Chapter 395 Sherry’s death was not an accident

Actually, I didn’t care.

I preferred to live in the house Sherry used to live in. I liked here.

All the good memories about Carter Family happened here.

Jessica agreed and reluctantly changed her shoes.

I changed my shoes, too.

As I looked around the house upstairs and downstairs, Jessica entered a room. Before she went in, she said to me, “I’m going to bed. Let’s go through the formalities tomorrow morning. If you break your promise, I will punish you!”

“I won’t.”

I said calmly.

After she got into the room, I went into Sherry’s bedroom. The bedroom hadn’t changed.

But in front of Sherry’s picture on the cupboard was a bunch of withered chrysanthemums.

I approached and saw that the chrysanthemum had completely withered and there was a thick layer of ash around it.

It seemed that no one had come in here for a long time.

I looked down and noticed that there was also a layer of ash on the ground. I left a layer of footprints when I came in.

My grandma loved me the most, but her house was like this. I was a little sad. I went to the tool room and took out the vacuum cleaner, duster, mop, gloves, detergent and so on.

After I moved everything out, I was standing there and weak.

I thought I only had breakfast today.

I looked up at my watch. It was only ten o’clock now. There may be some snack stands outside.

I touched my pocket. Fortunately, I had a little change in my pocket.

I took the change and left a gap in the door and went out.

Not far from the community, there was an old lady selling supper. She could cook wonton and noodles.

I ordered a bowl of noodles. I finished and went back to work.

I started cleaning downstairs.

When I was cleaning, I even doubted that no one had come to the house in five or six years.

All the corners were covered with dust about one centimeter thick.

I mopped the floor and went upstairs after sweeping downstairs. I started to clean the bedrooms and study and tea room, but I kept away from Jessica’s bedroom.

When I finished cleaning the bathroom on the second floor, I cleaned all the tools and entered Sherry’s room with a heart of gratitude and remembrance.

I began to clean the room.

I almost knocked out Sherry’s picture when I was cleaning the floor.

So I put Sherry’s picture in the hallway.

Then I came in and cleaned the master bedroom again.

When I had cleaned everything and put the tools away, I wiped Sherry’s picture several times with a rag. Then I was going back to the room with the picture.

Just then, Jessica’s room door opened.

I couldn’t help turning around.

There was no light in the hallway. Jessica came out with a cell phone for lighting.

I turned to see her. Her cell phone was facing me.

I didn’t mean to talk to her and wanted to turn around and put the picture back.


Jessica suddenly yelled and threw away her cell phone. She knelt down and kowtowed to me, “Mom! Mom! Don’t blame me. Marlin did it. It has nothing to do with me. Please let me go!”

I stood there and I was quick to react to what happened.

I thought for a moment and made a sound.

It sounded hoarse.

Jessica immediately froze, “Mom! Go to Marlin. I didn’t agree with him to change your catheter, but he threatened me. I couldn’t stop him!”


I was shocked!

Sherry’s death wasn’t an accident!

I stood there with Sherry’s picture in my hand and was disappointed.

What did she mean?

Sherry died in a conspiracy of her own children?

I went to Jessica step by step.

Jessica didn’t seem to wake up and was really scared, “Mom! Mom! I did it wrong! Don’t come to me!”

She kowtowed as she spoke.

Her head banged against the wood floor and made a crisp noise!

I went up to Jessica and looked down at her and said, “what do you mean?”

Jessica heard me and stopped all her movements.

She looked up at me and reacted for a few seconds and scolded me, “June? What the fuck are you doing? You don’t sleep and scare me here. Are you crazy?”

I looked at her calmly, “I’m not crazy. You’ve done something bad, so you’re afraid of ghosts at night.”


Jessica’s cell phone lit up her face.

There was only guilt on her face.

Jessica picked up her cell phone and turned around and went to the bathroom. I didn’t chase her and put the picture back.

Then I waited for Jessica at the bathroom door.

About half an hour later, Jessica came out.

She opened the door and saw me standing there. She recoiled in horror and said discontentedly, “what are you doing? Why don’t you sleep?”

“Tell me what happened to Grandma’s urinary tube with bacteria!”

How could I sleep if I didn’t make it clear?

I turned on the light in the corridor.

The orange light fell on Jessica’s face. She was frightened just now so her face was pale. She said impatiently, “I don’t know. Ask your father.”

“I’m asking you!” I threatened her, “I have the video about back then. Anyway, you know my situation. I don’t want to live. I can publish it and die with you!”

Actually, I was not sure if I had the video I made about Jessica.

But I had to say that.

Jessica’s face was paler. She clenched her teeth and stared at me. “June, you’re so mean!”

“You did something bad. You gave me a chance to be mean.” I said coldly.

Jessica was angry and hesitated and said, “most of it was done by Marlin. I only know a little. I can only tell you what I know.”

“Well, you say.”

I nodded.

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