Chapter 391 Unless you leave Sean

There were many netizens scolding me on the Internet.

They were searching for Molly’s disappearance, Sean’s and Cindy’s wedding and the death that should have been mine.

This timeline was actually very easy to piece together into a complete clue!

Because of this clue, everyone believed in Inez’s words.

A lawyer offered to act as an attorney for Inez and Marlin to help them sue.

When I watched it with shaking hands, one hand grabbed my cell phone directly.

I looked up and saw Linda standing there with a serious face. “Let’s go back to my old office. Fortunately, I haven’t quit yet.”

I looked at Linda and I felt guilty and scared.

Looking at the messy studio, I trembled and said, “I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.”

“It’s none of your business!” Linda said firmly and took me by the hand. “You wait outside for me. I’ll take the hard disk off my computer.”

The computer had been broken and was useless.

As soon as I got to the door, a red car came and stopped at the door.

When I saw the car, my heart first trembled and I could not help but step back.

But soon I saw Daisy get off in a short black coat and high heels.

She saw me and looked at the door behind me. She was stunned. “What’s the matter?”

At this time, Linda just came out of it and said lightly, “move.”

Daisy came up and took a look at the door. She said angrily, “these netizens are fools! They believe what others say. I wanted to see your studio!”

“We’re going to my old office. Are you going with us?” Linda asked.

“Yes, I’m free anyway.”

Daisy agreed.

Linda called Chloe first.

I took Daisy’s car and Linda was leading the way.

In the car, I said to Daisy, “don’t tell Jack about it.”

I was afraid he would tell Sean.

Even though it happened, I still didn’t want Sean to help me. After all, besides Cindy, Ming was also a threat to me.

Now Sean was fighting with the two of them and was sure to lose.

Daisy took a look at me and said meaningfully, “I see. Are you going to hide it from Sean?”

“It will pass.” I looked at the front and said firmly.

“Are you sure?”

Daisy drove and squinted at me.

I nodded firmly, “well, when we were little, there seemed to be a lot of terrible things happened, but at last they all passed, so that I can’t remember anything now.”

“Why didn’t I find you so optimistic before?” Daisy gave me a sidelong look and sighed helplessly.

“If you meet more things, you will be optimistic.”

Actually, I was glad Lester was not in York.

He was not affected.

In order not to delay my work, on the way there, I called my friend who had been helping me with my computer and asked him to send two computers. Then I sent the address of Linda’s office.

By the time we got to the office, the people who sent the computers had arrived at the door, and the boxes for the computers and screens were put aside.

One of them offered to say, “Miss Jones, you’ve been an Internet celebrity recently.”

I was embarrassed.

The man immediately said, “but we’ve been in touch with you for a long time. We know what you are. We won’t believe those things on the Internet.”

“Thank you.”

After listening to him, I was naturally grateful.

Linda took a look at the boxes and smiled, “you’re thoughtful.”

With that, she opened the door.

When we came in, they helped us install the computer and the original hard disk and left.

Because of the loss of the last time, after we turned on the computer, we first backed up all the files and then uploaded them to the Internet.

After all, we were not always so lucky and the hard disk was not destroyed.

Soon Chloe arrived. As soon as she came in, she said, “I just went to the studio and had a special look. How could it be like that! Who did it! They are so arrogant!”

Chloe paused and said, “is Molly the last woman we met at the door? She’s a bitch.”


Daisy added.

I sat in the chair, and they all sat down.

They looked at me. Daisy asked first, “you’re going to hide it from Sean. Do you have a plan of your own?”

Her question left me in a daze.

My plan?

I had no plan at all.

I had no idea that things would get worse.

I hesitated for a moment and said, “let it be. What happened on the Internet before was forgotten at most a month later.”

I recalled the events on the Internet. They were basically like this.

Even if someone remembered, it didn’t matter.

Linda sat there with her cell phone in her hand and her face dignified. “You’re talking about ordinary events, but this time it’s obvious that someone is setting you up. As long as they don’t stop, it won’t pass. In the past, some people have deliberately reduced the popularity of the news or something bigger has happened and completely diverted the attention of netizens.”

“So what can be a distraction?”

Chloe asked casually.

Everyone was silent.

Now it was really a carnival of netizens and media.

The media had been covering it and raising its profile.

It didn’t attract too many people’s attention that stars have children or fall in love.

“I can talk to Cindy.”

I said.

“Unless you leave Sean, I don’t think you have to talk to Cindy.” Daisy spoke directly.

“Yes, I think she’s a bitch, too.”

Chloe echoed.

I didn’t respond, but Daisy’s words quietly planted a seed in my heart.

At this time, Linda’s phone rang. She answered the phone. After a while, she looked serious and went out.

I realized something and followed her. I heard Linda say, “please listen to me explain to you. This is a rumor. Our designers are not like this. Please…”

When she said that, she didn’t go on. I thought the other party hung up.

Linda put her phone in her pocket and turned around dejectedly. She looked at me and smiled, “the last project was cancelled. It’s good. We can have a rest.”

Her words made me more sad.

All because of me.

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