Chapter 285 Tear the mask that disguise oneself

Does she really want her son to follow his father’s path?

Can he have a happy marriage without love?

Is she happy now?

No, what she feels is emptiness, both for marriage and life.

Sierra Walker suddenly couldn’t figure it out. She hung up the phone and called the doctor. She followed the doctor to the ward.

The doctor opened Scarlett Evan’s eyes, and she woke up. She held James Grayson’s hand, and said weakly, “don’t go.”

The doctor looked at James Grayson and said, “The patient’s health is very poor, because of massive blood loss, low blood sugar, and mental problems. So we must not stimulate her.”

James Grayson looked at Scarlett Evan.

Scarlett Evan said, “I’m sorry I make you worried. I’m a little hungry now. What breakfast you and your wife have brought? I want to eat now.”

James Grayson untied the plastic bag, opened it and handed the chopsticks to Scarlett Evan.

“Why did you buy so much? Do you think I’m a pig?” Scarlett Evan said with a wry smile.

“Bella also bought for mom.” James Grayson said and helped Scarlett sit up.

“Sister Bella is really caring.” Scarlett Evan said softly.

“She’s younger than you, but she is very mature.” He took a box of breakfast and put it on the table beside the bed.

Sierra Walker twisted her eyebrows and lowered her eyes.

James Grayson took a pair of chopsticks, handed to Sierra Walker and said, “Eat something. You are hungry from yesterday.”

Sierra Walker took the chair and sat in front of the bedside table to eat.

Scarlett Evan was eating. From time to time, she looked at James Grayson with insecurity. She felt helpless. She lowered her head and ate well. She was careful and afraid of making James Grayson unhappy.

James Grayson picked up his mobile phone, looked at the time, turned around and walked towards the door.

Scarlett Evan stopped eating.

There was a flash of evil in her eyes.

It seemed that the situation was out of her control.

James Grayson called Bella and asked softly, “where are you?”

“Hanging out in the garden behind the hospital.” Bella smiled.

“I’m coming to see you now.” James Grayson hung up the phone and walked quickly to the elevator.

Bella was sitting alone in a chair in the garden, thinking about psychological problems.

Most people who have mental problems don’t know that they have mental problems. Even if they know that they have mental problems, they can’t control themselves when they are ill. Just like her, when they are sick, they know that they are ill.

But Scarlett Evan was not the same. She knew what she was doing, and there seemed a hidden purpose in every step. She was more organized and even knew when to compromise, when to say something and how to control her emotions.

She can change her unreasonable behavior too fast and can make it reasonable according to the right environment and the right situation.

She seemed just like ordinary people, even intelligent than ordinary people.

Bella closed her eyes and thought how she will behave if she was in Scarlett Evan’s place…..

Scarlett Evan’s focus is James Grayson.

She is deeply in love with James Grayson. She can’t live without James Grayson, only James Grayson.

She depends on him. She has an inferiority complex and a fear of being abandoned.

Then, she will put all the vigilance on the other woman with James. As long as that woman appears, she will collapse hysterically. She will behave abnormally and differently from ordinary people.

She must be crazy, irrational, and easy to be stimulated. The emotions should be intense, and her behaviors cannot be controlled by herself.

But when she appeared, Scarlett Evan didn’t behave like this….

Because James Grayson didn’t go to meet her. She committed suicide in the middle of the night.

This is what people with mental illness can do.

However, when James Grayson told Scarlett about his marriage and wanted to follow her, she began to say that she was willing to be a sister, to cooperate with the treatment, and played the bitterness card, which was very inconsistent with the special characteristics of the mental patients.

Bella suspected that Scarlett Evan was pretending to be mentally ill, just as she suspected that Scarlett Evan was the traitor!

However, James Grayson said that they had cooperated with each other several times, and all of them have been successful. This obviously meant that Scarlett Evan was trustworthy.

What’s wrong?

There was a black shadow in front of her.

Bella looked up and saw James Grayson.

“What are you thinking? Seemed to enter in a meditative state.” James Grayson asked and sat down beside Bella.

“Just thinking about everything. How is Scarlett Evan?” Bella asked James Grayson.

“She fainted but woke up again. She was eating breakfast when I left. I saw her mood has been stabilized a lot.” James Grayson was obviously relieved.

Bella smiled. “What you did with the key figure you rescued at that mission with Scarlett?”

“In simple words, he was an important person of state S. He came to this state with important resources. If he had an accident in our state, the state S would misunderstand our State, because there would be no such resources. Therefore, terrorist organizations seized him, in order to cause conflicts between the state S and our state and restrict the development of our state.” James Grayson explained.

“Then why didn’t the terrorist organization kill the politician and give you time to save him?” Bella questioned.

“I guess they want to get the resources of that the politician had, so they haven’t killed the dignitaries for the time being. Specifically, our task is to rescue the dignitaries. There is no other question. By the way, speaking of this, I remember that I want to visit General Ansel Elgort.”

“General Ansel Elgort, who is he?” Bella didn’t know him.

“He used to be my chief. I don’t remember part of the tasks because I don’t have some memories. I should have been drugged by the enemy in the course of carrying out the tasks, so I made a relationship with you. I think there should be insiders, who may know anything about our child.

Moreover, General Ansel Elgort’s hometown is Halem, not far from Walem City, it is about 2 hours by car. ”

“Halem city?” Bella’s heart thumped.

It means at the beginning. James Grayson had an accident in Halem city.

A thought flashed in Bella’s mind, “Your chief is also the chief of Scarlett Evan?”

“Yes, in the beginning, Scarlett Evan, I and Adam Wilson were in the same military region.” James Grayson explained.

“Can you take me with you this time to visit General Ansel Elgort in Halem?” Bella asked.

James Grayson held her hand. “Want to go?”

Bella nodded and said clearly, “I want to go. If I go to Peter Maxwell’s house to teach, I have told them that I won’t come on Saturday and Sunday.”

“Well, I’ll take you with me when I go. We will go together.” James Grayson raised a smile slightly and held Bella in his arms.

Bella leaned on him and looked at the blue sky.

She wished she could find their child this time. Maybe, because of this child, the parents of James will agree.

She was not afraid of their opposition. She was just afraid that it would be difficult for James Grayson to handle…

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