Chapter 186 She Was Caught Off Guard

He gazed at Janice, and Janice was at a loss for a moment. Did not she hear him knocking on the door? No.

If it was because he couldn’t get in, he could call her. She didn’t receive his call.

Then he…

“You’re late, so you don’t come in?” Janice asked, breaking the silence.

His was still gazing at her. She looked a little embarrassed.

When she was about to talk, he clasped her wrist, and pulled her in the room and pushed her against the wall.

Janice frowned. The door closed automatically, and locked.

The room card was still in Janice’s hand, and the expressions on each other’s faces were almost unclear in the dim room.

She wanted to put the room card back so as to light up the room.

And he didn’t seem to understand the reason for her struggle, “Dan…”

She hadn’t had time to say what she wanted to say. He had pressed his lips mixed with a faint smell of tobacco against her delicate lips.

Janice just knew that he smoked.

Oh no, this didn’t seem to be the point. This sudden kiss made Janice caught off guard.

Although she thought that something would happen before she came here, she realized that she was totally unprepared.

His kiss technique was amazing.

Although she had a bad reputation, in fact, she really didn’t understand such loving thing. She still kept her eyes wide open and looked at him, so hard to breathe.

She didn’t know when he took the room card from her hand. All the lights in the room turned on instantly, and the sudden light stung her eyes uncomfortably.

Janice then closed her eyes forcefully, he had let go of her, and she was breathing a lot. Just now he almost choked her.

Dan Trump stared at her with a frown, he thought she would at least try to prove that she was not pure and cooperated with him. It seemed that she really didn’t even know how to cooperate.

Under the bright light, she managed to adjust to the light, and opened her eyes to look at the beautiful and handsome person in front of her. He was looking at her with a light smile..

She couldn’t help biting her lips, panicking inexplicably, “I was afraid of the darkness just now and I’m not ready.”

Dan Trump did not intend to reveal her because he was sure he would slowly let her admit it later. He nodded with a smile and walked into the room.

The room design is indeed very romantic and warm.

Janice felt that her response was too embarrassing and too shameless. In order to prove that she was not pure, she caught up with him, grabbed his arm and stopped him.

Dan Trump looked at her calmly, knowing what she wanted to prove to him. She was really naive.

“If it wasn’t for turning on the light to see your face clearly, I thought that I was just taking your first kiss.”

Janice knew that he would think like this, “Ridiculous. I have said that I was so nervous because I was afraid of the dark, and my first kiss was gone before I was an adult.”

Dan Trump’s eyebrows were filled with pride and smiled, “You’re almost thirty years old. You don’t even know how to kiss.”

Janice knew that he was deliberately provoking her, but she couldn’t give up, “Who said I don’t know.”

Dan Trump ticked her lips, “Then proves it.”


Dan Trump leisurely waited for her fight back. She lost.

Janice wanted to change the topic, “Because you are late, I was not in good mood to stay with you.

This time Dan Trump stopped her. He stepped back, blocking her way, and looked at her anxious expression. She smiled.

“What? Are you scared?”

Janice stared at him, “I said, I’m in a bad mood. Besides, what am I afraid of?”

Dan Trump deliberately approached her step by step, and the smiling evilly. He kept walking forward, forcing Janice to move backwards passively, and finally he was forced her to the corner of the wall.

“You’re not afraid of anything. What are you hiding from me?” Then he untied his tie, and his gaze became ambiguous, “Come if you’re not afraid.”

He was crazy.

He really wanted to…

Janice’s head was chaotic and she pushed him away, “Dan, I find that I had no feeling for this. So let’s call it a halt.”

Dan Trump smiled and threw the tie on the sofa next to her, “Me neither. But it’s too late, and I don’t want to send you back. You might just stay here with me.”

He also took off his handmade custom suit, and his slender hands began to unravel the delicate buttons on the white shirt cuffs.

Janice’s brain was running at high speed. If she still insisted on leaving, it will show that she was afraid of her. So…

“Well, I will stay with you. I pay the room. I can’t waist it.”

Five minutes later, Janice regretted her stubborn choice. How could he be naked in front of her. He just went in the transparent bathroom.

He was sure that she didn’t dare to see him naked. And so did her. She couldn’t be calm when seeing a man bathing.

So she should go to the living room and watched TV for a while.

There was a smug smile on the corner of Dan Trump’s mouth in the bath. He had never failed to do what he wanted to do. Therefore, Janice will become his sooner or later. He will be patient, and gradually got her…

Dan Trump, who came out of the bath, said to Janice, “You can go to bath.”

Janice didn’t dare to her head back, “I just washed.”

Dan Trump certainly knew she was talking nonsense, “But the bathroom had not been used?”

“Can’t I wash at home?” Janice shouted.

Dan Trump nodded, “Well, I’m going to sleep. The bed is so big. Since we had no interest in each other, it doesn’t matter to sleep together.”

After that, he occupied the round bed.

Janice, who sat on the sofa, sighed helplessly. Why did she have to stay here. She have to have a date with this sofa tonight.

Janice sat on the sofa and watched TV. She kept falling asleep, and Dan Trump didn’t think of anything going on. He was busy recently and fell asleep quickly.

One was sleeping on the bed, covered with a warm quilt, and one who was curled up hugging herself on the sofa, like a homeless poor dog.

In the end, Janice had to wake up because of her neck hurt out of uncomfortable sleeping. Although she was still sleepy, her neck was resting on the sofa armrest, which made her really tired.

It was already dawn, and the fine sunlight was shining through the window. Janice got up, twisted her neck uncomfortably, and blaming Dan in her heart.

A pair of powerful hands put her shoulders, and his deep voice sounded, “You won’t be afraid that I will take advantage of you in the middle of the night, so you sleep on the sofa, don’t you?”

Janice would not admit that, “How could it be, I like to sleep on the couch. I like it very much.”

Dan Trump pouted and smiled, and he carefully massaged her neck and asked carefully, “Is this better?”

Janice relaxed her vigilance for a while, because his technique was really good. She said very comfortably, “Yes, go on. Take it lightly…”

She closed her eyes and enjoyed Dan Trump’s good massage service. Her small face displayed various expressions, and she kept shouting crazily.

Dan Trump, who was standing behind her, felt her throat was dry, and he massaged her more lightly.

“Dan, you are so good at this. It’s a pity that you don’t do it…”

“Shut up!”

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