Chapter 397 Fate is a absurd word for you and me

I opened the shoe cabinet. There were two pairs of cotton slippers in it. One pair was blue and the other was pink.

And there were two pairs of ordinary plastic slippers. One pair was blue and the other was pink.

I remembered they weren’t here when I lived here.

I took out those pink slippers.

A little slip of paper fell out. I picked it up and saw it said, “remember to wear cotton slippers in winter. Keep warm and don’t catch cold.”

There was no date on it.

I put on the slippers and opened the closet. The clothes inside were all new. There were home clothes and bathrobes for different seasons.

The table was full of brand new advanced cosmetics.

I was confused and went to the kitchen.

There was a pink note on the fridge, “there’s pudding in the fridge.”

I opened the refrigerator and saw that there were really two boxes of pudding in it.

I took a look at the date.


Seeing this time, my heart became cold.

What did it mean? Did Ming come here often?

It immediately made me feel terrible, but I was a little excited. If I could see Ming, could I let him let me go?

But soon I woke up.

I thought of Arthur’s attitude. He was just moving himself.

He just wanted me to beg him.

I shook my head and took out a big box. I put all the new things in the box, including cosmetics and clothes.

One box was not enough, so I used two!

Finally, I used two big boxes to load all the things Ming gave me. I found a piece of paper and wanted to write a note telling Ming that I sold the house, but I hesitated and threw the paper away.

I called security and changed a lock on the door.

Then I put these things at Ming’s door.

I didn’t mean to give it back, but I didn’t want to use his things and I didn’t want to leave them for Jessica.

I cleaned the house and carried a small bag of my things to the security office. I put the key there and left.

It was evening and it was time to get off work.

I stood at the gate of the community and wanted to take a taxi to Sherry’s house.

There were cars coming and going at the gate. I had been holding those things for a long time. There was no empty car.

And I couldn’t use the software to take a taxi.

For the first time, I realized that maybe I should learn to drive.

I didn’t think driving was a necessary skill before. Now it seemed that this skill was really a necessary skill at some time.

When I stood at the door to take a taxi, I saw a familiar car parked in front of me.

When I saw this car, my breathing slowed down.

Ming’s car.

I saw the back door open slowly. Ming sat in the back seat and still smiled and asked me, “where are you going? I’ll drive you.”


I immediately refused and nervously turned around and left.

Then I heard the closing of the door. I was not sure if Ming got out of the car or if he closed and left. I dared not look back. I held the bag in my hand and walked on.

But soon I heard his footsteps catching up.

I saw Ming come to me and say in a soft voice, “you can’t get a taxi now.”

He seemed to say, “you can’t escape.”

I stood there and hesitated for a long time. I finally got it. Why was I the one who escaped?

I had done nothing wrong.

He used me and cheated me and hurt me!

I stopped immediately and turned to Ming. My eyes were cold, “President Jessop, why are you here? Do you want to see if I’m miserable enough?”

“You can regret it.”

Ming said calmly.

“I don’t want to regret it.” I looked at Ming. “Didn’t you say we wouldn’t see each other again? What are you doing now?”

“But we meet. Isn’t it fate?”

Ming looked at me and smiled.

“Fate? It’s a absurd word for you and me.” I sneered, “President Jessop, you and I are forced to have a good relationship, otherwise we will not have too much relationship.”

When I finished, I finally saw an empty taxi.

I reached decisively to stop it.

I opened the door and got in the car before Ming spoke.

I didn’t want to be controlled by anyone any more. I wouldn’t shrink back. I wanted to find my own way.

But before I closed, I heard him say behind my back, “I’ll make up for you.”

I took the taxi to Sherry’s house. I felt more relaxed here than ever before. It seemed that I belonged here.

Or here I could really let go what happened outside.

I was thinking about Sherry’s death.

I called Linda and told her about it. I wanted her husband Scott to check if there was any report about it.

Then I searched the list of the vice presidents of Second Hospital.

After all, I had contact with Grandma’s attending doctor. I had a little impression of him.

There were four vice presidents in Second Hospital. I quickly scanned and saw a picture of a vice president named Wesley!

“It’s him!”

I said to myself!

He was Grandma’s attending doctor. At that time, because of his name, I thought he was born to be a doctor.

I read the doctor’s resume online. He was the youngest of all vice presidents.

He was also the most junior.

Why could he be vice president?

It was mysterious.

It seemed that this man was strange!

If I asked Scott, I might actually get some information!

Linda called me when I read Wesley’s information. She told me that in the last few years there was news that Second Hospital had unqualified medical equipment.

But because of its small impact, it had not attracted a lot of attention.

I thought about it and asked her, “what do I need to do if I want to find a scandal with Wesley, a vice president of Second Hospital?”

“Scandal?” Linda’s voice was a little confused, “I don’t know. Let me ask my husband for you.”

I sat there and thought about it.

I might have to eavesdrop on his cell phone.

But then hackers could do it. I remembered Sean had a friend named Gary.

But I didn’t want to involve him.

When I hesitated, my cell phone rang.

I looked down and saw that I had received a new email.

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