Chapter 185 He was afraid he would come to blows

“I won’t feed you. Don’t you have hands? How did you, a healthy adult, get into the habit of being fed by others? That’s not a good trend.”

“And my brother didn’t bring a girlfriend. Isn’t our PDA like a knife stabbing him in the heart? How can you be so cruel?” Jessica shouted at him first and then tried to persuade him earnestly.

Chris, “…”


Their figures were reflected in Ryan’s pupils. There was a flash of self-mockery in his eyes. Before the meal was over, he got up, made a random excuse and left.

If he stayed there any longer, he was afraid he would come to blows.

Once he was gone, There was no need for Jessica to act any more. She absorbed herself in her meal.

“What’s up? Are you in a bad mood because Mr. Howard’s gone?” Chris hit her on the head with his chopsticks, feeling a little jealous somehow.

Hearing this, Jessica stepped on his shoe and said, “I warn you, Little Bully, I hate it when people associate me with my brother! I will beat you up, if you say a word like that in front of me again, believe it or not?”

Chris took a look at the black footprint on his white shoe and then stared at her sullenly, who looked extremely rebellious.

Seeing that, Jessica stepped on his other shoe and looked at him with her chin up. “What? You want to fight now?”

“…” Chris stared at the symmetrical footprints on his shoes, grabbed his cap irritably and covered it over her head. “Fight my foot!”

Damn it, this woman was unruly!

Jessica had a full stomach and returned to the set.

Seeing that she was back, Clara came up to her, pouted her lips and pointed in a direction. “Amy’s assistant came and said that you asked her to be your assistant. How did that happen?”

“You have to take care of me when you’re on the set, so you couldn’t collect material. It just so happened that this sister saved my life once, and she also lost her job, so I asked her to be my assistant, as a requital.”

It was a few days ago. She thought the assistant didn’t want to come to her and she had almost forgotten about it.

Jessica went up to the assistant and asked her name and age, etc. Even if the assistant did not have an ID card, and they were not going to make a contract, but she had to know the most basic information.

The assistant answered one by one. She took a look at Clara who was not far away from them in the end and said in a small voice, “Miss Rosen, could I have your promise that you won’t tell anyone else I am Amy’s sister?”

Amy had a bad reputation now, and she was unkind to the assistant. It was only human that the assistant did not want to be affected now.

Jessica readily agreed. “Don’t worry. I am not going tell Clara, either.”

The assistant thanked Jessica again and again after she made a promise.

Looking at her faded clothes and the outdated hair clip on her head, Jessica felt really sorry for her and asked Clara to take her to buy some clothes. Otherwise, she would look too shabby to be next to her.

After returning to the hotel in the evening, Clara lay beside her and complained when they had finished showering.

“Do you know what she was wearing underneath? She didn’t even wear thermal underwear on such a cold day.”

“Other people don’t wear it because they think they would look fat, but she…Tut, she only wore a suit of faded underclothes with holes which was because she had worn for a long time.”

“So was her shoes. The soles were torn by nails before. Because the snow has melted now, water flowed into the shoes, and she has been wearing wet shoes.”

“Now even a beggar dresses better than she does. She’s so pathetic.”

For the others, Jessica and Clara would have wondered if she had dressed herself like that deliberately so they might have taken pity on her.

But Annie Scott was so submissive that she dared not stand up straight when she looked at others. How could such a poor little thing do it on purpose?

Jessica sympathized with her and set her salary at twice that of her peers. Just near the end of the year, she gave Annie a big red envelope of fifty thousand dollars on Lunar New Year’s Eve, which Clara envied so much.

Jessica also gave her friend the same one, but Clara did not take it.

“Just fifty thousand dollars. I’m not short of that. But you have not known her long, and you don’t have to be so kind to her even if she had helped you once.” Clara was really a little envious.

Jessica smiled and comforted her for a while before she felt better. “Ok, I’ll forgive you this time. But Annie Scott…Why is this name so similar to Amy Scott? They sound quite like sisters.”

Annie Scott had just come with the suitcase, and her face turned pale at this.

Seeing this, Jessica sighed inwardly, but smiled happily at Clara and said, “Come on, if they are sisters, Amy can be so mean to Annie?”

“That’s true.” Clara didn’t think much about it.

Annie breathed a sigh of relief and put the suitcase into the trunk. She came up to the two of them and said in a low voice, “Jessica, everything is packed.”

“Well, then, I’ll go home. Take good care of yourself if you spend the Spring Festival in the rented house. Just call me if there’s anything.”

Jessica actually wanted to take her home for the Spring Festival, but her grandmother would also come to her house during the Spring Festival. If she took a stranger back, she would probably not be happy.

In fact, Clara also offered to take Annie home, but they still regarded each other as an outsider, so Annie declined politely.

“I will. Goodbye Jessica.” Annie knew that Jessica would not take her home for the Spring Festival, but she still felt kind of sad when she saw Jessica leave now.

After all, she was just an outsider.

Jessica had no idea of her thoughts. She counted all the gifts she had prepared for her family members one by one. After making sure, she smiled with satisfaction.


The phone vibrated.

Little Bully, “Why did you return the gift that I gave you as a New Year’s gift?!!”

With so many exclamation points, it seemed that he was really angry… So what? She had promised her brother that she wouldn’t accept a gift which was more than a hundred dollars from Little Bully. She could not break her promise.

Otherwise, her brother would be angry when he knew it.

Thinking of Ryan, Jessica slapped herself on the head suddenly. “I’ve been so busy these past half a month. How could I forget it?”

Actually, she was going to ask grandpa for information about drug addicts, but she forgot…Well, she could ask for it when she got home this time.

The car soon stopped at Howard’s house.

Jessica paid the driver, got off the car and walked into the villa with the suitcase. Her mother and father were there, who were formally attired, with a pile of things in front of them.

Seeing her come in, her mother laughed and said, “Jessica is back? Let’s go.”

No matter where they usually lived, they would have to go back to their old house during the Spring Festival.

Jessica said yes, and went out again with the suitcase. When the mother told her to leave it at home, she explained, “It’s full of New Year’s gifts for everyone.”

“Then let your father take it!” Said the mother.

The father smiled helplessly and took the suitcase from Jessica. Servants followed behind them with a great many presents in their arms.

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