Chapter 282 We will always be together

Bella went out with James Grayson. When they were checking out, she saw the receptionist’s strange eyes again.

Bella blushed and went out first.

There were napkins everywhere in the room. She hasn’t tidied up yet. She has a feeling that she has done something bad and she has been caught.

It was clear they were husband and wife, and what they did was normal.

James Grayson noticed it and said, “We are husband and wife.”

The receptionist, “…”

He came out and opened the door of the car for Bella. Bella sat in.

James Grayson sat in the driver’s seat. Bella put on her seat belt and he drove.

“Can you tell me more about Scarlett Evan? I want to know so that I can treat her better.” Bella said to James Grayson.

“Scarlett is an orphan. She joined the army very early. She is very hardworking and outstanding. We have completed several tasks in cooperation and all of them have been successful.

Later, when we went to rescue a political figure, there was a traitor among us and all eight members died in the task.

I, Scarlett Evan, and the politician were trapped somewhere. She helped the politicians and me to get out first.

I rescued the dignitaries and went back. The fire has ruined everything there. I found a burnt body inside. The finger of the body was wearing the ring that I gave to her.

It turned out that she was not dead, but she was caught by the enemy and they treated her badly for five years. When she was rescued, she was mentally ill. She had been locked up in the laboratory for treatment all these years.” James Grayson explained everything he knew.

Bella has heard such a story. This was not what she wanted to know.

“She has been locked up for three years. Why did she come out and meets you now?” Bella didn’t understand.

“Shortly after she had restored her memory, there was a fire in the laboratory and she took advantage of it and escapes.” James Grayson explained.

Bella was silent.

She knew another person who was on that mission with them, Rachel Ainsley. According to James Grayson, the survivor can be the spy.

At the beginning, James Grayson thought that Rachel Ainsley was a spy, because he and Rachel Ainsley survived in that mission but Bella didn’t think Rachel Ainsley was the spy.

Now, it turned out that there is a third person alive. Can this third person be a spy?

Bella thought, but she didn’t say it.

She knew it can make James think that she is jealous of Scarlett Evan. Moreover, she has no evidence, and no one will believe her.

James Grayson called to confirm that Scarlett Evan has been sent to the military hospital and took Bella to the hospital.

In the ward, Scarlett Evan was asleep, with bandages on her wrists and Intravenous Fluids on her hands.

Sierra Walker and the two nurses were looking after her. Sierra Walker saw James Grayson and Bella together, and her face was not good. She asked James Grayson, “Because you didn’t come back she committed suicide and you brought Bella here. Aren’t you afraid that her mood will collapse again?”

“Bella and I are husband and wife. Bella is a psychology expert she will help to treat Scarlett.” James Grayson explained.

“Do you think Scarlett would like to see Bella? I don’t believe she will treat Scarlett well. You should come here alone.” Sierra Walker refused.

James Grayson lowered his eyes and said directly, “Does mom wants me to do nothing and keep an eye on Scarlett Evan for the rest of my life?”

Sierra Walker paused, turned his eyes to Bella, and stressed, “Miss Bella, Scarlett’s mood is very unstable. Please leave.”

The word “Miss Bella” indicated that she did not recognize Bella as her daughter-in-law. Bella didn’t want to show courtesy and call her mother in law.

“Why does Madam think she is not in a stable mood?” Bella asked calmly.

“You also know but you are asking me. Her heart has only James, but you and James are together now. Don’t you think it will hurt her? You will be happy when she will be dead?” Sierra Walker was angry.

“So, madam wants me to quit and let James Grayson and Scarlett Evan be together. Right?” Bella guessed.

Sierra Walker’s eyebrows were twisted, but she didn’t open her mouth.

Bella pulled the corners of her mouth, she felt a little ironic.

“When children want candy, they cry and adults give them candy. So, every time for getting candy they start crying but after a long-time children will lose their teeth because of candy.

Even if we do, or even if we don’t do the things that are wrong will always stay wrong. A person should know that crying, suicide, or stubbornness cannot solve any problem, on the contrary, it makes problem more serious, and finally put the person in a worse situation.” Bella said coldly.

“This is your own created nonsense. For keeping James you have become heartless and selfish. Do you want James to watch Scarlett die and then feel guilty for the rest of his life? Bella, if you love James, you should let him go and don’t let him be embarrassed.” Sierra Walker said angrily.

“It’s not her. It’s you who are embarrassing me now.” James Grayson interrupted and held Bella’s hand tightly.

Sierra Walker looked at James Grayson in shock. “If I hadn’t saved her this time, she would have died. Did you forget her efforts? I never taught you to be ungrateful.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t see Scarlett Evan. Compared with ingratitude I more care about disappointing Bella.” James Grayson said coldly, he seemed expressionless, alienated and mean.

Bella’s heart was hit badly, and the mist-filled her eyes instantly. She also held James Grayson’s hand, “we are helping Scarlett Evan in a more correct way.”

“That’s just the right way according to you. In my eyes, the right way is to let James go back to Scarlett and let him take care of her.”

“I’m sorry, James Grayson and I are married. It’s impossible for us to divorce. Military marriage can’t be separated. You should know this better than me.” Bella said firmly.

“It’s not that you can’t take a divorce. If you want to leave, there’s a way.”

“I will not divorce her.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Sierra Walker stopped at the door of the ward. “Scarlett is already very pitiful. You haven’t seen the madness when she couldn’t find you. Now her emotions have finally settled down. You can be ruthless to her but don’t hurt her.”

“We’re not hurting her, we’re curing,” Bella said in place of James Grayson.

“Wrong or excessive treatment is equal to injury. Go back now and wait until she wakes up.” Sierra Walker said coldly.

James Grayson looked at Bella.

Bella nodded. “Let’s go back first.”

Sierra Walker’s tightly clenched her fist and looked at Bella’s back.

James Grayson nodded and turned away with her.

Back in the car-

“You don’t have to worry about my mother’s attitude. I’ve had a lot of fights with them over the past three years.” James Grayson comforted Bella.

“It doesn’t matter, I know what she thinks because I have seen her dark side, so she not only hates me but also fears me. Above all, she doesn’t understand that she easily forced me three years ago, but why she can’t do it now.

Your mother is not bad. She just loves you so much and also your future.” Bella looked at James Grayson.

James Grayson held Bella’s hand. “No matter what, we will have a future together.”

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