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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 101 Crash Down

Glenn was not a person to be bullied.

The team chose to take him on and tried to pry into his mysterious identity and benefit from taking him down. Thus, there would be no peaceful way to settle this. In other words, the stronger would crush his or her opponent once the hostilities sparked.

The air in the vicinity of Glenn twisted as he thrusted towards the giant who had received a defeat. As the giant was to be hacked, it became a green, thin thread again and cast off over ten meters away.

Glenn seemed to have prepared himself for this. He squinted as he held out his hand. A strong attractive force was generated and pulled the giant back in no time. Afterwards, he threw a forceful punch at the giant in its belly.

The giant’s belly gave in and blood gushed out from its mouth. The next second it was sent rolling over 20 meters away by a gale of repulsive force. Dust was dispersed along with thundering noises. The little girl in the giant’s basket whose pink hair was in the shape of a mushroom was tossed out onto the ground and got hurt as well.

“Oh, a student who offers auxiliary sorceries like Nina. That’s unusual.” Glenn glanced at the pink-haired girl and came at her.

“You bastard.” The double-helix-eyed man shouted gloomily. As he was shouting, the double helix started rotating and soon Glenn felt that he had been anchored!

In the meantime, the man waved his wand and black, misty air started rising from Glenn’s feet. The evil, gloomy and corrosive air densified and soon covered his whole body.

The student chanted something and a long spear which was emitting black mist began to come at Glenn’s frozen soul. Meanwhile, Mysterious’ mount, the white unicorn, spurted a column of thunder force towards Glenn who was in the black mist. The column broke into thunder flakes as it hit something in the mist. As for Mysterious, she pointed her finger and a black light shot at the mist too. During the process, the black pattern was moving in her face. The black light seemed to possess some strange power, and the mist was all attracted to and merged into it before it hit Glenn.

The student riding on the leaf fired seven or eight crescent-shaped wind blades at Glenn and the next second he pulled out a needle from his tongue with his index and middle fingers. He sung something and swung it towards Glenn.

There was an instant of silence for an instant before the breakout. Elemental force originating from Glenn spread violently and dispersed the corrosive mist, sand and stones sent flying.

The outburst of such strong element waves made the students at sight stumble, and the wounded giant was hit by a flying stone and fainted.

“Is that monster dead yet?” The double helix man asked with his cold tone, gasping for air.

At present, a thin beam of water appeared in the center of the waves. For the next second the pillar of water shot at the boy on the floating leaf driven by the repulsive force. The leaf immediately rose to fend off the water.

The water column splashed when hit the leave, producing squeaking sound of friction.

A thunder force broke on the top of the water and pierced the leave. The water kept its way to crash into the boy’s chest and soon his chest had become soaked in blood.

The attacked boy yelled as he turned into a countless number of regular leaves. Soon the tons of leaves merged into one and the boy reappeared. But his face had become ghastly pale. He looked like a dying man already.

Glenn murmured something at the sight of this.

The rest of the team had become dumbstruck by the attacker’s power and even their breath became disordered.

Mysterious shouted and her face turned pale. “How is that possible?”

At the time, a fire shield was burning in front of Glenn. The flame went on and on steadily. That was what Glenn had achieved in studying the stableness of fire elements.

Suddenly a black light struck the center of the flame shield and penetrated but was blocked by a translucent shield. The light caused a dent in the previous shield.

Glenn appeared in the shield and there was a cut in his left shoulder. A countless number of tentacles were sewing his cut. After some time, a gold needle seemed to have finished its work and left Glenn’s flesh, and soon the bleeding had been stopped.

The blood that had dripped onto the ground had vaporized so that they could not be used to curse Glenn.

Glenn snorted and the next second he had produced his Golden Eye, the gift he copied from Bionna. He stared at the boy who attacked him with the Eye.

The boy made a miserable shriek as his skin started wither at incredible speed. In the final moments, he turned himself into a light green thread and escaped.

Glenn shifted his haze at the pink hair girl. As he was trying to pull her to him. The black light hit him with greater force.

He became restless and dropped his idea of chasing the boy. Instead he took on the team leader.

The white unicorn neighed as he appeared in front of Mysterious, and that thunder force was gathered on its horn, ready to kill Glenn.

Sadly, the head of the unicorn chopped off, and the thunder force disappeared accordingly.


Mysterious shrilled miserably and burst out in tears. She threw off the black patch on her eye regardless of what might befall her.

Glenn sped towards her and the next second he had grabbed her neck and flung her away. She rolled and rolled and before she had time to react, she found a metal boot stamping on her patched eye.

Glenn had no interest in knowing what trump card she had.

All the people who remained alive watched her in fear. They knew once Glenn exerted more efforts, her head would blow off and she would be gone forever.



The boy and girl in the distance aksed.

The friendship between them was real and certain. They were as close as Lafite’s team, who had forged an intimate relationship before they grew stronger and fought together against enemies.

The double helix man seemed colder and yelled. “Kill her and there would be no pact and we’ll both not get the mission complete.”

Glenn glanced at the girl beneath his feet, tears appearing in her eye.

He was not in the mood of screwing up this mission before the Tryout or he would have to finish other ones to make up.

Glenn grit his teeth and lifted up the curled up girl. “Sign the pact now.”

The girl seemed to have become too sad to do anything because of the unicorn’s death. She watched Glenn emotionlessly but did not move.

“That unicorn is as close as being the sixth member of this team?” Glenn thought. “Then there might be a problem.”

Glenn produced the attractive force and applied it on the leaf boy in the distance. Immediately the boy flew to Glenn with his back facing Glenn.

He then punched him in the belly.


The boy screamed and his wound bled.

“No.” The scream woke the girl up, and she yelled in anger and pain.

“Sign the pact.” Glenn stressed the words.

Mysterious glared at Glenn with hatred and indignation. She appeared to be committing him to memory in the bottom of her heart and in her soul, in her bones.

The pact was signed, with all of the magical stone production belonging to Black Isotta. Personally, Glenn would obtain 400,000 magical stones from it.

Glenn folded up the pact and collected all of the magical tools on them before he left. He had to study his Fire Blast sorcery now and waste time no more.

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