Chapter 102 Knowledge into the Future

Glenn had been flying towards Black Isotta for three days, when he suddenly slowed down.”This smells familiar…” Glenn scowled and moved his fingers as if playing a piano, and magical waves fluctuated in the air around him.

The next second he had produced a pricker-shaped print down on the ground.

Glenn became pleased at this new discovery on space assault.

This method of attack was the one Kyrie had pulled off against him during the First-years Trial. This method could be used very quietly and catch somebody off guard with a high degree of offensive power.

Its offensive power was only 80 degrees, but he had 40 points of mental strength and he was not familiar with the method. He was confident that he could increase the attack power to over 130 degrees as he delved further into its study.

But space attack was fundamentally for sneak raids which would not play a key role.


Glenn returned to Norris’ laboratory on the 79th floor of the Black Tower in ten days.

“You…” Norris stuttered as he took over the scroll pact from Glenn, his eyeballs almost popping out.

Glenn took his master’s reaction as a compliment for his speed and standard in completing the mission and replied proudly. “I intercepted the team from the Compass and got the mission done ahead of time. I forced them to sign this pact. But since I accidentally killed their unicorn, I killed them all to keep it a secret in case people from their side might come for a revenge.”

“Damn it.” Norris caught sight of the pride on Glenn’s face and yelled. “Why were you being so reckless? Didn’t I ask you for a long travel to exercise? Why didn’t you just tell me the truth if you didn’t want it?”

Norris was angered to the point of stamping his feet. “The way you complete the mission will definitely aggravate the old pals from the Compass. They will take it as a boast. It’s a slap in the face! If you’d done this at the rendezvous, I could have found an excuse for your behavior…”

Glenn grimaced. He had been self-centered and had not considered the consequences.

“What do we do now?” Glenn looked at Norris miserably.

Norris gave him a stern look. “I’ll be on my way and try to keep this thing down.

You stay here for the next two years. If you’re fine when the Tryout kicks in, then you’re fine. But if you fail to be a potential Demon-Hunter in the competition, you’ll be set up and trapped the next time you do the compulsory mission.”

Glenn’s face turned ashen. If a level two or higher sorcerer set his mind on taking care of Glenn, then it would be a serious problem.

He nodded and said. “I’ll comply.”

The silver lining of the drama was that Glenn didn’t intend to drop out of the school. His top priority was to gain absolute advantage in the Tryout by completing the Fire Blast and to strive for the top rewards of the students in section 11-15, thus increasing his chance of becoming a sorcerer to 100 percent.

Therefore, he also decided not to get rid of the three top students who had put him on the hunting list by himself but to rely on the Death Sail League. But as far as Glenn could understand, when Alastair, an elder of the league, grew strong enough, he would choose to be a drafter of the hunting list rather than to destroy it.

However, Glenn didn’t mind his name was on the list except for the fact that it was actually humiliating.

Norris motioned Glenn to leave as he sighed. “The reward you earned from the mission will be given to you in a year by the school, you now go get prepared for the Tryout.”

“En.” Glenn replied in a determined voice.

Leona, Dida and other members of Glenn’s team became shocked and thrilled as they received the message that their mission had been accomplished in less than a month. Did the mask guy stop a whole team on their way and compel them to sign the pact? The four of them even doubted the fact that the pact was inked in their favor. Still, this was the truth and that battle had earned Glenn a big increase in his reputation. The braid girl in Glenn’s team even sold the information for money. Unsurprisingly, his name was now put on the Promising Students of the school.

But the only reason that he didn’t make it to the Top Ten was that he had stayed low-key, and when the circumstances dictated a killing, he would crush the victims with absolute power, so no words had come out about his strength. And this single one release of power had catapulted him to the Promising Students.

Now that he had become famous, people wanted to meet him. But he had “disappeared” except for a few times when he appeared and made out with Lafite in her dorm. His life was now occupied by crazed study and research. He continued calculating the complicated, cross formula in how to maintain the stability of water and fire elements. The complexity was even beyond the knowledge of some sorcerers.

Gradually an embryonic form of the Twelve Star Matrix came into being.

The matrix was skin to a combination of a water element matrix and that of fire elements. It was a wonderful merge where the two opposing sort of elements kept fighting while remaining stable, thus containing tremendous, violent energy. It seemed there was only one key step short from completing the matrix so that Glenn could use this energy system preliminarily.

That key step was to locate the three points where the fire and water elements intersected and where the two kinds of elements reacted to produce the “destructive force”. That was the crucial part for the success of the Fire Blast sorcery.

If there was one miscalculation, the misled element energy would blow Glenn up into pieces!

Thus he had been extremely meticulous in doing the calculations particularly when it involved the energy knots.

Glenn scowled and picked up the two twigs habitually. “It’s three months away…One month for one energy knot…time is so short…”

He checked the time and took a look at the twigs where the cross section was so smooth. He could feel the connection between his soul and the twigs, and he was confident that, within five days, he could understand fully the thunder vein that would appear in the surface of the cut from time to time.

All of a sudden, the vein appeared for a second before it disappeared. A special feeling struck him at the time. He dropped them immediately out of instinct, his face turning pale.

“What was that? What happened?” Glenn raised his head and looked up to the sky.

At the instant when he understood the vein, he had a weird feeling that he was connected to the sky. He decided that the bond was for the convenience of killing him by using the thunder force. Thunder would strike and kill him!

Glenn closed his eyes and shook his head. “No, that’s not what’s happening.”

As he was thinking, he went crazy and grabbed the twigs on the ground and stared at them for about an hour without blinking.

Another vein flashed.

Glenn put the twigs down and said in a voice as if he had lost his mind.

“What’s wrong with that? The rare sign…”

As his understanding of the vein grew deeper, he would be locked and locked up tighter and tighter?

Glenn looked at the twigs and said in a loud voice. “Was it a beam of thunder that had fallen and turned my body into something like the twigs? Enormous energy is quaking in the twigs but the energy is sealed in them and there is no way to transfer or use the energy!”

Glenn looked at the twigs again and gulped.

“What is this compressed thunder force? The twigs have proved to be of no use in terms of both element attacks and physical attacks. I’d say the force within is ‘dead’, and couldn’t even be used in smeltery.”

Glenn grimaced and put down the twigs. It contained arcane knowledge waiting to be delved into and discovered.

However, the centennial Holy Tower Tryout was around the corner so he had to put the twigs on the side.

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