Chapter 393 Disillusionment

I hung up and went out.

Sean had been very busy lately. I didn’t disturb him. I took a taxi and went to the place I had arranged with Arthur.

I paid at the door and went upstairs to wait for him.

Because it was morning, there weren’t many people in the cafe. I sat down in the corner and ordered a cup of coffee and waited for him.

It was half past nine.

I sat there and thought about what I would say to Arthur later.

If Arthur refused me or hesitated, what could I say to impress him?

I thought of countless versions in my mind.

At ten o’clock I saw Arthur push open the door of the cafe. He looked around and saw me and strode towards me.

At this time, I was very worried. Maybe whether it could change depended on it.

Arthur sat down and put his briefcase by the side. Then he took out some papers and put them on the table and said, “Miss Jones, this is the information I prepared for this court session. Please have a look. Although they have lawyers, don’t worry. I…”

Before I could speak, Arthur talked about Inez and Marlin’s case.

I quickly said, “Arthur, I don’t want to ask you about it. I’m very relieved of you.”

Arthur stopped immediately and looked at me coldly.

I took a sip of coffee and said, “actually, this time I’d like to ask you to speak for me…”

“I’m very sorry. Ming told me not to interfere with it. He threatened me that if I step in, my law firm will close and I might lose my lawyer’s card.”

Arthur interrupted and said.

What he said made me not know what to say.

I looked at Arthur and opened my mouth, but I couldn’t say a word.

What could I say?

After a long time, I whispered, “Arthur, your words are very useful to me. You can…”

“I’m very sorry.” Arthur looked at me and said firmly, “I have to take care of my family. Although I had a good relationship with you before, I can’t kill my favorite career for you.”

I was stunned by Arthur’s words.

In fact, I just thought about many possibilities. I didn’t expect Ming to threaten him.

I didn’t expect Ming to be so heartless!

Ming was not a good person. I was naive.

I thought of it. How could Ming not have thought of it?


I lowered my head and took a sip of coffee. I calmed down and looked up at Arthur with a smile, “I see. Please handle this case. As for other matters, I won’t embarrass you.”

Arthur nodded. “I’m sorry. I can’t help with this.”

He finished and left.

I paid the bill and went out.

I walked out of the cafe. There were some old ladies chatting at the door. I looked up and saw that it was a supermarket. There were promotions in the supermarket today and many people came shopping.

I didn’t care. I walked a few steps and heard an old lady say, “have you heard about the case where a woman almost killed her parents and her sister?”

“Yes, that woman is too vicious!”

“I’ve lived a long time, but I haven’t seen such a vicious woman! She did such a vicious thing to her parents!”

“If my daughter does that, I will be very sad.”

“My children won’t do that. My children are very filial. I think this woman is antisocial!”

Some old ladies got together to chat.

I stood there and clenched my fist and restrained myself. I realized that I should leave at once.

I was in a hurry. I took two steps forward and hit a woman.

“I’m sorry.” I quickly bowed my head and apologized.

I saw the vegetables on the woman’s hand fall to the ground.

I quickly squatted down to help her pick it up.

After that, I handed it to her, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you.”

“Forget it.” The old lady didn’t care.

But then the people around look at us. Someone in the crowd shouted, “she’s the woman in the news! She killed her sister!”

Everybody looked at me!

I became nervous in a flash!

I wanted to leave, but an old lady suddenly grabbed my arm from behind. “Don’t go! I’ve never seen a woman as vicious as you. I have to see what you look like!”

I was so scared that I shook off her hand.

She fell back.

“She pushed her! She sued her parents and killed her sister! She’s going to kill now!”

More people came round.

They surrounded me.

I wanted to go, but there were many old ladies in the supermarket and they blocked my way.

No matter how I pushed them, I couldn’t go!

When I was in despair, I felt a pain in my head.

I heard a crisp noise. I reached for something sticky on my head and it flowed down. I felt a round thing.

Soon I knew it was an egg.

When I wanted to leave, another egg hit my back!

“Hit her!”

Suddenly countless eggs came to me!

And leaves!

I panicked and could only crouch down with my head in my arms.

At the moment I squatted down, I felt someone kick me.

Then more people started kicking me!

It hurt.

I heard a lot of abuse around me, “look, she’s the one who’s going to kill her parents and sister!”

“We will educate you for the society!”

“You should die!”


“We will avenge your parents and your sister!”

“Kill her!”

I was squatting and there was a lot of abuse around me.

I went from anger to panic to numbness.

In the end, I didn’t even know when the farce was over.

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