Chapter 281 Husband and wife stick together in hard times

James Grayson slightly twisted his eyebrows, put his arms around Bella’s waist and pulled her to his side. “Can’t she think of us as the parents of the students?”

After all, they were legal husband and wife. Even if he wanted to do that with her, it was natural.

Bella chuckled, “No, student’s parents didn’t look so young!”

“Student’s brother and sister-in-law, is this OK?”

“The address on my ID card is not far from here. It’s less than an hour’s journey. She may have thought that I doesn’t go to my home and came here. It is normal for her to overthink.”

James Grayson turned around and pressed Bella on the wall. “Then do something.”

“My wound is not healed.” Bella politely refused.

“I know how to not hurt you.” James Grayson said in a hoarse voice.

Bella’s ears turned red.

James Grayson did not wait for her to think clearly, picked her up, entered the room, and went straight to the bathroom.

“The wound is scarred. I can take a shower myself.” Bella wanted him to put her down.

“It’s not that I haven’t seen it. I’ll help you with taking a shower.” James Grayson’s tone domineering and put down Bella. “Do you want to lay down in the bathtub?”

Bella shook her head. “It’s better to not lose the scab. Only wash it with a shower.”

“Okay.” James Grayson answered and unbuttoned her dress.

She seemed healed except for the deepest part of the chest.

He touched his belly, brushed it, and said with heartache, “How did you get this wound?”

“When I come to know that you went to find Scarlett Evan, I lost my temper, threw things, threw everything that I could throw in your room. After that, I tripped myself, and just hit the tile.” Bella said with a smile, “Is it possible to do wrong and escape punishment?”

However, she recalled the situation at that time, and her heart still ached.

She has had two failed relationships when it came to dealing with relationships, she became more sensitive and less confident. She knew her problem.

“It’s also my mistake. I get the news that Scarlett is still alive and I was shocked. When I went to see her, I found that there is a big gap between her and the previous one. Half of her body was burned by the fire, and she has been imprisoned by the enemy for several years. When she was rescued, she has been locked, and she has gone crazy.

First of all, I was afraid that you will be angry, so I didn’t tell you.

Secondly, her mental state was not well. I waited until she fell asleep.

I really didn’t know you hurt yourself. I’m sorry.” James Grayson apologized sincerely.

Bella’s eyes turned red.

“It’s better for me that she’s alive, not dead. I am glad.” Bella said meaningfully.

“Well?” James Grayson didn’t understand.

She just smiled and took the initiative to hold James Grayson’s neck’s back and give him a kiss.

Her lips were cold, very soft and active.

He put his arms around her waist, pulled her closer, deepened the kiss, and gradually his breath became uneven.

His stomach was pressed on her stomach. From somewhere, it pressed up against her abdomen.

Bella closed her eyes and her eyelashes quivered gently until the kiss stopped and James Grayson released her.

After the bath, he carried her to bed.

Bella thought that he will come directly. Because he was domineering, rigid and dominant.

But he didn’t, he put his hands on her knees.

Bella was too shy, to look at his face. She was nervous, and her hands were clenched into fists.

He kissed her wound.

Bella looked at him.

James Grayson smiled softly and stroked her cheek, “Although I forget how I used to make you fall in love with me, I may be too domineering and oppressive, but now I will seriously consider whatever you will say to me, and I will try my best to do what you want. You can quarrel with me or can be angry with me, but we are married, and divorce is impossible. Do you get it?”

Bella’s eyes were full of watery mist. Under the light, it seemed full of glitters, and lustrous.

He told her similar things before losing his memory.

This James seemed to overlap with the man she loved in the past.

“Thank you for tolerating my willfulness and stubbornness.” Bella choked.

James Grayson kissed her lips. “Thanks to you, and thanks to fate for giving me a chance.”

What he said was about the matter of their marriage.

However, she didn’t thank fate very much. Her past was too painful, so she wanted to catch a little hope of happiness.

Women are really contradictory animals.

In the end, sentiments defeated rationality…

James Grayson’s kiss gradually moved down, past her clavicle, wound, abdomen, and then down.

Bella hasn’t had a relationship with him for a long time, so she was very sensitive.

As soon as he touched, she had a reaction, almost subconsciously she pushed his shoulder. He held her hand and kissed her deeply.

The room was full of charming and gentle voices, particularly pleasant to listen.

He waited for her….then he did it.

He was afraid to press her scar. She let him sit on his abdomen with the strength of his arm.

He wanted to do it well.

He wanted to have a child with her that belongs to them.

Bella pushed him away.

James Grayson was disappointed. “What’s the matter?”

“I’m not in a safe period.” Bella said, looked into his eyes and immediately added another sentence, “I’m taking medicine. It’s not suitable for pregnancy the child can be deformed.”

James Grayson suddenly realized.

He really wanted to have a child with her, so he didn’t think. He kissed her on her lips, put her beside him, put one hand on her waist, and looked at her.

Bella was stared at by him and she was very uncomfortable.

“Do you have to go back to the military area in the early morning tomorrow?” Bella changed the subject.

“No, there’s a meeting in the afternoon. I will go back after lunch.”

“Well, I’ll sleep now. I’m a little sleepy.” Bella said, turned her back to him and closed her eyes.

James Grayson didn’t say anything. He rubbed her into his arms and lay down to sleep.

His cell phone rang.

James Grayson looked at Sierra Walker’s Caller ID and hung up directly. He didn’t want to answer it.

Lieutenant Colonel Walker called again, James Grayson didn’t want to answer. He could guess who asked him to call.

Bella looked at James Grayson.

When James Grayson was ready to put it on silent, the attending soldier of his apartment called.

“Take it. It doesn’t matter,” Bella said softly.

James Grayson answered the phone.

“Chief, Scarlett Evan tried to kill herself.” The soldier reported.

“Do you send her to the hospital?”

“She has been sent, but her mood was very unstable. She wanted to meet you.”

“It’s of no use to meet me.” James Grayson twisted his eyebrows.

Bella heard James Grayson’s refusal, and she was moved by it.

He listened to what she said before.

He just needed to act. However, she didn’t want to turn him into a villain.

“James, go and meet her. It is okay,” Bella said.

James Grayson looked at her incomprehensibly.

Bella smiled. “I believe you.”

James Grayson held Bella’s hand. His decision became even firm because she said, she believed him. He wanted to love her more and never wanted her to get hurt again.

“Let’s go together.”

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