Chapter 284 Which woman does not expect to be loved?

Bella and James Grayson had breakfast together.

Bella bought breakfast for Scarlett. After thinking for a while, she bought some more breakfast.

“Why you are buying so much?” James Grayson asked.

“Your mother may still be there. If we buy it for Scarlett Evan only, it will be impolite.” Bella said.

James Grayson looked at her gentle eyes.

“In fact, you are gentle, considerate and generous. My mother is biased against you. Otherwise, you must get along well.” James Grayson exclaimed.

“It doesn’t matter. I do what I should do. It’s her business whether she accepts it or not. Let’s go now, otherwise, the breakfast won’t be delicious if it’s cold.” Bella walked to the car.

James Grayson sat in and drove to the hospital.

On the day, she has been very nervous. Just in her thoughts she followed James Grayson and reached the door of the ward.

James Grayson knocked on the door and opened it.

Scarlett Evan was lying on the bed. She was stunned to see James Grayson. She hurriedly got off the bed without wearing any shoes, she ran to James Grayson and called him excitedly, “Jimmy, at last you are here. I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Bella took a deep breath and walked in. She stood beside James Grayson.

Scarlett Evan saw Bella, widened her eyes and said angrily, “Why you came here? You are not welcome here.”

She pushed Bella with a lot of strength.

Bella was about to fall down.

James Grayson’s eyes looked at it and his hands were very quick. He puts his arm around Bella’s waist and held her blocking Scarlett Evan’s face. “I brought Bella here. If she will go, I will also leave.”

Scarlett Evan was hurt. She looked at James Grayson strangely. There were a lot of complaints in her eyes. She tightly pursed her lips.

Sierra Walker heard this, held Scarlett Evan’s arm, and yelled at James Grayson, “Are you still saying that? If you have to bring her, you don’t have to come. Go back. ”

James Grayson looked at Sierra Walker and made a decision in three seconds. He took Bella’s hand and turned around.

“Don’t go.” Scarlett Evan pleaded.

James Grayson stopped and looked at Scarlett Evan.

“If you leave, I will die.” Scarlett Evan said pitifully.

James Grayson was silent.

“If you die, there will be nothing left. Even the people you love, will not be there. Are you sure you want to die?” Bella asked.

As soon as Bella’s voice sounded, Sierra Walker stared at Bella, “Shut up, there is no place for you to talk.”

James Grayson’s eyes were filled with anger. He pulled Bella and walked.

Scarlett Evan rushed over and hugged James Grayson’s waist. “It doesn’t matter. If you want to bring someone here, I have no problem. I know I’m ugly now, and I don’t deserve you. But please do not go.”

James Grayson looked at the front with his dark eyes. “Bella and I are husband and wife.”

“I know. You’re married.” Scarlett Evan’s face was stuck on James Grayson’s back, she said, “Treat me as sister and cure my illness. Maybe, when I recover and become a normal person, I can find my own happiness.”

James Grayson heard Scarlett Evan.

Scarlett Evan was standing behind him. He could not see any expression.

Scarlett Evan continued, “For the time being, please don’t leave me, don’t abandon me, I will receive treatment. My requirements are not high, you have to come to see me once a day, no, only three times a week is enough.”

“Scarlett, why do you have to feel so aggrieved?” Sierra Walker said in a deep voice.

Scarlett Evan released James Grayson and looked at the bandage on her wrist. “James Grayson is married. I’ve been gone for eight years. Now I look like this. I can’t even take care of myself. It’s normal for James Grayson to not want me. I can just blame my fate.”

“Miss Bella, don’t you think you should give them a little time to get along? Scarlett is even willing to be treated as a sister.” Sierra Walker hated Bella more.

Bella looked at James Grayson. “I’ll wait for you outside.”

She put her breakfast on the table and turned away.

James Grayson looked at Bella’s back with more pity and guilt in his eyes.

Bella has told him that her eyes can’t hold a grain of sand.

James Grayson took a step towards Bella.

Sierra Walker stopped James Grayson and said, “Now, Scarlett has given up. She even begged you to treat her as a sister. Do you really want to be so desperate? You have given all your love to Bella. A little pity must be given to Scarlett Evan. She has never let you down.”

“It doesn’t matter, auntie. Let him go.” Scarlett Evan said softly.

James Grayson looked at Scarlett Evan and walked towards the door.

Scarlett Evan closed her eyes and staggered…

“Scarlett.” Sierra Walker exclaimed.

James Grayson turned subconsciously and Scarlett Evan fainted in his arms.

James Grayson tightened his brow and said to Sierra Walker, “Call the doctor.”

Sierra Walker walked out of the door.

Instead of going to the doctor, she called Bella. “Where are you?”

Bella was sure that Sierra Walker didn’t have anything good to do with her. “Does it have anything to do with you?”

“Bella, why do you have to be a villain? I want Scarlett Evan to be my daughter-in-law. James’s father also wants Scarlett Evan to be our daughter-in-law. Without you, James will definitely fall in love with Scarlett Evan again. Why do you have to mix up between the two lovers?” Sierra Walker asked coldly.

“Madam, do you know what love is?” Bella asked.

Sierra Walker paused. “Don’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs. You don’t need to teach me what love is.”

“In your eyes, love is something that other tells is right or not?

To be honest, you are looking for a woman who can be a good match for James and can lead him to a brilliant future.

If one day, James Grayson finally becomes the most successful man, but he finds that he doesn’t love his wife, but because of his status, he can’t leave his wife. He will live a loveless life. When he dies, he leaves this world with regret.

Are you sure you want to give all these to your son?

I think I should remind you of some things.

If with the help of a wife, a man, can be promoted to a more senior position he will eventually fear that women. However, if a man relies on his own ability, there will be no weakness or uncertainty.

I know you love your son. It’s because of this love that I don’t want to be rude to you.

However, I think your values have deviated. Happiness is not only about status, but also about love.” Bella said straightforwardly. She was right and self-confident.

Sierra Walker was in a trance.

She thought of Oscar Grayson, and her mood changed subtly.

This time, Bella stabbed the softest part in her heart – Oscar Grayson married her not because he loved her, but because she was suitable.

Which woman does not expect to be loved!

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