Janice wanted to push him away, but he had too much strength, just like he had to marry and couldn’t allow her to refuse hi.

He was domineering in his bones. In his inner world, whatever he wanted, no matter how hard to get, he will get it.

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