Chapter 394 June, are you crazy?

I didn’t know how many tears I shed.

When I reacted, the people around me seemed to have dispersed. It seemed that the police had come to stop it.

I was the only one left.

I felt like I had been deprived of all my feelings. I would not be sad or angry.

I stood up and was pointed at and walked back to York No.1.

I didn’t seem to meet anyone along the way.

I was not sure.

I went home and took a bath and changed clothes. I was just sitting on the sofa.

My brain was in a mess.

I seemed to be trapped in self denial.

I sat there and thought.

Everything started with me.

The studio was smashed because of me.

The orders were cancelled because of me.

My mother was exposed because of me

Sean’s company almost lost its AI project because of me and was going to close down now.

I felt like I was a jinx.

All the people I knew would be unlucky.

I thought Sean must be lucky. Even so, he became unlucky after he knew me.

I should stay away from him.

I should not disturb him.

Today, those people were right. I shouldn’t live in this world at all.

But I couldn’t die. What about Lester? He would lose his mother.

Lester was the only reason I lived.

It was evening now. The night in winter always came early.

I suddenly missed Sherry very much.

I put on my coat and went out. I wanted to find sherry.

When I got back to my senses, I found that I had reached the old house of Carter Family.

Carter Family was in the center of the city. It didn’t take long to get here.

I wanted to go in but I found a notice from an intermediary company at the door saying the house was for sale.


Who was going to sell Grandma’s house?

I was flustered and wanted to call, but I found I didn’t bring anything.

I didn’t bring my cell phone and my bag.

I came out alone.

When I wanted to go back for them, I heard someone open the door behind me. Then I heard a woman call me, “June?”

I turned and saw Jessica standing at the door!

I hadn’t seen her for a long time.

I didn’t expect her to recognize me, but I was not surprised. Now I was the Internet celebrity.

Oh, yes.

The house was later given to her.

I looked at her and thought about the house. I said, “are you going to sell this house?”

But Jessica didn’t answer me. She came straight up, “you bitch. How dare you come back! You set up Carter Family!”

At this time, my nerves seemed to be numb.

She came and pinched my neck but I didn’t dodge.

I listened to her and nodded, “yes, I hurt you.”

Jessica didn’t seem to expect me to admit it. She said angrily, “my brother and my sister-in-law are so miserable!”

Jessica said that, but I didn’t think she thought that.

It seemed that she didn’t mind that much.

I stared at her. Although I had trouble speaking, I said, “I want to buy this house.”

“Can you afford it?” Jessica glanced at me. “I know you’re more miserable now than I am. This house is expensive unless you ask Sean to buy it for you.”


I was in a daze.

No, I couldn’t ask him to help me.

I couldn’t give him any more trouble.

I looked at Jessica and thought about what I had. I said, “I’ll give you my house. I’ll use the house in York No.1 to exchange it with you.”


Jessica listened to me and her eyes were bright!


I nodded seriously.

At this time, my brain was numb. I just wanted to change this house back and didn’t want it to be sold. Everything else didn’t matter.

“That’s great. Let’s sign the agreement!”




No matter what she said, I agreed, as long as I could get the house back.

Jessica seemed afraid I would regret it. She said to me, “don’t lie to me. You live here. Let’s go tomorrow morning.”


I nodded.

Jessica looked at me and blinked and frowned. “June, are you crazy?”

Her words were like a lightning strike on my heart!

It seemed that I suddenly understood. I immediately shook my head. “Of course not!”

I was not crazy!

I didn’t want to be crazy!

At this moment, I thought of Margaret!

No, I didn’t want to be like that!

I was not crazy!

I tried to hide my emotions.

Jessica had no doubts. She opened the door. “Come in. We’ll go tomorrow morning.”

I went in.

Sherry’s house and the furniture hadn’t changed, which made me very happy.

When I got in, Jessica said, “you live here. I’ll come here tomorrow morning. I have to go.”

“Don’t you live here?”

I looked at Jessica in surprise.

“I have a place to live. I can’t live here!” Jessica looked flustered and seemed afraid I would ask more.

At that moment, I suddenly thought of something. I walked over and grabbed Jessica’s hand. “No way! If you want to change houses, you must stay with me for one night!”


Jessica shook off my hand!

Her eyes were full of horror!

She seemed to resist living here!

What was she afraid of?

Although my mind was not clear during the day, I was clear at this time.

I pulled her. “No, then I won’t change houses with you.”

Jessica hesitated immediately. She begged me, “I’m going back to take care of my husband…”

“Get your husband here.”

I said firmly.

Now Jessica seemed guilty. She seemed to have done something bad!

“Then I’ll go. I don’t want this house.”

I didn’t stop her. I let go of her hand and went out.

Jessica saw that I really seemed to be leaving. She grabbed me. “Forget it. I will live here!”

She said that, but she seemed to be in a dilemma.

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