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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 187 This Is My Fiancee

Janice pointed somewhere on her shoulder, and naturally commanded Dan behind him, “Here, here.”

Dan simply didn’t help anywhere, and turned away.

Janice responded very quickly, sitting on the sofa, and grabbed his shirt.


Actually, she just wanted to grab him. She just wanted to grab his sleeves, but she mistakenly held his warm.

When Janice reacted, she was embarrassed and wanted to let go of him, but he refused, and put his hand back to hold her tight.

“I… I suddenly remembered that there was an important meeting this morning. I have to go now.”

Janice stammered, and scrambled to find a reason, wanting to withdraw her hand, but instead pulled him all to her.

The two were separated by the sofa. He held her hand in one hand and bent himself to Janice.

Well, Janice blinked her big eyes. The first reaction in her was to attack him.

She lifted her leg and kicked him on his forehead. She felt pain on her leg.

But he also hurt, and let go of her hand. Janice took the opportunity to run. She didn’t take off her clothes last night and picked up the handbag on the sofa, running to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, Janice froze instantly. What was happening now? Why these people holding a magnesium lamp, holding a camera to her?

She’s not a big star, nor was she a girlfriend hidden by a big star. What’s going on?

A reporter watched the door open, and he couldn’t wait to ask, “Miss Janice, what is your relationship with the president of Shinny International now?”

“Miss Janice, I heard that you have a lot of boyfriends, and a perfect man like Dan shouldn’t be one of them, right?”

“Miss Janice, you and President Dan were together for one night. Was it a business deal? Or…”

Janice was more and more angry when she listened what they said. Who were these people? As soon as she was going to argue with the boring gossips, a powerful hand put around her waist.

“Good Morning, everyone.”

When the reporters saw Dan coming in person, and still maintaining such an ambiguous and intimate posture with Miss Janice, several female reporters felt sad.

“Excuse me, President Dan, you and Miss Janice…”

Before the reporter asked, Dan gave them all an answer, “This is my fiancee. It you have any question, I will ask my assistant to answer you.”

After that, he looked down at Janice, who was still in his arms, and the smile on the corner of his mouth was tender and affectionate, “Come on.”

He told reporters who hadn’t sank in words “fiancee”, “My fiancee didn’t sleep well last night, so I hope that you can delete the photos you just took.”

He wasn’t angry at all, and his tone was still peaceful, but the majesty emanating from his bones let those reporters know that those photos had to be deleted. Otherwise they couldn’t bear what would happen to them.

The door was closed again, and Janice had not waken up from the mess just now for a while. Her neck was uncomfortable. She slowly raised her eyes and looked at the man standing in front of her.

He said just now that she was his fiancee? Did she agree?

“Why did you say that just now?

Dan thought this as normal, “Do you want to hear those people say that you changed a new boyfriend?”

Of course, Janice thought this was the best way, “Anyway, I change my boyfriend every day, and don’t care if they write one more.”

“But nothing happened between us last night. Why didn’t you explain?” Dan asked.

“There is no need to explain it. It doesn’t matter what those people think. I don’t care.”

“I do.” Dan looked at her seriously. Her reputation had deteriorated because she hadn’t cared it before.

Dan went on to say, “I don’t want to be one of your many boyfriends. I felt very shameless.”

Janice was speechless. He could just not show up just now. Who knew if the man in the room was him or not.

“Do you think that a woman with bad reputation as Janice became your fiancee, those people will be less criticizing?”

Dan smiled slightly, “Are you caring about me?”

“I don’t want to have anything to do with such a big man like you.” She was really upset. What should she do next?

Janice said to him in a serious manner, “You can handle this matter, but I can’t.”

It was undeniable that her care for him made his frozen heart suddenly move. He wanted to say something, but watching her sitting on the sofa angrily, he didn’t know what to say.

He called his assistant and asked him to come over to deal with the reporters. By the way, he talked to the assistant about his situation. Even the assistant who always had the same and cold working attitude to everything, he could not help doubting Dan’s words.

“President, are you sure?”


The assistant breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, what should come had come.

Half an hour later, a knock came on the door. Dan went to open the door. The guy told him everything, and Dan nodded, “Fine.”

He looked back at Janice who was still angry, “Don’t you want to leave?”

Janice glanced at him, knowing that everything had been handled well, and when she came to the door, she inadvertently glanced at the man who came and reported to his work.

She felt like she had seen this man. It’s familiar.

“I take you back,” Dan said.

Janice refused, “No. I drive by myself.”

Dan didn’t force her, and asked the assistant to follow her secretly, and waited until she was safe at the company did the assistant come back.

After almost two hours, Janice went to the washroom, and she felt that everyone looked at her with a very different look. The way they wanted to ask, but did not dare to ask made Janice felt specially uneasy.

Janice thought that it should be because she wore the same clothes as she wore yesterday.

Janice returned to the office again. Her brother was there.

“What’s wrong?” Janice asked.

“You know why I come here.”

Janice was speechless. He ran to her, but asked her to tell him if there was anything wrong.

“I went back to my single apartment last night, so I didn’t go back.” Janice explained perfunctorily.

Chuck snorted, took her to the desk, and opened her computer. The title read:

“The president of Shinny International and his fiancee, Janice spent one night together.”

Janice scolded without saying a word, “Shit, didn’t he say he had handled it?”

Chuck understood her sister’s words, “It means that the news is true.”

Janice sat in a big red leather chair, “We did book a room, but the news is fake.”

The door was pushed open, and the person who came in just heard her saying, “We did book a room, but the news is fake.”

Standing in the doorway, Jim straightly stared at Janice. She was really mischievous. Before that, she was just trying to make trouble with him, in order to attract his attention. He cannot stand any longer.

But Dan was different. Once such news came out, it was definitely not fake news. People like Dan will never allow anyone to write the fake news.

Chuck glanced at Jim, and then looked at Janice, who had already bowed her head and did not look at Jim, “I will talk to Dan about this matter in person.”

Janice shrugged indifferently, “I don’t know anyway.”

Chuck was about to leave, and Janice said, “Brother, take away the man standing at the door. I have nothing to say with him.”

Jim took a step forward. He came to ask if it was really true, and he just confirmed the answer just now.

Chuck still took Jim away from his own sister.

As soon as Chuck and Jim went out, Janice called Dan and said, “Dan, are you really planning to make this matter bigger?”

Dan was not angry at all, “I am waiting to marry you.”

Janice looked at Jim who hadn’t gone far from the door, thinking that he should go to her to confirm the news. Was he feeling anxious now?

She said to Dan on the cell phone, “Okay, as long as you marry, I will marry you.”

Dan lifted his thin lips and laughed, “As long as you marry, I will marry you.”

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