Chapter 390 Watching her burn

I went aft and saw only Scott and Sean.

I was afraid to scare the fish away so I didn’t make a sound.

I heard Scott say, “he spent a lot of money. If we don’t spend more money, it’s hard for us to do it.”

“How much is this information worth?”

“At least that number.” Scott said and raised one hand. I thought it was five million dollars. I heard him say, “fifty million dollars.”

I was shocked to hear the number.

I thought it was a high price. I didn’t expect Scott to say, “now people like to pry into the private lives of stars and rich people. In the past, the rich remained mysterious and would not be exposed to the public. The stars disappeared when they married the rich. But this is the opposite.”

Scott said a lot, but Sean just asked, “is $50 million an accurate figure?”

“No.” Scott shook his head. “He’s trying to push her to the brink now.”

Sean didn’t speak.

At this point, Scott said, “the media know about the Giant group. I think you’d better not force yourself. After all, if you fight him, it’s bottomless.”

“Do we have any other way?” Sean asked.

I was standing behind them. I only listened a little, but I understood that they were talking about me.

I didn’t know the current situation of the Giant group, but I knew that the last event had a great impact on the Giant group. It was just relieved. If it was involved in my business, its future was unpredictable.

I couldn’t let Sean do too much for me!

I calmed down and walked out.

I grabbed Sean’s arm and smiled, “we’re out on holiday. Don’t talk about me. Don’t worry. I’ve been through a lot of things. It’s nothing. You are not allowed to spend money. You can leave the money to Lester.”

Sean was a little surprised at my appearance.

I looked at Scott and said with some threat, “you can’t give him any idea. I’ll deal with it.”

Scott looked up at me and then at Sean. He fixed the rod to the edge of the boat and said with a smile, “I’m going to see Summer. You talk.”

With that, he left.

As soon as Scott left, I put my arms around Sean’s waist and said, “if you pay for the news, I won’t go home. I’ll run away with Lester.”

Sean looked at me and frowned. He put a hand around me. “I know what to do.”

“No way.”

He must want to deal with it.

He would certainly spend much money.

I didn’t want to buy this news for $50 million!

I put my arm around Sean’s neck and tiptoed and kissed his lips, “I hear you’re going to have to spend a lot of money. You can save the money and buy me presents later. I don’t need you to do it now.”

I didn’t want to be the burden of Sean anymore.

I thought it was just negative information and I could hold on!

And it would be forgotten in a while.

Sean looked at me and didn’t speak. He put his hand around my waist and kissed me.

But this kiss was more passionate. His exclusive domineering breath grabbed the air in my mouth.

After a long time he let me go.

I stood there and fished with Sean. Today we were lucky and caught several big fish.

There was a fish as tall as me!

I’ve never seen such a big fish!

I picked up the fish and excitedly took it to the bow to show them. Everyone took pictures.

It was already noon after we took the pictures.

The sailor turned the yacht around and returned.

We played separately.

I stood with Sean. I found that the relationship between Daisy and Jack seemed to have changed quietly in the last few hours.

They stood together and Daisy didn’t dislike it.

When the yacht arrived at the dock, Jack reached for Daisy to disembark and Daisy did not refuse.

Lunch was grilled fish.

We didn’t go back to our rooms and sat in the dining room and waited. After about half an hour, the chef finally brought in a whole fish.

The fish was burnt yellow and fragrant with some spices.

Everyone was hungry. When we wanted to taste it with great interest, our expression solidified.

I tasted it, too. The taste of fish was very light. We only tasted some spices and lemon juice.

Everyone looked at each other.

The waiter saw our expression and explained it to us. In order to keep the fish delicious, it would not be added too much seasoning.

Daisy immediately said, “give me some chili sauce.”

“Me too.” I raise my hand.

Everyone raised their hands.

In the afternoon, everyone went to play.

After dinner, I found out that Daisy and Jack went to the same room.

We spent seven days on the island. On the seventh day, we went back to the Carson City and spent a day in the Carson City. Sean and I sent Lester back to Sceaux. Then we went back to York together.

The next morning, I went to the studio as usual. But as soon as I got to the door, I was stunned.

The door of the studio was knocked down.

It looked like it was split with an axe!

I walked in and took a deep breath. The studio was full of red paint!

Tables, chairs and computers were all cut off!

The sofa was torn down and painted red.

I walked slowly in. When I went to the meeting room, I found it written in red paint.

Killing Father! Killing Mother! Killing elder sister!

Bitch, you should die!

Looking at these words, my head was in a mess.

I hadn’t brought my cell phone these days. I seemed to get used to it. This time I came to the studio with my mobile phone, but I didn’t have time to see it.

What did they find out?

I held back my fear and clicked on the news with shaking hands.

Sure enough, someone went to visit Inez. Inez seemed to be crazy and said that I killed Molly on the ship.

The man secretly recorded a video. In the video, Inez only showed a half face. She cried and said, “in order to let Molly go, we gave her all our possessions, but June was too cruel. She disagreed. At last she watched Molly burn!”

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