Chapter 184 Ryan looked like he had a crush on her

The director was angry about what the producer had said. He thought the script was good. Why did he cut it down? He struggled and bit the producer as hard as he could, but the producer did not let him go.

Ryan chose to ignore the controlled director. Satisfied with the producer’s words, he nodded lightly. “The Howard group will invest in your next play.”

After all, a lot of good scripts which were showed to the Howard group couldn’t get the investment. And now Mr. Howard promised him the investment?

The producer was surprised at first, and then he smiled broadly. “Thank you, Mr. Howard. Thank you.”

Ryan nodded at him coolly and went to Jessica, who was secretly trying to leave. “Where are you going?”

“What?” Jessica saw him, the director and producer talk very happily, and thought that they would have to talk for a while, so she tried to run away.

She didn’t expect to be caught before she could leave.

Ryan looked at her and repeated coldly, “Where do you want to go?”

Ryan looked like he had a crush on her? Bullshit!

The profiles of drug addicts found on the Internet should be unreliable. Their hallucinations had nothing to do with their inner thoughts. She might as well ask grandpa for some information.

Jessica complained inwardly but answered quickly, “I just thought we were going to eat. I’ll get you a good seat first, haha!”

Ryan stared at her coldly. It was only when she got nervous about being stared that he coolly said, “It’s fine. We’ll eat out.”

Eat out?

Didn’t that mean she had to be alone with her brother?

She thought that the information found on the Internet was not true, and it was impossible for her brother to have a crush on her, but the thought of what Jeffrey had said in the office at that time made her feel a little nervous.

“Shall we not eat out? We are very busy. Isn’t it a waste of time to go there and back?”

Ryan frowned and didn’t ask her any more. Instead, he looked at the producer behind him. His voice was flat, but there was a clear note of disapproval. “Is that a waste of time?”

“No, of course not!” Even if it was, he dared not say!

The producer smiled obsequiously and the sweat fell from his forehead. “Mr. Howard and Miss Rosen can go out for dinner. It won’t waste our time. Even if you come back late, we can shoot other scenes first. It doesn’t matter, not at all!”

“Well.” Ryan nodded slightly and looked down at Jessica.

Jessica felt nervous under his gaze. A idea came to her when she saw Chris coming towards them out of the corner of her eye. “Since the producer has said it doesn’t matter, I’m sure no problem!”

She waved her hand to Chris and said in a cutesy voice, “Babe, come on, my brother will take us to go out for a meal!”

Why should she be afraid of being alone with her brother when her “boyfriend” was there?

“…” Babe?

Chris’s lips twitched. What the hell was she doing?

But his ears went red.

Fat Brother looked at the scene happily, smiling but saying nothing.

Ryan took a glance at Chris. There was a flash of displeasure in his eyes, but it was fleeting. When Jessica turned to look at him, he looked as cold as ever and didn’t have the repulsion and jealousy that a ‘rival’ should have.

She breathed a sigh of relief. Ryan certainly didn’t have a thing for her.

But somehow, she felt empty.

A group of people went to a newly opened restaurant.

Jessica was almost sure that Ryan did not like her, but to be on the safe side, she still pretended to “act lovey-dovey” with Chris during the meal.

“Hey babe, open your mouth!” She picked up a piece of sweet and sour pork and put it to his mouth.

She had a “boyfriend” and they were “in love”, so even if her brother had any wrong feeling for her, he would give it up.

Her brother looked cold, but he was definitely not a mean person who would get involved in other people’s relationship.

Chris looked at the pork, half the size of his fist, with a sullen face and did not want to eat it, but Jessica seemed to have expected that already. She pinched his waist and stuffed the pork into his mouth as he opened his mouth in pain.

“Good boy!” Jessica Smiled and patted his newly curled short hair, just like stroking a big obedient dog.

“…” Shit! Was she trying to choke him to death?

Chris lowered his head and wanted to spit it out. Jessica immediately held a glass of water to his mouth in a concerned manner, and her voice was so sweet that it made his flesh creep.

“Oh babe, did you choke? Look at you poor thing! My heart is broken. Come on. Drink some water.”

What the hell was the poor thing? Chris stiffened and the water Jessica raised to his mouth was already poured in…It was burning hot!

He pushed the water away, spat out the pork or something, and coughed violently as he bent from his waist.

Jessica immediately coaxed him, and patted him on the back, which almost made him vomit up his entrails.

“…That…that will do! Stop it!” He pushed the enthusiastic Jessica away with all his strength. Why would he fall in love with such a fool?

Looking at the tear in his eyes and his flushed face, Jessica wanted to laugh. But it was not a good time to laugh. She lowered her head to suppress a smile, but did not forget to pretend to be a suitable girlfriend.

“Babe, your face is red. Are you feeling bad? I’m really sorry to see that.”

Chris was so disgusted by her that he was full before he had eaten.

They frolicked. Jessica’s enthusiasm was plainly feigned, but there was no denying that she had a close relationship with Chris. Besides, they were pretty and handsome, and of similar age, so they looked like a perfect match.

Ryan ate elegantly from beginning to end, as if he didn’t care about them at all, but he kept watching at Jessica secretly out of the corner of his eye.

He gripped the chopsticks until his knuckles whitened.

She had never dared to be so presumptuous in his presence. Over the years, she had always acted cautious and fearful in front of him, as if he were just a stranger who had been with her for many years.

However, not long after she had known Chris, she fell in love with him and was so close to him!

Ryan put down his chopsticks, unbuttoned his suit jacket and loosened his tie, but the sense of suppression in his chest did not dissipate.

Jessica passed some tissues to Chris to wipe his mouth, and then sneaked a look at Ryan. Eyes downcast, he ate quietly, whose movements were fluid and graceful, and extremely delightful.

He didn’t look like he met the “rival in love”.

Jessica ate a little more slowly. She was finally relieved, but somehow everything tasted bitter.

Perhaps she caught a cold, so the tongue didn’t work well.

In the second half of the dinner, Jessica did not mess around, but Chris was not used to it. He looked sidelong at her and said, “Won’t you feed me?

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