Chapter 396 You may not be able to help me all my life

Jessica leaned against the wall and looked to one side and said after thinking, “Carter Family was going bankrupt. Marlin needed working capital. If mom didn’t die, he couldn’t get the money, so he came up with the idea.”

“How do you know?”

“I overheard him talking to a doctor once. The hospital found a batch of unqualified urine tubes. One patient was infected, so the hospital wanted to return the tubes. But Marlin asked the doctor to find a catheter with bacteria and gave it to mom.”

Jessica was guilty when she said it.

There were tears in her eyes.

She looked down to wipe her tears. “Actually, I advised him at that time, but he didn’t listen to me and wanted to give me more shares. I was tempted…”

Jessica began to sob, “I’ve been sorry for all these years. I know I did it wrong…”

I looked at Jessica and hated her.

But at the same time I thought about something.

As long as I found evidence and prove that Marlin killed his mother, it may be good for me!

“What’s the doctor’s name?” I asked her.

“Let me think about it…” Jessica thought for a moment and shook her head. “I don’t remember. He was mom’s attending doctor. But I remember a few days ago it was reported that he became an associate dean.”

I spent the night in Sherry’s bedroom.

I had a dream. When I was 19, I came to Carter Family and saw Sherry for the first time.

She sat on the big sofa in the living room and smiled at me with a loving face.

She reached out and drew me close to her and touched my hand and said, “you will be my granddaughter later. You will no longer be a child without a family.”

When I woke up, the pillow towel was wet.


I sat on the bed and looked at the picture of sherry opposite the bed. She was smiling kindly.

Jessica didn’t get up until nearly 11 o’clock. I had breakfast already.

When she got up, she said to me, “let’s exchange the real estate certificates.”

When she said that, her tone was tentative. She seemed afraid that I would regret it.

I shook my head. “Let’s go.”

Jessica came by car. She drove me to York No.1.

My real estate certificate was in that house, but the key was in Sean’s house.

Even though I didn’t have the key, Sean had servants at home.

I let her wait downstairs. I went upstairs alone.

I thought there were only servants in the house, but when I opened the door, Sean was standing in front of the French window and making a phone call.

When he saw me, he suddenly became excited. He came up and opened his arms and held me tight in his arms.

“Where have you been? I can’t get in touch with you all night. I’m worried about you!”

He hugged me tightly and seemed afraid I would disappear.

I was standing there and confused. I thought for a moment before I realized that I didn’t bring my cell phone.

I looked at Sean and shook my head. “It’s OK. I just promised to change my house with Jessica.”


Sean straightened up and looked at me in disbelief.

I nodded. “Jessica is selling Grandma’s house. I want to give her my house. So Grandma’s house won’t be sold.”

Sean was a little upset. “Your house is from your grandma. I can buy it for you.”

“No.” I knew he would say that. I immediately shook my head. “I want to solve the problem through my own ability.”

I couldn’t rely on Sean for everything, right?

I had to rely on myself.

Sean frowned. “Why? I hope you rely on me.”

“But I wish I rely on myself.” I looked up at him and said tentatively, “after all, you may not be able to help me all my life. I have to be independent.”

In the end, I couldn’t hear my voice clearly.

But Sean seemed to hear it very well. He held my arm in his hand. His cool face approached me, “what’s the matter with you? Why did you suddenly change?”

I looked into his eyes and didn’t dodge, “I’m fine. I have to go downstairs with my bag, or Jessica will be impatient.”

“I’ll go with you.” Sean said definitely.


I had no objection. I knew it was no use objecting. He would follow me.

I took my bag and went downstairs with Sean.

Jessica was waiting for me in the underground garage. When she saw Sean, her eyes suddenly brightened. She immediately approached and said, “President Jessop.”

Sean just nodded and didn’t want to talk to her.

Jessica continued, “long time no see. You are still so young and handsome…”

“Let’s go to my house first.”

I interrupted Jessica.

She seemed to remind me over and over that Sean was Molly’s husband.

We went downstairs of my house. Sean and I took the elevator upstairs. I didn’t look at my door but at Ming’s first.

Ming and I used to be neighbors.

Now I thought maybe it was not a coincidence.

He did it on purpose.

I got out of the elevator and opened the door with the key and found the property certificate.

Next to the property certificate was the black bag with the pink necklace Sean gave me.

I stared at it and hesitated and put it in my bag.

This necklace was very expensive. Maybe I could sell it and help Sean.

When I went out, Sean was waiting at the door. He looked at me and said seriously, “have you decided? If you don’t want to sell it, I can…”

“I’m going to sell it.” I interrupted him. “I don’t want to live next door to him.”

I meant Ming.

Sean didn’t speak again.

We went to the real estate bureau with Jessica and exchanged the names on our real estate certificate.

I gave Jessica the key.

Jessica gave me all the keys to Sherry’s old house. There were dozens of keys.

I put the keys away and said, “I’ll move this afternoon. Then I’ll leave the key at the security office. Take it yourself.”

Jessica immediately said, “you can’t move the furniture. I kept all the furniture in the old house for you.”

“I know.”

Jessica left the furniture to me not because she was kind, but because she was too lazy.

Sean had lunch with me and went to the company for a meeting.

I went back to York No. 1, the house that no longer belonged to me, to pack up.

Most of the clothes and daily necessities inside were new.

Ming bought them for me.

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