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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 105 Idealism

Suddenly Glenn found that someone was moving around a “short”, ten-meter-long column. Soon the stranger fell down. He then shook his head to recover from the faintness.

“He looks familiar…Did I meet him in the Trial or somewhere?” Glenn murmured. “The chain mark on his head belongs to the Umbra School. So it’s possible…”

“It’s you!” The other student yelled. He dressed like a sensible gentleman. But now his eyes were bulging like a fish on a Teppan-Yaki. He glared at Glenn with a flushed face, body shaking out of hatred.

Apparently the man’s grudge against Glenn was deeply-rooted.

Suddenly the student let out a low, deep laughter. He pointed his finger at him and nodded. “Yes, it’s definitely you. I remember this mask.” He said excitedly. “Baird will never forget you. In the Trial, you…”

As if Baird had realized his social faux pas, he resumed his calm face, and then he cleared his throat while covering his mouth with a fist.

“Did we really meet?” Glenn asked.

“You…” Baird was enraged again. He pointed to Glenn with a trembling finger and his breathing became heavy.

Baird let out another heavy breath and crossed his hands in front of his chest before he shook his head neurotically. “Little kitten, let the great Baird from the Umbra School terminate you here. My sorceries have come a long way in the past decade. Even I’d be scared when my sorceries are cast.” Those proud words were followed by another fit of laughter. t

As the laughter ended, his body began to transform.

Scales started to appear and then spread over his skin. Some kind of black, sticky and poisonous liquid was dripping from its surface. Two pairs of wings like that of flies and a tail of a crocodile’s appeared. The air was overflowing with a weird aura.

Catching sight of Hematology sorcery, he recalled some memories.

“There was a Hematology student who called out ‘little kitten’ as he was coming to take my life in the Trial. At the time I only had 30 points of mental strength but right before we engaged he got too frightened by my power and scampered off like a rat! The guy would have died if it was not for the fact that I was running low on my magical strength and the mirror was about to open.”

Judging by the circumstances, it seemed that destiny had rearranged this fight between the two men.

“Is the nemesis that’s depicted in the novels these days?”

Glenn became interested all at once. He surveyed Baird in disdain.

“Embrace your fear, innocent student. Let the chosen one of the times eradicate you. You’ll finally know it’s your fate to live in the same time period as me. It’s your misfortune…” Baird was enraptured in his self-satisfaction.

Glenn almost became overwhelmed by shock. This was his first time hearing such ridiculous nonsense on the sorcerer continent. “How does his mind work exactly? Idealism? The extreme version of narcissism? Thinking of matters that he can’t see of as invisible?”

This sort of mindset shouldn’t exist in a sorcerers’ mind!

“Does this moron have a mentor? If his mentor knew about this, I bet he’d have been taken care of by his mentor.” Glenn sighed. “How could a sorcerer student possibly utter such humiliating things. It’d bring shame upon his school and the whole sorcerer world.”

Glenn shook his head. “It seems that this encounter was not dictated by fate. It’s just a coincidence.”

As Glenn was about to take him down and end this drama. Baird made a move on him.

“You’re gonna die from this.” Baird flapped his wings quickly and flew towards Glenn. He then threw a punch at Glenn with his scale-covered hand as he approached near enough. A savage smile turned up the corners of his mouth.

“A constitution building sorcerer student?” Glenn questioned. “Wants to wrestle arms with me?”

Glenn swung his hand and slapped him like swatting a fly.

The crisp sound of bones breaking was heard. Baird was flung away backwards at a faster speed before he hit a stone column and fell onto the ground along its surface.

“That’s not possible.” Baird spurted a mouthful of blood, and his face went pale with one arm dangling down.


Glenn wasn’t looking at Baird. His shock was derived from that high-rising column which had received an impact but remained intact.

“This is undoubtedly the Tryout field! No wonder the columns carried noticeable marks of artificial treatment.”

Baird snorted and started laughing wildly again. He then mumbled, partially supporting his body by leaning on the column.

“You unenlightened, didn’t think you have won, did you?” He smirked viciously. “Lower your head and have a look at your hand. When you’re dying, ignorance becomes a useful tool to conceal your pain.” Baird assumed a sympathetic expression as if he was going to do the job of burying Glenn when he died. As he was done, he coughed for two times and fresh blood appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He struggled to stand up and was trying to step forward to bury the dying Glenn.

“Look at my hand?” Glenn bowed his head and found some black liquid on his hand. “I must have got it when I slapped him.”

Glenn dipped his finger in the liquid and said. “Poison toxic to sorcerers?” Glenn became exhilarated at the discovery. He observed, smelled and stuck out his tongue to have a taste. “En? It’s strong…If condensed and used in that formula, the toxicity might be enough for three or four times of constitution building using poisons.”

As Glenn turned his attention to Baird, his eyes were filled with desire. He was staring at him with the same hunger as a Satyr feels when it meets a pretty woman or a wolf with a rumbling belly runs into a herd of sheep.

Baird pointed at Glenn with his remaining fingers, his eyes almost popping out. “You tasted the poi…the…It’s…” His words became incoherent. The fear on his face indicated as if the world was coming to an end and the sun would rise up from the west and set down in the east.

Glenn couldn’t understand a word of it nor did he care to. But he tried his best to look amiable and then he took a step forward, his eyes brimming with desire. “Relax, I’m not gonna hurt you, as long as you hand in the formula in make this poison…”

“Ah, you’re a monster. You shouldn’t exist in this world. You’re not real.” Baird shouted very violently as if what was happening would be erased by doing so. After some time, he broke the badge, and disappeared immediately.

The affability on Glenn’s face turned into gloom. “Little bastard.”

He could feel the added one mark on his forehead. He sighed and shook his head. Afterwards, he took out a seed. After some simple procedures, the seed grew into a huge blossom.

The seed was the calyx seed he had traded for 12 LoveVials with sorcerer Elaine.

Glenn climbed into it and the bloom drilled into the ground, leaving no trace behind.

In the darkness, Glenn took out a delicate vial and twisted it open. A wide crack in the dirt walls appeared as a faint space wave moved. Glenn then entered the crack.

This was the the Concealment Slit he bought on the fourth floor of the Black Isotta. It could be put into use for the final research on the Fire Blast. Glenn had made up his mind in finishing up it before getting back in the air, which would take about two days.

His goal was set and that was to be the best among the students from section 11 to section 15.

He had to make sure 100 percent to win the qualification to be a Demon-Hunter of the sections.

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