Chapter 183 Could you tell me the truth

She tried hard to ignore it, but as she got into the car and fastened her seat belt, she finally couldn’t help asking, “Jeffrey, can I ask you something? And could you please tell me the truth?”

“It depends on what it is. If you ask me how many positions I used with my babe last night, it’s too private to tell you.”

“God, who cares how many position you used? !”

Jeffrey laughed, patted her head in a good mood, and started the car. “Actually, if you begged me, I could tell you.”

Jessica’s mind was in a turmoil, so she was in no mood to joke with him. After much deliberation, she frowned and asked embarrassedly, “Jeffrey, is my brother…”

“Well?” Jeffrey raised the corner of his eye slightly. It was just a word, but he said that in a tempting and lingering way, which sounded extraordinarily provocative.

But Jessica had long since become immune to his charm and did not even look at him. She gritted her teeth and asked, “Did my brother use illegal substances? Drugs or stuff like that!”

She thought it over and over again, but she did not think her brother, who had always been so cold to her, could possibly like her. Thinking back to the time she was forcibly kissed by him and that he said he had used illegal substance, she quickly figured out the crux of the matter.

Her brother’s confession, and the subsequent explosion accident, were probably because her brother had used illegal substance and he had not been in his right mind.

Otherwise, who would risk the life of his beloved just to act a heroic rescue, hoping that the woman would get a good impression of him for that? Wasn’t that crazy?

Jeffrey did not expect that she would ask this question. After a pause, he sighed, “Your brother is under a lot of stress. That’s why he uses those to relieve stress. Don’t tell your family about it. It’s not easy for your brother. I’ll try to persuade him to give it up.”

Sweetheart usually looked rebellious, but her own parents were anti-narcotics police who died because of drug dealers. She hated drug dealers and addicts. If Ryan ‘used’ drugs…

There was a hint of unconspicuous emotion in his eyes, and he turned to look at Jessica. As expected, he saw that her face was completely drained of color, as if she had suffered a terrible blow.

After Jessica arrived at the hotel, she began to search information about drug addicts, trying to help her brother come off drugs. She hated everything that was related to drugs, but she couldn’t hate him if he was her brother.

However, when looking at the information, Jessica found that the hallucinations of addicts had great relations with their inner desires.

In other words, many of the illusions they saw were actually their most authentic thoughts.


The iPad fell to the floor and the screen cracked.

“How… How can…” Jessica crouched on the ground. She held her head in her hands, surprised and frightened.

She was still comforting herself on the way that it was all because of those drugs. Her brother would never have liked her, but…

It wasn’t her grandmother who was being unreasonable about it. It was her brother who really had a crush on her!

“Jessica, what are you doing?” Clara came out of the bathroom wearing a face mask and came over to look at the broken iPad.

Before she could read it clearly, Jessica picked up the iPad in a panic and clutched it in her arms. “Nothing, I’m just reading the script, haha.”

Clara felt that Jessica was acting strange and tried to force the truth out of her, but Jessica said nothing, and there was nothing she could do.

For the next week, Jessica worked hard every day, trying not to think about it. Ryan asked her out to lunch twice, but she refused, citing her busy schedule as the reason.

“Cut, good job, everybody take a rest, and we’ll continue this afternoon!” The director was so pleased with Jessica’s efforts during this period of time that he even smiled occasionally.

Jessica immediately took and put on the down jacket that Clara handed to her. The moment she felt warm, those confused thoughts also came to her.

What should she do when she met her brother? If grandma found out, she’d be kicked out of the house!

Jessica frowned. Forget it. Just avoid him.

However, the idea just came to her when Clara gave her a pat. “Jessica, your brother is here!”

“…” Jessica turned her head stiffly and saw Ryan, who looked gorgeous and handsome in a black windbreaker, being mobbed by the crowd and walking towards her.

Clara was still sighing in her ear, “Wow, even if I saw him so many times, I will still be fascinated by his beauty. How can there be such a wonderful handsome guy in the world!”

“Look at that face, look at that waist, look at that butt. Oh, my God, I can’t breathe! Jessica, do you mind if I’m your sister-in-law?”

Jessica had a mixed feeling. She said nothing after a long silence, because she couldn’t gave a suitable answer.

And she’d like to hide now, but her brother had clearly seen her, so she was too late to hide now.

Ryan looked at her through the crowd. She was wearing a white down jacket, but it wasn’t zipped up, revealing her gauzy dress. The gauzy dress was thin and the neckline was large enough to show her slender neck and fine collarbone which looked attractive.

He looked at her collarbone for a moment, frowned slightly, and turned to look at the director, his voice piercing. “Is that what the costume looks like?”

There was a palpable dissatisfaction.

How did it look like? Why weren’t the investor looking very happy? The director took a close look at Jessica’s costume. It looked good. What was wrong?

He paid a high price to have it specially made. It was top notch from design to material!

The assistant looked at the director’s blank expression and coughed. “Mr. Burwell, the censorship is so strict now. It is not appropriate for one of your female leads to wear such revealing clothes.”

When he spoke, he furtively glanced at his boss, who seemed satisfied with his words. Then he continued, “There are too many intimate scenes between supporting actress and supporting actor in the script. The audience likes it, but it doesn’t conform to the socialist core values, so it’s better to cut it down.”

Mr. Howard had said he didn’t care about Miss Rosen anymore, which he just wanted to say it was interesting.

The assistant said that for the director’s good, but when the director heard that, he got angry and roared, “Are you kidding? It just reveal the neck. How could you say it’s revealing?”

“As for the scenes of the supporting actor and actress, how can cuddle and kiss between lovers be inconsistent with socialist core values? Why is it not allowed? Did you come from a hundred years ago…”

The producer was standing nearby. The more he listened, the more frightened he became. Seeing Ryan’s face fell, he quickly covered the director’s mouth.

“You are right. I think you are right. I’m going to have someone change Jessica’s costume again.”

“I will also inform the scriptwriter. And cut the scenes of cuddling and kissing down. Even if they are a couple, it would be better for them to treat each other with respect and courtesy, let alone they are just lovers. How could they be too free in their behaviour?”

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